mandag den 15. marts 2010

Cheating on my guild

It's a weird thing.

Guild loyalty.

For some people it entails that they defend and fight for what they believe their guild represent. For others, a guild tag is just a roof over their head. For others again a guild is nothing more than whatever players are in it at a given point in time. Personally I am somewhere between the first and the last option.

To me, my guild means a lot. I am proud of what "we" have done. being in the top two alliance on our server, pretty much ever since the game launched. I have been at the cutting edge with them, and not I am at the cutting edge of their 10 manned progression. (or rather, I am being semi-carried by the players who also have the time for 25 manned... I hate and envy you all).

This is a guild that where starting out in Naxx (40 manned btw), and yet took a blue-geared dwarf priest within their ranks. And even had me healing in naxx before I had even cleared BWL. Talk about recognizing talent!!
No - seriously, they saw... something in me, back then and I would have never enjoyed the game half as much (or half as long) if they had not taken that chance with me.
Fast forwarda year and a half and me burning very much out in the burning crusade. I stopped. I got a lot of new job functions and joined up with some real life friends on a horrible horrible rp-pvp server. (sporeggar). The same server where half the population seemed to think that RP stood for rapid progression "that means you level faster, dumbass". When that made me almost loose my mind, and had me return to Hellscream, what did my old guild do? They stopped progression in the Black temple so that me (and two others, as I recall it) could get dragged through serpenshrine Cavern and Mount Hyjal, for the attunements.
For a guy like me, that sure as hell gives a lot of bonus points on the loyalty score.

This is also why I feel extra bad, when I am having a good time in "that noun" guild. Especcially now, that I've done and went and rolled an Undead mage. And scrapping my mage on hellscream. Chalmers, is his name. And he was a simple servant. That drowned (his hair is wet and everything), then he awokened to find himself able to cast huge frikking fireballs out of his fingers.
That changes a man, that does.

Anyway, I am very much enjoying maging it up on him. And really, I am a melee type of player. So here I am, having fun. On another realm, on the other side of the fence. Whatever I do on this toon will never ever be to the benefit of my guild. And I am ashamed of enjoying that. Aint that weeeeeiiiiird?

I know, that many will say, that I don't own my guild anything. That every item I won, was made from the DKP I had earned.
Those people have clearly never lead a raid, or managed a guild. As a matter of fact, I would dare say that people who claim this, are not even in a guild, let alone a guild that are progressing in any way, shape or form.
And if they are, then they are just full of sh*t. Or very dumb.

I have gotten a little peak throughout time, at what it takes to lead anything. let alone a guild. And it is -mostly- problems and grief and not a whole lot of actual fun. But it is addictive as hell - but thats besides the point.

What i'm getting at, is that it is a weird feeling to ehh feel. That I am betraying my guild in any way, shape or form. I am still one of the most prepared people at our 10 manned raids (I dare say this, because the others worry more about 25), and I truly feel that I am giving my all there. Hell I am even running the daily heroic for that emblem as much as I can, even though I do not enjoy it very much.

Having said all of this, just how overpowered are mages?
No seriously, what is wrong with this game, since mages can be so incredibly overpowered???
Look at their glyphs for example: Glyph of frostbolt, just how overpowered are you, that your glyphs need to take away abilities? Look at poor Death Knights and glyph of Icy touch same type of power (an early spell, used by all builds -at least at the lower levels) yet, frostbolt is a 5% increase and removes the snare part of the spell, where Icy touch, just gets a 20% increase to the frost fever part of the damage.
NERF OP MAGES. Seriously. Then maybe you can get a glyph at lower levels that would be... you know... desirable.

Chalmers calmy and politely demands it.

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  1. I'm extremely loyal to my raiding guild. I'd never ever unsign for a raid to go and do some other stuff on another server. Won't happen. But nevertheless I think that guildlife differs a bit from real life. You can love too and it isn't as if you're cheating or having kinky sex habits. I need to socialize a bit as well online, and my raiding guild can't quite deliver that aspect, especially not the weird hours I'm playing, when very few are online. It's wonderful that I can go and get that part of the game from SAN instead. No more hanging around at my home server, feeling miserable and lonely. I'm not cheating on anyone I think. You can love both. At least in WoW you can.

  2. Yea, that is what I keep telling myself too ^^

    One day, I might even believe it.
    Also, I really want to experience northrend as horde.

  3. I work AT Chalmers.... =)

  4. Oh I didn't know it was a company. It just sounded like a good butler name, and Jeeves was overused :)
    Honestly my second thought was Superintendend Chalmers from the Simpsons. oO

  5. Chalmers University of Technology...

  6. "Skinner!!"
    Thats all i'm hearing. You must get a lot of that? :)

  7. Hehe not really.