torsdag den 15. april 2010

Big changes, new site

Look at how my title is not cryptic at all.
strange stuff is happening indeed!

First off the pre-rant summary: this blog is dead, go to (yes i own a .com nau! i R ish pro)

Explanation: There are a bunch of reasons for this change. One of the more subtle one is the fact that I've gotten myself a promotion at work. A great one at that! One of the tasks in my new position involves writing internet bullitins for young readers, about games. (age at around 8-12).
And writing for that age-group is not something I am very good at. Yet.
This is where my new blog comes in, I will be using this as a testing ground to see if I can keep my normal way of writing pruned out. (this post particulary is not an example of my new way of writing, this post is very much evident of how I write today).
No, I will not be writing blog posts as if my readers are 10 year olds. (although...)
But I will try and use some of the methods ill have to use in my job.
Writing precicesly, keeping one point in one paragraph, making the intent of my post clear from title to sub-title to end. - Stuff like that.
I -may- also cut down on swearing. Fuck that.
The other reason I wanted a new site, is that dwarfdk sort of locks me very much in a theme, that says
"a blog about dwarfs that are Death Knights"
Although I am very much still playing a Dwarf that is a Death Knight (and I've even cut down on my alt-o-loch'ism), I felt very locked in at times about the signal the title of the blog had, and the content.

Another topic I wanted to touch in on, is other games. I do sometimes play other games, and I just might want to talk about them too. -sometimes-
Dwism suits all of these intentions.

There will be an overall theme in my new blog. You will notice it when you log in:
Because being selfish in social games is equal to wanting to pick flowers in a battlefield.
A very very sublte and cool sub-title, if I do say so myself. (in the sense that it is both pointless, silly and a very stupid thing to be doing.. Picking flowers in the middle of a battle).
For too long have I been silent about things that are wrong on the internet  because i had an idea that bloggers who wrote the truth where very much... you know, saying what was true, and bloggers who where not, where just wrong. And I ended it there. because I used to think that deep down people knew what was right.
They knew that selling 100 bullets at the price of 1000 bullets where a wrong thing to do, they knew that stupidly sexist, racist and especially homophobic comments where wrong, they just tried to be popular.
I am one of those people who honestly thinks that none really thinks that big lipped plastic surgery-filled 50 year old women can possibly be perceived as "hot". Because I found them repulsive.

I thought in my teens that guys who had Pamela Anderson posters on their walls where just trying to play into what they thought everyone else would think was cool. Or had not yet come to terms with their sexuality and tried to be manly men. I've since found out that there are people who's most basic understanding of what is the right thing to do, and the right way to behave is very different from mine.
I am naive. I am proud of that. I do like to believe in the best of my fellow man. I do believe that gamers who gank needs a hug and for their dad to tell them that they are alright. I believe that people who brag about being a lone wolf that goes against the norm and fights for individualism and putting themselves over others, severely lack the selfconfidence to say that they need love and think little of themselves, so they try and be big tough men on the interweb.
I feel sorry for them. Or rather I felt sorry for them. I will use my new platform to show why it will always be better to put faith in your fellow-human being. And why believing in others to do the right thing will -in the end be the best option for you. You might get screwed over, but if you put your trust in others they will give it back. That is why we have cities and technology and money, becuase we basically trust each other. If we did not, we would all live -alone- in caves.
I am sure the games I play and the stories i hear, will prove me right.

That, or ill be end up a bitter world-hating man. And then I'll roll a goblin-warlock or something.

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  1. Cool job you've got! I loved the declaration of what your blog is going to be about. Looking forward to see it filled with content (but won't shift my bookmark until you've posted something more...)


  2. Thank you. i was hoping i'd be able to get a pro communication expert like you hooked :)
    (I remembered this was similar to the reasons why you started blogging).
    Any advice on another level than just the content (again not this post) would be very very much apriciated :)
    Unfortunetly this is not the central part of my new job.. I wish it was

  3. Hurrah! I'm excited for your new home! Updating my feedreader now.

  4. I'm excited too :)
    It is not a secret that my new site is a front for a blogspot blogsite, but my hope is that down the line I'll get some real web-thing going.

  5. :) Nice post.. new site bookmarked (feedreaders ate my kobold).