onsdag den 31. marts 2010

I don't really like raiding

After leveling my warrior for a while I've decided to stop raiding alltogether.

I guess I've finally outgrown the need to have better gear than everyone else. Because honestly, that is why anyone raids. The need for gear. The need to go "omg this pug to VoA just asked for 5600 GS -and I was the only one who actually had it!!!".
I've had enough of taking orders from some pimplefaced teen with too much time on his hands to read boss guides.
I've had enough of people only doing half the stuff I do, get all the gear I need.
I'm sick and tired of intros and cutscenes.
Now I'm going to spend my time leveling every class to 80 and then I'm going to sell my account. Because then I'll be done with the game. And that will be the most liberating feeling in the world. No more nights spend pretending that im going anything other than a virtual masturbation. Spending my time fluffing myself trying to make sure everyone knows that im better than everyone else I'm playing with.
Time to stop being a closet geek, time to get out in the light, time to get a life!!!

I've read up on it, and 200 euroes are what I can expect for my 10x level 80 account!!
hot damn.

torsdag den 25. marts 2010

Men, are stupid puny pathetic tiny creatures that have cash

So all over the game-sites I follow this new site where you don't buy naked women, but you buy naked women that will be your playdate, is all the rage at the moment.
So much so, that their site is down.

This is how any industry view male costumers:
You like boobies right? Here is Illidan and Arthas with boobies!!!
 How fucked up is that?


And we have Women talking about how they are being discriminated? Have they ever stopped and thought about who this is targeted at? This is how little a game like WoW thinks of its users.

(I was going to write "Think about the men here, we will go out into life and find women the way they *really* look, and that aint like the picture above, have you ever thought about how hard that is on us??" -But I'm afraid that might be misunderstood... because I used the term 'hard')

And this is WoW we are talking about. This sort of discrimination of men is everywhere. Serious analysts say that the Ipad will not be a success, unless apple allows porn on it.
because otherwise none will buy it.

Can we just take a moment here? There are times for looking at bewbies  and there are times for relaxing with your favorite pastime... and there are times for gaming (im willing to bet I made half of you follow that link expecting nudity).
Why this need to muddle everything up? Do any product seller in this world not have any faith in their fellow human beings to know that if their product is sound they don't need to use such a demeaning way of luring in men.
Am I the only person who know that there are plenty of free sites where you can get those needs attended?

Seems so. Look at my "fellow" bloggers. A high latency life has random unrelated pictures of scarecly dressed women in his posts (goldsellers needs a spanking so here is a pic of slutty guuurls getting a spanking),  and spooooooooncraft has a "fabb away" section. -seriously he does.

How pathetic is that? Do you not have a shred of confidence in what you write? Allow me to introduce you to Tobold.
"oh, but i am not as good as him at writing, how do you expect me to make a living then?" I don't, go find something you are good at instead, and if its pictures of naked women, then make your frikking site about that.

Seriously. Fuck off, so the rest of us can enjoy our game in peace.

(oh and im totally goin to label this post "boobies in wow", and "wow nude patch" and see how many viewers that gets me)

onsdag den 24. marts 2010

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder


And so is dickheaddery.

This rant is brought to you by a very happy post by Tam of Rightious orbs. In a very happy post, he talks about finding the right guild for him (or so it seems, dum dum DUUUUUUM - he is very aware that he has said this before).
Anyway apart from making the best ever analogy over what raiding is, he in a bynote talks about two types of players.
Person A: I want to raid, therefore I will put with a degree of shit.
Person B: I would rather not raid than put up with a degree of shit.
(himself being person B).
I myself - and this should not come as a shock, is very much a person A.
I have, and I will put up with sh*t to raid. Because, unlike one of his commenters, I know myself and the world around me, well enough to realise that in any team sport, there will be people you have a lot in common with, and some who does weird things, that you do not consider being "super kewl".

For example, I tend to overfocus on one aspect on any given encounter, and mess something up. That is not a great quality in a tank. One of our dps likes to sleep in, that is not a very good quality when you raid in the weekend mornings.
And one of our healers does like to... Well I've got no idea what she does tbh. She does like to get summoned, thats for sure. I remember one time, when she, didn't come back after a raidbreak (lunch). and we found out the next day that she had decided to take 5 mins of nap-time on the couch and had fallen asleep.
I know this is in the tiny-non-existent-part of complaining. But when you are pumped up about a new boss, this can really be annoying. Or when one of our trials hunters didn't turn up for a raid AND STILL HAS NOT SAID ANY FUCKING THING ABOUT WHY NOT - you do feel like this person is shitting all over the rest of your raidgroup.
But you deal with it. You get over peoples little quirks and move on. This is some little innocent things that some would consider shit you deal with in order to raid.

