torsdag den 25. marts 2010

Men, are stupid puny pathetic tiny creatures that have cash

So all over the game-sites I follow this new site where you don't buy naked women, but you buy naked women that will be your playdate, is all the rage at the moment.
So much so, that their site is down.

This is how any industry view male costumers:
You like boobies right? Here is Illidan and Arthas with boobies!!!
 How fucked up is that?


And we have Women talking about how they are being discriminated? Have they ever stopped and thought about who this is targeted at? This is how little a game like WoW thinks of its users.

(I was going to write "Think about the men here, we will go out into life and find women the way they *really* look, and that aint like the picture above, have you ever thought about how hard that is on us??" -But I'm afraid that might be misunderstood... because I used the term 'hard')

And this is WoW we are talking about. This sort of discrimination of men is everywhere. Serious analysts say that the Ipad will not be a success, unless apple allows porn on it.
because otherwise none will buy it.

Can we just take a moment here? There are times for looking at bewbies  and there are times for relaxing with your favorite pastime... and there are times for gaming (im willing to bet I made half of you follow that link expecting nudity).
Why this need to muddle everything up? Do any product seller in this world not have any faith in their fellow human beings to know that if their product is sound they don't need to use such a demeaning way of luring in men.
Am I the only person who know that there are plenty of free sites where you can get those needs attended?

Seems so. Look at my "fellow" bloggers. A high latency life has random unrelated pictures of scarecly dressed women in his posts (goldsellers needs a spanking so here is a pic of slutty guuurls getting a spanking),  and spooooooooncraft has a "fabb away" section. -seriously he does.

How pathetic is that? Do you not have a shred of confidence in what you write? Allow me to introduce you to Tobold.
"oh, but i am not as good as him at writing, how do you expect me to make a living then?" I don't, go find something you are good at instead, and if its pictures of naked women, then make your frikking site about that.

Seriously. Fuck off, so the rest of us can enjoy our game in peace.

(oh and im totally goin to label this post "boobies in wow", and "wow nude patch" and see how many viewers that gets me)

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  1. I loved your labelling. I bet this will be your most read post ever. And players and community members like you Sir give me hope about mankind. With the emphasis on "man". There are some grown-ups out there. Thankfully. And yeah, i think that if anyone is discriminated, it's men like you. I honestly feel sorry for you.

  2. Well, if my point is right, it will not be my most read post ever :)
    I'll put up some google statistics in a week or two on search terms ect ect

  3. When I saw that picture (labeled fanart though, so it might not be officially Blizzard's) I thought pretty much the same thing.
    How creepy and pathetic is it to stick boobs on two of the central antagonists in WoW lore? And why would anyone think that was a good idea?
    Men like looking at attractive women, but trying to make that your main selling point is a surefire way to failure (unless you're making a porn site, obviously).
    That was the same thing that bugged me about that whole 'playdate' thing. When I'm looking for people to play with I care about their personality and skill, when I want to look at a naked woman on camera I don't need her standing next to me in Dalaran.
    Plus, no matter which of the two things I want to do, its going to take longer than the 10 minutes they are offering.
    Both gaming and adult entertainment are valid industries, but for the love of god don't mix them up anymore than they already are.

  4. Indeedy.
    yet somehow I can't help thinking about the whole madonna/whore thing surrounding this (and me) are we so simpleminded that we cannot appriciate that women can both be hot and have talents and a mind of their own?
    If I am to completly twist the words of Larissas post, the answer seems to be "no".

  5. Am I the only one who saw something else aside the bewbies thing? I'm talking about art. The position of the characters, the action, the colours used, lightning, style...
    All my friends call me pervert, but I found this boobs thing funny, I wouldn't care if it portrayed two fat men instead of former characters or the female version, as long as the picture has high quality as an art piece.
    But don't get me wrong, I also like boobs :P

  6. I've long argued that the game industry in general doesn't understand the meaning of the word "mature". Things like this demonstrate it.

    I'm almost ashamed to be a guy working in games who likes to play games... but then I remember that I detest this kind of crap and call it out when I can. Sheesh.

  7. I'd like to start with a quote from Mencken (which has since been referenced by P T Barnum, Rupert Murdoch & others):

    "No one in this world, so far as I know...has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people."

    If you're utterly cynical and care only about money, rather than the effects on wider society of what you do, this kind of service can seem lie a sure fire winner. You can see the planning meeting now:

    "Guys like hot chicks, right? "Guys like gaming, right? Bring them together and we're in the money".

    "Surely people aren't that shallow. We're turning female gamers into low-level sex-workers and treating men as if they're driven by their groin rather than their brain"

    *quotes Mencken*

    "Pwnd, or should that be p0rned? Let's go."

    I hope they'll go broke, but sadly I doubt it.

  8. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  9. @tesh, that is a very good point, differing between mature and "adult" setting.
    @sven; that is an amazing quote, i really like that... well not like it, but well.. ehm I think its well put.
    Guess that gaming-dating site proves how low you can sink

  10. The unfortunate thing about that art piece is that everyone is focusing on the gender/sex role in it. It's a shame, because blatant underdressing aside, the actual art is actually really good!

    That pay to play with girls thing is absurd though.

  11. That is true, some poor (possibly a little sick and horny) kid drew this amazing piece and all I do it use it as an example of everything that is wrong with gaming imo...
    Sorry, its beautiful, although thinkinh Arthas and Illidan is hot females does take a... special mind.

    So absurd that it works!