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Death knight class preview

Ending my 3-day 'Yelling at Blizz over Death knights' with this post.

Our Class preview finally hit the Forums sometime tonight. If you follow this link you can read all about it
I won't go into detail about the abilities and the changes for two very good reasons: I am not the best "read-text-then-analyse-the-consequenses" type of fellow (or rttatc) and I hate hate hate reading rttatc-types of posts.
I will say this little angry tid-bit:
shamans level 85 ability was: When this self-targeted buff is active, your spells are no longer interrupted by movement and possibly even by your own attacks.

Just an example...
Death Knights got: The death knight strikes a target, applying a debuff that allows the death knight to copy the opponent's next spell cast and unleash it. Unlike Spell Reflection, Dark Simulacrum does not cancel the incoming spell. In general, if you can't reflect an ability, you won't be able to copy it either.

Or in laymans terms: DKs get a weak version of spell-reflect, shamans get to do something extremely cool.

I think the only class that got a level 85 ability that is as underwhelming as ours, is warriors. (so far).

All in all I am Jacks complete lack of awe over the new abilities we will get. Where is the Runic Power aoe ability?
Having been mad and angry enough (for now, don't worry ill yell more about something else another day) over DK changes for Cataclysm, i'll touch on cool stuff!
We’re not sure how we’re going to handle presences yet. We recognize the oddness of Blood death knights playing in Frost Presence and Frost death knights not playing in Frost Presences. We might rename the presences or take some other action
No shit Sherlock. Good call! (its totally because Zarhym reads my blog, and not because a gazillion posts on the WoW forums covered this too).

I like it when the developers say these sorts of things. They recognize that they are aware of a problem, but that they have not figured out a solution yet. That - to me- means they care.

I am really curious (in the best possible sense of the word) about the changes to our rune-system. I really really really agree with their thinking and reasoning behind the change, but I don't honestly understand how their proposed change will work.

A lesson in Spin
( know this is pretty much all of yesterdays post again)
Ghostcrawler had some spin-doctor look at what he had written. Then they had the public relations department look at what they had written, and now this:
the Blood tree was going to cause a lot of reworking anyway. Plus there were mechanics that just never quite gelled, like Heart Strike itself.
I know there are DK players who loved Blood, but they never seemed as passionate as the Frost and Unholy players. I'm not saying it was a popularity content. But I can imagine a lot more upset players if we had made Unholy the tanking tree.
We just think the current Frost dps tree is cooler than the current Blood dps tree. It's subjective, I realize.
The Frost tree mostly works, so let's not reinvent it. The Blood tree needs a lot of work, and in the meantime DKs have some tanking problems, so let's fill up a tree that needs new talents with talents needed by tanks.
Became this:
One of the biggest changes we're making is converting Blood into a dedicated tanking tree. While we feel that having three tanking trees was successful overall, it's less necessary in a world with dual-specialization. In addition, the current breakdown isn't as compatible with the Mastery-based passive talent-tree bonuses we want to add (see below). We'd rather spend time tweaking and balancing one good tanking tree rather than having a tank always wondering if they picked the "correct" tree out of three possibilities.
Blood seemed like the best fit for tanking. Unholy has always had a strong niche with diseases, magic, and command over pets. Frost now feels like a solid dual-wield tree with Frost magic damage and decent crowd control. Blood's niche was self-healing -- fitting for a tank -- as well as strong weapon swings, which could easily be migrated to Frost and Unholy.
I know which one sounds the better. And to be fair, I'm dumb enough to have fallen for it, if they had only published the latter version. I guess this is a lesson in when to be brutally honest with your customers and when not to be. The first quote about presences, sends a very positive message, the latter on how they took the easy way out to avoid forum-yelling - does not.

Oh and in the same breath they talk about how frost has found its place as CC and DW-tree, they immidialty state that they want frost to be a viable 2handing specc!
Hey left hand, what are you doing?
Nothing right hand, Im just chillin' i swear!

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  1. What? No yelling about the new rune regeneration system? I can't believe it!
    For me it's probably the issue that will create more uproar in blogs and forums. Until now if you were rune starved you only had to wait a bit to continue your rotation without damaging it badly (if you had enough power you could use it as filler). With the upcoming change if you press the wrong button there's a high chance you will fuck up your whole rotation. Reset and restart once you have the right runes active again. And what the hell is calling the second rune the "extra fuel tank"? This is a big pile of shit. It's not an emergency rune, it's a main resource that's being used always. Using dual rune skills like Death Strike, Obliterate, etc will carry a great burden, while using Death and Decay will be totally prohibitive.

  2. But that is what I like about it. If the change went live today, we would be useless as a class. But it won't. Our abilities will be adjusted accordingly, thus making dependency on Rune-using abilities less important.

    But like I said, I like the thinking *behind* the change they are suggesting. I really like that a LOT... I do not -however- 100% understand what they are trying to make though. :)

  3. If a DK is not that rune dependant stops being a DK to be just a warrior or retadin. The rune mechanic makes the class unique.
    You're right things must be seen in action on live servers, but so far this change seems too drastic to me.

  4. That is a very good point. We will still be dependent on runes, just not solely. That will make us different in a very ehm... different way. So that we -unlike -warriors and rogues will not depend on just one resource system.

  5. One point I did like, was from the WoW-forum where a player posted that the slower Rune-regen would mean slower attacks and thus making it more difficult to pick up multiple adds.
    *that* I think is a more valid point that worrying about our abilities making us do less dmg. That problem will be solved in the new functions of our excisting abilities (demanding less runes, doing more dmg ect ect)

  6. Hello, nice blog.

    As a fellow DK, have to say that yes, having a weaker spell reflect is lame. But, as a guy in the US forums (which are my home turf) said, since we can access to all our abilities at all times, given we have the resources for it, the abilities need to be watered down so they aren't OP in PvP.

    About the Blood tank, let's face it, Frost maybe is unique in DPS, but is not so much in tanking, taking DW aside. Unbreakable Armor isn't that good. The Blood self-healing IS unique to DKs. And I won't miss having to choose between not slow AoE and living through raid bosses.

    Blood AoE tanking isn't bad, is SLOW.

    About the return of 2h Frost, post about that are unfortunately drown out in the outcry of Blood DPS and Frost tanking advocates. But, without the tanking talents in the Frost tree, the HUGE talent tree bloat will shrink enough to allow talents that boost 2h DPS.

    If runes come slower, the cost of some abilities need to go down. I would start with D&D, damn thing is too slow to use, see above.

    Finally, as a DK tank, Outbreak is the BEST THING EVAR.

  7. Thank you, and the part about there being room given in frost to allow for 2h: I totally agree, it just seems like Blizz themselves cannot decide if they think it should be there.