tirsdag den 23. marts 2010

A whole new Cataclysm

That may be the best title I have ever had made.
Its a Mash-up (or as we call it where I come from; Bastard-pop) of the two blogposts that inspired me for todays post.
Pinkpigtailinn and Righteous orbs.
You see. I have been wondering what to do with my time lately. I cannot be arsed to gear up my level 80's. Because I've caught the early "gear will become pointless soon" -bug.

I can't see the point of leveling my alts because... Whats the point? I already have a ranged dps, a melee dps two tanks and a healer. I got my bases covered.
I sold some lucky stuff, so I have almost 10k gold. And for me, thats a fortune.
I turned up to a daily heroic for my emblem on Redux, and the only thing the healer said (and the only thing anyone said) was

"lol, you have too much health"
To which I replied that I could change that, if needed.

And on we went. It was a weird group. They all seemed to know what they where doing, but noone said anything, but everyone seemed to know what they where doing. It was Utgarde Pinacle, so on a whim i pulled the add for the HULK achievement. I didn't say anything. I just pulled him and placed him. The mage got aggro so i taunted and hurt him a bit, so he would stay in place. And then everyone backed off. Nothing was said. He was left alone. and we got the achievement.
(there is a point here, don't worry, I'm getting there).

The one thing that stuck with me from that run. Apart from the weird mind-wave-share-non-communication we had going, was the warrior. The dualweilding fury dwarf spawned from the depths of hell.
Damn duelweilding is awsome sauce.
And dwarfs are awsomemerere. more awsome. Awsome on awsome.

But there is one thing that is even more awsome. And that is big green Orcs. And roleplaying.
So I did what tam has experienced, and what Larisa encourages us all to do.

I switched sides. I rolled an Orc warrior, who is going to tonk and be fury. And who is going to get all my leftover heirloom gear leftover from my paladin.
And he is a roleplaying Orc. His name is Growhl, and I have made a back story for him.
And he is big, and likes to growl at people. And he just *adores* making little jewelery trinkets. I even have kept a grey robe in his inventory for when he will walk around Org: Jedi-style!!!

So he will be my whole new Cataclysm world. And I just cannot wait to get him up to the higher levels. In beta I tried a premade level 80 dwarf fury warrior, and i had sooo much fun.

Oh and a little PRO-TIP for roleplaying!!
It is fine and dandy to have an elaborate backstory, that you are an secret princess in hiding, or the lovechild of Thrall and the blood-queen. Go knock yourself out. Make it elaborate. Make your flagrpg info 5 pages long. But chances are, that noone will read it, and your time roleplaying will be spend yelling: I HAVE A DIRTY SHOCKING SECRET, WONT SOMEBODY PLEASE TRY AND FIGURE IT OUT???? and standing alone.


If you want to have fun. Be a simple servant or farmer that one day woke up to find that lightning came out of your hands and went to train as a shaman, to deal with it. Or a simple soldier forced out of retirement to keep your lands safe from the Lich king. Or an accountant. Something simple. That way you are not too busy dealing with your own storyline, but instead you can meet other people and play and have fun with them. Roleplaying in an mmo is like sex, It really is a lot more fun if you aren't alone... all the time.

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  1. I hope you're up for spending some time with a certain noob tauren tank as well... You started it, remember!

  2. I was wondering when would you join :)
    You'll find me as Verech (mostly) or Seredar. Verech is jewelcrafter too and got some low level mats I can give you to help raise level. Check also gbank, it's very assorted too.

  3. I've been a member since day... 3

  4. My orc snarls and growls a lot too, but that is mostly because Tam refers to her as *you primitive being*, even when she is saving his (cute belf) ass. :)

  5. Ah, see the primitive with his superstitious trinkets and his fuck off big sword. Tamadin will enlighten you and bring you into the arms of the light, poor wretched barbarian!

  6. I haz no big sword. I haz big AXE and two big swords. Also, Ratshag is my hero

  7. Ratshag is amazing. Here's hoping you have fun with the Orcish side of life. :)

  8. Thank you! So far I am

    (and yes he is)