torsdag den 8. april 2010

lazy and "we dont like it when people moan on forums" the two new design-philosophies

the Blood tree was going to cause a lot of reworking anyway. Plus there were mechanics that just never quite gelled, like Heart Strike itself.

I know there are DK players who loved Blood, but they never seemed as passionate as the Frost and Unholy players. I'm not saying it was a popularity content. But I can imagine a lot more upset players if we had made Unholy the tanking tree.
Theres more
We just think the current Frost dps tree is cooler than the current Blood dps tree. It's subjective, I realize.
The Frost tree mostly works, so let's not reinvent it. The Blood tree needs a lot of work, and in the meantime DKs have some tanking problems, so let's fill up a tree that needs new talents with talents needed by tanks.
I am not having a fun time waiting for the DK preview no more.
(all quotes GC)

Im sorry, i was just going to let the qoutes speak for themselves but: "but they never seemed as passionate as the Frost and Unholy players" as a reason for chosing a design for a whole expansion. I am just...angry and old and ranty.

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