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The overall feel of the Class changes


I think I've moaned enough about the Cataclysm changes for Death Knights. And after taking a breather and spend some nights drunk on the moon, I thought it was time to look at how Cataclysm is shaping up.
(btw, take a deep breath, don't panic, this is me being... happy and positive.)

It is looking really really great. 
I am genuinely happy and excited about how I think Cataclysm is shaping up. Bare in mind that most of the things I am happy about coming, where the same things I was happy about coming to Wrath, but alas they never did come. 
1. Dance studio... oh wait ehm..

Seriously, Spinks formulated really well what tanking seems to be shaping up to be, and I couldn't agree more. Especially since she (when you play a female toon, and I'm in doubt, you are a 'she'... sorry) also adds some hopes that I just adore! So go read that post.
For Death Knights, after the initial shock and the underwhelming feeling and the fact that Blizzard staff really ought to sometimes just stfu - I am really excited. Granted, I do not understand what I am excited about. 
But the reasoning behind the changes to runes, sounds absolutely in line with something I have been moaning about for a long time (how our rotations are not all to well, how we will either be overpowered or underpowered (due to our cool-downs). So them changing this will be great. 
The new spells... They are horribly boring! Adding our new 85 top exciting spell to be a weak version of what mages learned at 70 or what warriors learned at 64 seems so incredibly stupid, that I do not understand why they would even brag about it.
But then I remembered that it is never the new spells that are the cool stuff (except what shamans get), but its the new talents that bare the great fun exciting abilities. Like wearing 2 handers in both hands, like turning into a space-chicken. Like conjuring a great big copy of your own sword to duplicate what you do. That is what is thrilling, and those things we have not seen... yet. 
So I'll remain optimistic. 

I will also buy the expansion
This -until now- was far from a given. And I am still planing to leave WoW once Star wars come out. (depending on what beta says).
But the great thing about cataclysm is that I won't have to wait for Star wars any more. WoW is bringing star wars to me! Or rather, to my hunter. This is - to me (please don't sue)- point by point a rip-off... erhm a very inspired copy of the Trooper class from swtor works according to the test-run given to VIP's recently. 
You build up energy over time, and by a special attack, and use that energy on various abilities. And it sounds like a very cool and fun class change. Think gunship cannons but with variety. 
I am extremely excited about this. My hunter will most likely no longer be my grind-alt, but my secondary alt to my DK in Cataclysm. That is how much I like this change (and maybe how little I care for priests/paladin/druid changes). 

So bring on Cataclysm.

Oh and as a PS Chastity over at Righteous orbs, has once again proven why he is my absolute favorite blogger (sorry Mum, I like your knitting blog too, I swear)
Also check out his data collection thread. This is solid gold!

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  1. What about my knitting blog then? Don't you love me anymore?

  2. WTF?! I thought *I* was your favourite blogger.


  3. Thats right, beg for my love!

    Well, if we are going to do this I guess I'll have to explain why: He does what I want to do, but does it better. DK posts (back when those where written *hint hint*) where fantastic, and the posts Chas writes these days, are how I wish I could write posts (both in form and in context).
    Also I have yet to read a Dk hating post from Chas!

    @lar: mom?
    I mean, link me your knitting blog asap!

  4. There's a secret special room at The Pink Pigtail Inn where an army of gnomes are knitting warming sweaters for the upcoming battle in Gnomeregan. It's winter around there you know.

    And of course I'm the mental mother of all WoW bloggers. Don't tell me you didn't know?

  5. My days as an blogging Orphan is over!!
    Will you be making sweaters in normal sizes too (normal being dorf size ofc), then I swear that we will help you out there!

  6. My dear son, we have sizes all over the range. Even tauren. It just takes a bit more of time.

  7. Class homogenization is a step back imho. Yeah sounds cool to have all the tools available, but then there's no difference between playing a bear or a protadin. Maybe now isn't perfect, but each tank class has its points where it shines and weak points that require you to work harder. Protadins have excellent aoe aggro generation, while they lack interrupts/reflects. Warriors have both but their aggro generation is more limited, hence you need to work harder here to ensure no mob escapes from you and start bashing the healer behind you. What attractive (read also fun) will we find in playing one or another if we aren't going to see any difference in gameplay?
    They're trying the same with healers and again is a mistake for me, but in this case class homogenization is not so easy to do (druids are kings of hots, disc priests shine in damage preventing, etc).
    For me the problem is designing encounters where a specific class makes things easier. Think of Saurfang. Having a disc priest is a great advantage to avoid him getting blood points. You can kill him without one, but it will require more effort. Different classes fill different niches, that's good, but stops being fun if some of these niches needs to be filled yes or yes. DKs already have good aoe threat generation (Howling Blast if you're frost, D&D, Pestilence, Blood boil). Do they really need a demo shout for aggro keeping? Don't think so. Why then don't give all tanks sunder armor? or shiwld wall (make it weapon wall for Dks and... erm... claw wall for bears?) After all if all tank classes are going to play the same way with little differences, just make it easy for all of them and give the same skills to all.