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Taking death Knights seriously

... (and you thought whine-day was over)

Yea thats not going to happen anytime soon.
Unlike days of old with huntards, everybody knew that really good hunters where amazing but most of them where morons, today the low-social-they-are-all-dumb-class of WoW is the Death knight. The Tard knight, the Death tards, dick knights, dumb knights, the dkfromdk's everybody knows that they are all played by little kids or terribad players.
Of course, not you, you don't count - but everybody else.
And all of a sudden I'm one of those guys back in the 30's that... That is a horrible connection, i'm not going to go there. Suffice to say, that the "they breed like rats, except you, your cool" type of replies given to me are abundant.

Hell, I've walked into PuGs with 55k health on said "hi" hear someone say "who's the tank", and polity replied with "Well, I am", and see 2-3 people insta-quit. Repeatedly.

It is so absurd that you aren't sure whether or not to laugh or cry.

He is not going to be happy about this, but I gave him a beta-invite for SCII, so we'll call it even. I'm going to use my guildie Calli of PewPewlazors as an example.
In his brilliant review of raid-anatomy I'll quote him on priests first:

The Holy Priest has been playing a priest since Molten Core and will waste no time telling everyone in the raid his stories about killing Baron Geddon when half the raid was in blues and “stuff was so much harder back in The Good Old Days lol”.  He still loves to equip his full Tier 1 and Benediction and pose around the mailboxes in Dalaran.  He hates the Resto Shaman because he’s carried a grudge about Chain Heal since Black Temple.  He’s actually a pretty good healer but like all Holy Priests, he dies a lot because he suffers from an advanced case of Chronic Martyr Syndrome.  This will manifest itself in various ways, but the most common is death by Standing In The Fire because he was “too busy saving the dumbass dps to notice”.
And then on DK's
The Deathknight.
/sigh.  Just read this or this
 Where he links dumb pug DKs.
Let me make something very clear, Calli is on the cool side of DKs, I do believe he still loves playing his DK ( i see him online all the time on sith) And he is sooooooo not the worst of the haters. And that is my point.

These classhaters are so overly everywhere, that you can't even be bothered to make fun of them. And you just need to say "DK's, know what I mean?" and everyone will nod.

Just scroll back up to the two quotes above. What else needs to be said right? We all know how daft DKs are: 'They are sooo sucky. And they where supposed to be a HERO-class, and they cannot even outdps my rogue/hunter/mage/lock/retardin. And they cannot even tank anymore.
I remember when Wrath hit, and every DKs I ever met, where sooo imba, they could kill everything, they could tank it all at the same time, but not anymore because they suck now.'
- Right?

Like the goblin, when he wants his reader numbers up, but can't be bothered to write anything? he links to class:DK name: Arthas, on the armory with the words "knock yourself out". (Even though half of them had better raid-achieves than him... but thats not important, right?).

I dunno, I'm just getting so fed up being treat like a tard over the class I chose, and anyone other than Chas, can you yourself defend the DK posts you've written? yes? Because they are all so terribad right?

And let me tell you why? Any talented DKs have either: stopped playing that class, due to the annoying class-nerfs OR they only PuG on their alts and leave the DK for playing with people they know. - I know I do.

/sigh indeed.

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  1. You think you've got it tough? Try playing a rogue and talk to me about being truly despised ;)