søndag den 4. april 2010

Be vewy vewy quiet

I am hunting for Dwagons.

In this glorious easter holiday, where I got to spend all my overtime hours on a holiday, so i ended up with 10 days of it (holiday that is).
I did what any normal sane person would do: I got me some flu!!
Oh yes I did. So my planned "me-cation" (that is what we married men, call a vacation where the missus have no control over what we do with our time), that I had so carefully planned around leveling and gaming and doing other things to make sure this world is a better place, got very very much fekked up.

So what could I do that required very little brain-activety and did not involve reading (since that made the world spin in a very wrong way)? Watch tv? Well that got boring after two hours, watch dvds? I re-saw all of the matrix (there are 3 great movies there, you know), all of the harry potter movies and all Star Wars (jar jar, you lovable little sidekick you). And then I was ready to kill someone.
So I stopped doing that.

Luckily my brain had cleared up enough to get me creative, so I did as the title says: I went hunting for dragons.

The time-lost-variety, mind you. And let me spare you the anxiety: no I did not get it.... yet.

16 hours of playtime (at least) did I manage to sink into this eh time-sink.
I also managed to wrap up 20 baron kills in Stratholm, 3 kills in Zul Gurub and 2 kills in Karazhan... all for the various mounts. (oh and I had to get that key for Kara first too...Sigh)
You see, even though my raid-group has managed to get every single mount (10 manned) the game has to offer so far (well, okay, not all of them, but we are very close to the icc one too), I, however, have not gotten a single one.
Im one light in the darkness
Im the chosen few
and I am Jacks raging bile duct (in case you cannot find that last achievement, go read a bit here)
Also I never was the one in ToC to have the most dkp for that mount... Hey, do you think that is another sign that blizz did not give a craps-arse about the colliseum, since it really didn't have a real mount to be won?

Aaanyway. Here I stand, lots of titles but no cool mounts in sight (pun intended since I never even saw that time-lost-c"#k tease of a dragon), and in Cata you get to fly everywhere.
Damn Pappa needs him some mounts!!

Also; Stratholme, is the coolest new form of frogger ever created! So that is a bit of meta-gaming right there... Even if I never did get that reward.

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  1. Good luck! I, too, am the mountless wonder. It's a special skill we have!

  2. Maybe im just destined to have normal mounts and never be special nor loved :(