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One tanking specc? Brilliant! Blood? not so much


If you have not noticed that for Cata we (being the Deathknights of awsome) will only get one specc designed for tanking.

Hell its about time.

It really really is. 2 months into Wrath, and everyone knew that 3 tanking speccs where a failure. That tuning this, would take as much time in itself, as balancing all other tanking classes combined. 
Everyone except GC (I hate to bash on him, but that was a stubburn decision he made in sticking with this, and it has hurt DKs as a whole- ill get more into why, at a later time).
Well hope is brigtly green for Cataclysm, that we will be considered a real tanking class, and that we will get real tanking abilities, and not just "watered down dps abilities", to chose from. 

So far, so good.
But it gets better: hopefully this will mean that we will get to chose from more of the (tanking) features from the other trees available. Hopefully.
But there are drawbacks. There are many drawbacks. Most of them, I am certain Blizzard will catch (like the lack of tanks to bring the deep frost haste bonus or the deep deep unholy added spell dmg), and do.... something... about. 
What bothers me the most is how insanely STUPID (yes, caps) the choice was/is to make blood the tanking specc.
Don't get me wrong, at the moment I am specced blood for tanking, because it offers me what I need in tanking. And I have spoken up for blood as the specc of my love ever since wrath beta.
And it was in beta, Blizzards trouble began. As I look back at how my class has developed since early open beta-testing (that I was fortunate enough to be a part of) and till todays news about blood, it seems clear that, whoever had her hands in designing this (oh snap, no women in blizz, maybe thats why this is such a clusterfekk), had no idea what the rest of the team was planning.
In the announcement declaring the change, GC admits as much as to the fact that they had no idea what they... well what they where doing
A lot has happened since that time. We introduced the dual-spec feature, allowing players to have a tanking spec and dps spec that they could switch between.
To me that says: "Ehm, we didnt think this one through".
So they decided to revert back to what DKs where in beta: one specc for tonk (and im guessing) one for dps and one for pvp. only... And this is where it gets so insanely stupid to be honest: They switched around what was the tanking specc and what was the dps specc(s).

Back in beta- and back in the design of the class (even back at when they first previewed the class at wow-invitational in paris in 08), they made the class so that it had 3 stances: one for faster movement (pvp), one for taking hits (tonk) and one for moar dmg (dps). green, blue and red. Or unholy, frost and blood.
The stances matched the talent trees, the talent-trees reflected the intentions of the stances.
Then Wrath launched and all of a sudden all 3 speccs where all 3 things.

But the stances remained: blood:dps, frost:tank and Unholy:pvp.

Get where I'm going with this?
Why chose to make blood a tank tree all of a sudden? Because its the best tanking tree now? That can be changed. That should be changed.
It makes no bleeding sense. 
Imagine explaining this to new players: "hai guy, here is how DKs work: If you want to be a tank, you specc into blood. and then you use frost presence. Frost is a dps specc so..." "I get it, frost usesthe green one, right?" "no, uhm, frost uses blood presense, because blood presence from a lore view is more of a damage thing" "but what does Unholy use?" "Thats easy: unholy presence". "but why"
It makes no effing sense to have the tank specc use frost presence and have the 1 or two dps trees use blood. It's so completly horribly illogical and from a teaching viewpoint is just horrible.
What could be done?
Make frost the tanking specc. That was easy. Or at least make blood presence the tanking presence. Although that would be like making fireballs have freeze effect for mages. It makes no point in any setting. This is a bad decision hidden in bad choices.
An argument against everything I've written so far.  
With the comming of Cataclysm and the proposed changes to the healing/tanking synergy, blood health-return will make for the most interesting most fun and most viable and usable specc for Dks to tank with.

Besides, frost is well-established as the dw specc and Unholy as the hard-hitting big swordwielding dps specc. This is how I think they will end up setting the speccs.

Guess i'll be blood/frost come Cat.

It just bugs the hell out of me that they made this chance so..patchy and.
Well let me put it this way:

This reeks of something that has been put together last minute over the weekend before easter holidays. This chance should have come in some form much sooner, but they where too stubborn to admit that this was ruining DKs (the trying to make 3 speccs both pvp, dps and tonk fit). So when they found out that this was not viable any longer they stiched this solution together over the idea that "hell, this is how most players play anyways".

That that really is no way to take desing choices. Please show me some sign that there is a meaning to having blood be the tanking choice when you have to use FROST presence to tank in it. It is so clear that the original intent was to tank with frost, why not go back to that? Is blood presence going to be the new tank presence? Will firebolts get the chance to freeze targets in a solid iceblock? Will hamstring add spelldamage?? Please sort stuff out so it makes frikking sense!

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  1. Mmm if I remember correctly, when DK class was announced and details started flowing in, blood was the pvp spec, not unholy, due to the health regeneration. Unholy was the "purest" dps (although had amazing mitigation skills like AMZ) of them all. Frost was tanking but not based in DW. I started as blood dps because it allowed me better survival changes when leveling solo. In fact I kept using a spec that included Vampiric Blood instead of Sudden Doom. Later I dualed frost for tanking and I'm still using the old spec with Improved Icy Talons. Later I changed the blood spec to the Dark Death build (using Death Strike instead of the previously used Obliterate) but I'm still using the old 2hander + IIT frost build to tank. Frost build has two key skills for me: Howling Blast (instant ranged aoe threat for 2 runes instead of the 3 that costs D&D) and the Improved Frost Aura. There're others like Frigid Dreadplate and Toughness, but these aren't so deep down in the tree.
    Anyway... choosing blood as tanking tree should also change blood presence. Frost presence enhances armour, stamina and (most important) threat generation. And as you pointed out a blood tank in frost presence feels kinda silly.

  2. unholy was pvp: shorter cooldowns, faster movement speed... but besides that I agree.

    Especcially about that last paragraph.