onsdag den 17. marts 2010

Whiny post day: When you run out of fun

You all know The troll shaman. He be cool. I'll be trying to be as cool. I ain't so cool, so this post won't be well thought through, it will just be a lot of whine about lots of disconnected stuff.

In this day an age, where even Mr Cash himself had made tribute songs to Death Knights, there should be nothing but sunshine and lollipops for all of us.
Hell, a DK even got the world first orange that matters. yay us. Only. Not so much.
After Blizzard completly failed to make sure that the playing community understood what a "hero-class" even meant (DKS ARE SUPPOSED TO BETTER THAN EVERYONE AT EVERYTHING CUZ DEY BE HERO_CLSAAAAA- these people still exists, funny how it's never DKs who claim this.) And after they failed to communicate that, in order to assure that new players would get a raid-spot and would bother leveling through the empty outlands, they would make us.... slightly overpowered. Just for a little while, untill we had caught up. -was that so unfair?

YES, yes it was. So now you will find DKs at the bottom of the cess-pool for pretty much everything. PVP? Oh please. Even mages feel sorry for us.

So you figure out, that since you are the only person in your raid that is not very active in 25 mans, (im sure that helps in filling that gap too *sigh*), you one night decide to roll a mage on horde and on AD. And for one frikking night you sit yourself in front of your pc, with a new album in your itunes, listening to how 'there ain't no grave that can hold his body down', and you play. You have a bit of fun. You think back to when you first started playing the game.

Then you look to your left side. Because when you first started playing this game, you had your (then) wife-to-be sitting next to you on her laptop playing along side you.
You remember the long-forgotten duo of barbiedoll and kendoll the lock n rogue that would run through the starting zones. And you would miss it.

Then you look at the clock. It's almost nine. And in the other room, in front of the tv she sits. Alone. Watching "16 and pregnant" on MTV.
She looks up at you "have the computer broken down again?"
"no" you reply.
she smiles, "what are you doing here then?"
You know she is joking, you know that she really does like watching her shows by herself, because (lets be honest here) you can't STFU when you watch crappy reality-tv.
You know she is very happy to have these nights alone. but you also know that soon these 3 nights, will (again) turn into 5 nights a week. Those two raid-nights a week, would turn back into 7 (again- hell last week, you raided 4 nights). Because you love playing with the people in your guild. And she won't complain. Not untill it will be too late.
One night you will be sleeping on the couch in the other room, because it will be easier to just drop over after raid before work. you know this, because once, you almost did just that.
so you look at your wife, and ask "do you want some company, I was just leveling an alt, and got bored".
She shakes her head, "not really, I was about to go to bed, want the tv so you can play xbox?".

You shake your head, no, this is not at all what you wanted. You wanted to talk to her.... But then again. There is still that final chapter in gears of war 2, that you rented, that needs finishing.

So you sit there in your couch. The missus is fast asleep, and you have just killed "the biggest goddammned fish I've ever seen", with an old friend who happened to be logged on aswell.
And you think to yourself, "tomorrow, tomorrow I'll make it better. I just need to get to the Lich king on heroic, and I'll be done with this game".
And you aren't really sure if that means more free-time, or just time for more games.

Also; when are the desperatly needed tanking buffs for DKs comming allready??

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  1. "You know she is joking, you know that she really does like watching her shows by herself, because (lets be honest here) you can't STFU when you watch crappy reality-tv." Oh Brother this is so me, I know the wife misses evenings on the couch with the TV running, but you hit the problem dead-on. If TV was half as entertaining as WoW is I might watch more, but I doubt it. At the time where I was still raiding consistently I limited myself to 3 nights a week, no matter what, cause when Blizz shuts down their servers, you gotta hope that the wife is still on the couch watching MTV right?

  2. Amen.
    Personally I used to raid 7 times a week at one point (two 10 manned raids twice a week and 3 25 manned), and it was too much. Both for my enjoyment of the game, but also for any kind of relationship. These days I limit myself to the one 10 manned on the weekends, but its hard beause, like you said, being active in a game sure as hell beats sitting numbly watching tv.

  3. MTV? When there are boxes of great HBO-series available? Having a box-project to work on and enjoy together is what saves my family life, those non-raiding nights.

    Loved the gloomy tone in this post by the way. Somehow I think our whiny posts are a bit commenected.

  4. I thought the same thing Lar :)
    It must be that Scandinavian Glomeliness that shines through. This post was a lot about loneliness too.
    About HBO, we have managed to find a bunch of series that we both enjoyed watching together (i've linked several Gilmore girls stuff before, for example.) however, my girl likes to Skadi all the time. eh I mean, she likes dem realities shows, especially the MTV variants. And for those nights, she has the tv all to herself.

    Who am I to judge, I don't force her (much) to be concerned about raid strategies.

  5. I ran into this blog from a link from spinks.

    I know this is for "whiny post day" and I read some of your other blogs as well, but this one really stood out to me.

    This piece, for someone else who plays wow, has had some of those same feelings about alts/life/relationships/boredom/lame mtv shows, this is amazing.

    I just had the feeling like I was looking at some beautiful dreary art somewhere, that made me aware of some of my feelings.

    Really beautiful writing man. I love it.