mandag den 8. marts 2010

I know you, I read your blog

From the grumpy old gamer aka Sourpuss:

Allow me to elaborate, on this. I have always been the guy my friends would go to, when they needed a different opinion. In my college year-book my quote was "I'm not sure I agree with that you see..." (roughly translated). So personally I am not really all that surprised that I would be the first to blog "against" what every other blog I read is up in arms over. Remember the first law if Dwisms

What did surprise me was the reactions my post got. Every person commenting on it was mildly offended (i say that with love) that I would think that they would not cheer for me on a boss-kill. And I think that was me not explaining what disturbed me so deeply about SAN. What freaked the hell out of me, was the fact that people where all so mellow and nice. Not a single hot-shot or loudmouth or even a slightly annoying person online.
I'm sorry, but with 80 accounts that shit is just not possible. It was a twilight zone (not the frekkin vampires. Go watch some tv you book-readers) of epic proportions for me. And the reason I did not want to boast about a kill, was that I didn't want to be that guy. The guy who ruins it all, by being that guy that ruins it all.

Then -of course- I wrote a blog post and became that guy.

But everything was still okay. I mean, anyone who has ever read my blog wouldn't be surprised [im going to go on a total derail here, I can never ever spell to surprised. I always write "suprice" and have to depend on my spelling corrector to save my honor. Maybe I should stop being ehm, surprised] that I would be the first to yell C**kMoneky and run out of the room giggling.

Where was I going with this. Oh yea, embracing you inner gaming geek. As Calli of pew pew once wrote (dude), gamers are people... Okay gamers that I know (and gamers, it seems, that Calli knows) are people who like to take measure of whom they are talking to, when meeting new people. 'So you claim that you are a gamer too eh? does that mean that you have seen an nintendo 8bit once at your cousins house or does it mean that you can -in alphabetical order- name every single supermario game ever released?'.
Stuff like that matters to gamers, you need to know who you are talking to, when talking games. And -especcially with insecure male gamers- this will most of the time devolve into a penis-measuring contest.

And this SAN guild had none of that. That is weeeeird.

It is.

It IS too.

Shut it, it is.

Well luckly before I had a complete meltdown, there finally was a bit of what I consider "hello nice to meet you, how long is you penis?" talk. Last night.  (and damn me, click this link, that one sketch made me love little britain).
Oh I gotta say, I'm neer going to get to level anything unless I turn of guild-chat. We sure are a chatty bunch. I tried to pug some forrest type of horde dungeon. Screaming cave or something. And I could hardly keep up with my group cuz I had to stop to read chat. And i was tonking.
So last night, people started (finally) talking bout "on my server we..." And I could breathe a sigh of relief. then I may of may not have been quite the little RP hater.
/g So what you should do, is say in /1 or /2 that you want to roleplay a Vampire, and which class and race would be the best suited for it, and if the name Bella was already taken
Or something along those lines. Someone told me to not to baitthe RP'ers. And as a long time real life roleplayer (table-top NOT liveaction, thank you very much) nothing could be further from what I wanted to do. But damn it was funny, when I did that on my first RP realm. Sporregar. i'll tell you horror-stories about that realm another time. Let's just leave it at the 50 times (honest to God) that I was lectured about what an RP-PVP realm meant. And every single one was over the same theme:
What is wrong with you, everyone knows that RP-PVP stands for Rapid progression- player versus player. We level fast here and then we pvp. So my name is pwnsfacezor
I mentioned that I was damaged goods from said realm. And someone piped in that they stemmed from Sporregar and if I had ever heard of [guild name that made me see red right there]. I might have said something very offensie about said guild. But was comforted that he had never been a member.

And, I dunno, I felt like everything was right again. Even if I 3 days ago had had a in-game BURN from Tobold, and was now happily chatting away with the ONLY FRIKKING PERSON whom I had ever posted a reply to their post saying nothing but: "i totally agree with everything you said" (hai Chas). Lemme tell you, if Mrs dwism ever heard that I had said something like that. she would faint.

This guild must be healthy for me :)

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  1. Heheh, it's okay Sourpuss - we know what you're like :P

  2. I once considered changing my blog title to "angry-blogger" but that sort of title usually has a connotation of humor, that I am unsure I can live up to.

  3. *giggles*

    /sends pink and fluffy hugs :D

    glad you are enjoying it in your freaked out way :)

  4. og you better believe I am :)