tirsdag den 6. april 2010

Does sex sell in games?

A little while back I wrote a [brilliant] post about how *some* gamers and some game companies seem to think that just because we are mature adults, we want content that is aimed for what the porn industry calls "mature adult content". And like Tesh added
the game industry in general doesn't understand the meaning of the word "mature"
 AKA when people who want to make money hear that men (primarily) has an interest in something (this time games), they can make money if they take that interest and add BOOOBs (glorious boooobs, oh to look at the hills that make her bussom, and the way her breath maketh theese hills alive and rolling with each in and out-take.)

Where was I?

Because Boobs will do just this to men. All blood circulation will leave our heads and travel to... our wallets. How mature.

As a by-product of my post about this, i decided to give my angry rant some very creative search labels (or search terms, this is what search engines use to locate sites for people, so be sure to fill those out when you make posts). Most of these had to do with Pr0n and WoW terms combined.

Well, time has passed and lets look at how magnificent a success this little test has been.

Well. Uhm.


Its been a tremendous success. Almost 33% more visitors than normally on the day that my [brilliant] little post about boobs where posted.
Damn. Im going to add more search terms about draienie sex and Blood elf chicks.

But wait, what statistics beyond the horizon, it is the link love and Spinks is the sun
Well, okay, that was me trying to be all Shakespeare like Tam (and doing a WAY way better job at it than him, i might add.) but there is much more to this story.
In the days up to my post about men and S E X, i wrote a couple of very differently themed posts, that got some link-love from the big blog guys. ´
You see, I have a small niche blog. My theme is "old-but-not-as-old-as-calli-guy-rants-angrily-at-things-that-piss-him-off-and-plays-a-dwarf-deathknight-and-likes-to-trash-talk-bloggers-who-are-better-than-him sort of blog, and that do not attract 10s of thusands of readers a day (schocking i know). Maybe if I spend more than 5 minutes a day on my posts, I'd get somewhere, but that really isn't me, and loads of readers really isn't my goal.
So whenever one of the big guys of the blogsphere comments or links to my posts, I can effectively see that on my read-counts for days. Some even stay for longer than that. As a matter of fact 80% of my traffic is from other sites. Reference's, so to speak. Where only 10% is from search engines.
And the reason why I know that this blog post did not get found due to combining WoW terms and sex terms, is that google analytics tracks the search-terms used to find my site, and the top is still:
"Variations of Dwarf Death Knight" ("dwarfdeathknight", "dwarf deathknight", "WoW dwarf deathknight", "funny names for dwarf deathknight" and "a dwarf married with normal person" "apple +dwarf men(i did it)" and "snottydin".) And, NO, I did not make any of these up. This is how people using google find my site.

So internet love for anyone who can give me a good suggestion to what the fekk "apple +dwarf men(i did it)" means.....

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  1. Someone who has a fetish for Macs and short people and stumbled upon the wrong site when trying to tell people on their fetish site of their success?

  2. I..guess.
    It was somewhere along those lines I was thinking myself. Glad to see im not the only sick twisted fuck blogging! ;)