torsdag den 11. marts 2010

The ICC buff and you

Tobold talks about the ICC buff.
And how it makes raiding easier. Not wanting to derail his topic about why you should/should not use the buff, I thought I would add an interesting point to this.

There are plenty plenty of fights in ICC where the buff completely screws up the encounter. As a matter of fact for lot's of the fight we had to completely relearn them. Completely.

Okay maybe not totally relearn them. But any sort of timing went all the way out the window and down the drain.

Take the Lich king fight (no, take her).

I've talked earlier about how such a long fight that you wipe a gazillion times on. Turns into a tightly maneuvered modern dance. *spin twirl sidestep taunt, dnd, spread disease, grab shambling, jazzhands*.
But when you have to get the disease on the ghouls and the shamblings before you take the Lich king to whatever % that gets him started on transistion phase. (oh, if you don't know the fight, go read here. It is NOT NOT NOT the end all guide to the lich king fight that some delerious bloggers seems to think -hello pwnwear- but it is very good).
That timing goes straight out the window. And we would most likely have killed him so much more faster the second time around if we had removed the buff, rather than to rethink how we excecuted phase 1.

So for plenty of figths, this buff will ADD to the content of ICC since you will have to relearn many of the fights.

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