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Single Abstract Noun (Original, I know)

Let me start by apologizing, I am in a weird mood today, and thusly this post that was supposed to be a all positive post about all the great things I got to be a part of this weekend, seems to have turned a bit sour.

Dwism: Thats for amateurs, I tank with mah belly!
Tobold: You sure have plenty of that

Two things struck me when this occurred in guild-chat. First thought was: "Did I just get burned by Tobold"
Secondly, did I just get a little bit starstruck?

Yes I did, and that is a bit silly. But hey, I'm a bit silly. But so is my brand new guild "Single abstract noun"
and lots of posts have allready been written about this guild.
lots and lots and lots and lots. And all of them better than mine (screw dem holes).

If you have only been reading my blog (hi mom) you may be a little confused about what Single Abstract Noun, is. It is a new guild on Argent Dawn EU (and some american sisterserver too) where bloggers and blog readers, are all invited to join in mutual back-padding and selfpromoting cheering of how great players bloggers really are.

... That sounded harsh. But it is true. If you care enough about WoW to be reading blogs about it, you are mature and reflective enough in game to beat the wast majority of gamers, who turn on wow to turn their brains of and look at the big numbers they can produce or belittle other people.
(there do exist two bloggers that I can think of that are the exception to this rule. One is green and only blog to stroke his own ego by proving that he is not a social by playing a social game and running a social guild. And the other doesnt even blog about wow, but blogs to get people to play darkfall)
Anyway. So the IT-crowd (not to be confused with the IT-crowd) have now joined up in one guild. Single Abstract Noun. And in this community within the community we can cheer for ourselves and eachoher, for not only are we gamers. We are gamers that are bloggers (or read blogs). It is like the people who like punk-music have gathered in a sub-forum for punks who like Bad brains only.
Sure we all like punk, but we like punk even more than the fakers who claim to like punk, but only like sh*t like blink and Sex Pistols (damn wannabees).
And it's weird that I can get all sorts of pantytwisty over this. Because I had one of the best couple of WoW-hours in a long time in this guild.
I got to talk to a bunch of people I don't see very often (hello Kurnak and Calli) anymore. And some of my favorite bloggers as well.
These are people that either think like I do (and usually writes better) or people whom I very much look up to, bloggingwise. And they where all there. Tam, Tobold, Larisa and Tessy. To name a few.

and don't get me wrong. I had a fantastic time there. Chatting and reading and leveling. Oh leveling.

I rerolled a DK again, to test out some new things. Frost to be specific. And also trying to remember how leveling and Dk was like these days.
Plus, I got alts on everything else that needs leveling or gear or stuff back on Hellscream. So I knew that if I rolled a mage, I'd end up going back to Hellscream to level my mage there. So I took a Dk to make sure i'd return there. And I will return. It was such a pleasurable experience. And everyone was so nice.

but I was taken back to my highschool years, only in a bit of reverse or bizarro world. Because suddenly all the cool wow-people was there in this one guild. And there was a vibe of entitlement. If I was to abuse some quotes from Calli
We ran Ragefire Chasm and Shadowfang Keep with guild groups, mostly well under the level requirements, so low that we couldn’t use the summoning stones and had to, you know…  walk to the dungeon entrances.  Uphill both ways in the snow etc.  Funnily enough, despite Shadowfang Keep in particular being one of the more bastard-hard of the low level instances, not a single guild group failed to clear.  Of course we all have level 80 mains on our “home” servers and as bloggers tend to have an active interest in “how shit works” so it shouldn’t really be surprising.
 And suddenly I'm bashing my own guildie for being an elitist prick. That is really not what I'm trying to do here (although it sure looks like it, doesn't it?). What I meant was, that there is this very nice feeling in the guild that we all know what we are doing (because we all know what we are doing), but it stems not from experience or knowledge. I've never raided with anyone in SAN (apart from Kur and Calli), so I could in no way know that Chas is a greatly skilled player.
But I do know it. Because he blogs about it. scratch that, I know because he blogs. Period.
And that is a very very weird way to start an guild experience. By knowing that everyone knows what the hell they are doing. And they know it really really well. Only you believe that they know, because you don't know. You know?
And i'm back in highschool bizarro world. Where im in the hipster crowd. And we all know that we are all cool, because we all know that we are cool.

I dunno, It just freaks me out.
 A bit. Maybe its because *I* don't have to prove that I know how to play. Because they all know that I know. Its this weird moonie-like experience where WoW-cocks are hidden away. Like real gangsters never show their guns, because they don't have to. Only the drugged up wannabe-gangsters always show their pieces everywhere. And I've never had to, because I was comfortable that when I was on my Dk i knew my Sh*t.
And all of a sudden, there are these new people and they don't know me, but they know I know my sh*t. for no other reason than the fact that I am in this guild.
Im going around in circles here, I know. Let me just finish this by saying that when I logged on on sunday afternoon after just having killed the Lich king (again) in 10 man. I was afraid to talk about it. Because i didn't want to sound like I was bringing my wow-cock out in the open.
I dunno maybe that is what I wanted to do. To brag. To say "hey losers look at me, I rule". But it didn't feel like that. It felt like "whoooo I feel great, just had an amazing raid and we managed to do this and this". But I was afraid to break that taboo or me sawinging my big fluffy pink ego around. Because real cool people don't need to know that. We allready think you are cool. And by saying you did something you thought was cool, makes you uncool. you know. Bizarro

Remember the first LAW of Dwisms:

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  1. We would have said *Gz on the kill, go you!* and been really pleased for you, and that you shared your *happy* moment. Every single one of us. I know that because I _know_ it :D

    Don't be sour, it isn't too good to be true, just enjoy it :)

    and gz on the Lich King kill :)

  2. I've not levelled my druid far enough to make it into any instance but I assure you that I'll probably suck a bit. I'm not that good at this game, especially not at classes that I'm not experienced with. I'm not the skilled kind of blogger. Just because you rant it doesnt mean you rock playing the game.

    I enjoy the feeling of homecoming in the guild immensly. It's absolutely amazing, it brings tears in my eyes, goddamn it. Expect yet another SAN-celebrating post from me next!

    And if I had heard you'd killed LK again, I would have cheered with you! Of course!

    Stop overcomplicating stuff. Relax. And now I just need to find some way to have a toon at your level so we could run some instance together and I can prove to you what a terrible player I am. My druid won't hit outlands anytime soon. I hope I'll find a solution.

    Looking forward to see you online again!

  3. @Issy. i know. I think part of this rants point was that I know people would do that. And that relates to:
    @Lar. yes overthinking/overcomplicating things. We never ever do that right? ;)
    I always overthink things. Well thats not true. I always overthink and over complicate things that are unimportant. I never overthink my savings account, or my pension-plan. That just sort of drifts by. But having too much fun in a horde guild? WHOA nelly!

    Ill tell you what. Ill roll a mage and get that to level 13 ish and wait for you at the entrance to Ragefire. Then you tank and I pew in the back with my sissy robe. We can laugh at each-other :D

  4. That sounds just lovely! My druid just hit 13 yesterday. My plan was mainly go resto, but whatever works. I'm sure she can try the path of tanking as well. At this level she hasn't got any perticular gear or well thought out spec...

  5. Hopefully the instances are still geared around people just stumbling in and pewing recklessly. So we should be fine. Think I have a mage that I can transfer, now that I think about it. I shall name her síssyrobe.

  6. Hey there Sourpuss. And you to think you normally accuse me of over-thinking things. Also you should come watch me tank. There are lulz aplenty for I cannot do it for be honest, I think a lot of us are using the guild-atmosphere not to prove that we *can* do stuff but to try stuff we *can't*. I wouldn't have dared trying to tank LFC with a grey sword doing 5-10 damage for any other group of people.

    Also I'd have been happy to cheer you your Lich King kill, you know that.

  7. Yea I know, I know. I always overread the unimportant stuff.
    I think i'd enjoy watching you tank :)

    But let's be honest here. If I had logged on, all psyched up over our kill sunday, and the first thing i'd said out of the blue in the middle of a very fun conversation about hunter macros, was: "WOOO, We frikking got the Lich king and 5 hardmodes down in 10 manned just now. what have your afternoons been like?" Then the mood would not have been the same. Because that *would* have been read as me flauting that which I should have left at the door.
    I am not sure, that I would have liked it any other way - don't get me wrong- it was just a weird feeling I had logging in.
    The chat in the guild is very very nice, and I'm sure Issy is right when saying that its cuz it just seems to good to be true, that i'm reacting this way.
    I feel like i'm caught in the opening scene of Blue Velvet here, and I'm just waiting on the dead guy in the closet.

    I dunno, maybe its the relaxness of the gchat where complete strangers are so welcomming and open that is freaking me out. I feel like im just waiting on someone to offer me a needle filled with dope saying "we all do it here, maaaan, don't you want to stay cool?".

    I mean, honestly. We are gamers, and gamers will when they first meet try and figure out, just what type of gamer is this. They'll ask gaming history, they'll check favorite genres. They will to some extend try and figure out: "just how great/poor gamer is this person in front of me". And at some point along the way, Calli will mention some obscure game from the 80's and ill tell him that I play guitar hero on expert.

    And it is freaking me out, that people are so fun, relaxed and not at all anxious. This is a herd of cows, pigs, wolves and dinosaurs all grassing together along side each-other, in peace and harmony.

  8. My apologies, I always imagine you as a typical dwarf with a proud belly, that is why I was making jokes about it. No offense meant, just some harmless joking in guild chat.

  9. I really really want to stress that I loved it and thought it was great tobold. I took no offense at all. In fact I took this as a great indicator for a good guild atmosphere.