If someone in guild-chat had made some inappropriate comments about his girlfriend. I would tell him off, but I wouldn't leave guild. If someone made an gay joke, I would report him, and tell him i've done so (I did that once).  But I wouldn't leave my guild over it. Or make an issue over it demanding him kicked or I would go.
The two day ban, was punishment enough, at least in my book, and he never did make another joke like that.

The point is, when you have a large group of people connected by a similar goal  of wanting to raid in a certain pase (and not even that common a goal, some just do it for the social parts, some for gear, some for progression, and some for something to do with their evenings), you have to expect that people will not be able to be bf4evar!! -till the end of the universe.
It just is not how people work. Healers will have their own sub-group where they discuss stuff. So will tanks. So will -some- ranged, and so will the dutch people (or in Ensidias case their infamous "danish mafia").
You do not have to loooooove every single person you raid with, but liking them all sure does help.
At the moment, I do not have anyone in my guild that is /sigh at when I see them online. That, for me, equals happy times.
I mean, in any group of people thrown together by semi-accident, you will find someone you do not click with. School class, sport club, the stamp-collectors union, your workplace. If you expect to go through life only dealing with people you love all the time, anytime. You are going to find yourself pretty lonely sooner or later. That is just how people work. Or rather, unless you live in "the great order of the amazing moongoddess Phils movementarians group". THEN you will love everyone, all the time.

What I'm getting at, is that just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is Dickeadery. What you might consider being unacceptable behavior in a guild-setting, i'll bet you that many others will consider cool. Spending all day in /g telling "yo mama" jokes? I'd leave, but I'm pretty sure plenty would
find that to be a guild where "we have lots of fun in an relaxed atmosphere". So unnammed commenter on Tams blog: you are either dumb or very naive, when you claim that is it the person A, that is the problem.

If we all had the "person B" personality and would kick every single dickhead in guild. We would run out of guild members. Because we are all different and unique snowflakes (we *are*), we will not always agree on what is fun and great behaviour. So deal with Dickhead behaviour in your guild. Let them bow off steam. And if the generel vibe of the guild and most people there are cool, behold: you will be very happy in your guild.

Because small or big, we do have to deal with degrees of shit in order to be in a team, doing team-stuff. Deal with it.
And no, you do not have to deal with any more or any less sh*t the higher up the progression ladder you are. There are cool guilds and there are complete sh*t guilds at all levels of this game. Some guilds the atmosphere is to beat on your fellow guildie in order to build yourself up.
- For example if you build a guild around pvp, where you gank low levels of the opposite faction. And THEN after having your guildies beat you up when you log into your scam horde auctioneer alt, only to belittle said guildies (that only did what they where told), on your blog. - That would be an unpleasent atmosphere, and the tell tell signs of a sucky guild with a horrible guild leader.

tirsdag den 23. marts 2010

A whole new Cataclysm

That may be the best title I have ever had made.
Its a Mash-up (or as we call it where I come from; Bastard-pop) of the two blogposts that inspired me for todays post.
Pinkpigtailinn and Righteous orbs.
You see. I have been wondering what to do with my time lately. I cannot be arsed to gear up my level 80's. Because I've caught the early "gear will become pointless soon" -bug.

I can't see the point of leveling my alts because... Whats the point? I already have a ranged dps, a melee dps two tanks and a healer. I got my bases covered.
I sold some lucky stuff, so I have almost 10k gold. And for me, thats a fortune.
I turned up to a daily heroic for my emblem on Redux, and the only thing the healer said (and the only thing anyone said) was

"lol, you have too much health"
To which I replied that I could change that, if needed.

And on we went. It was a weird group. They all seemed to know what they where doing, but noone said anything, but everyone seemed to know what they where doing. It was Utgarde Pinacle, so on a whim i pulled the add for the HULK achievement. I didn't say anything. I just pulled him and placed him. The mage got aggro so i taunted and hurt him a bit, so he would stay in place. And then everyone backed off. Nothing was said. He was left alone. and we got the achievement.
(there is a point here, don't worry, I'm getting there).

The one thing that stuck with me from that run. Apart from the weird mind-wave-share-non-communication we had going, was the warrior. The dualweilding fury dwarf spawned from the depths of hell.
Damn duelweilding is awsome sauce.
And dwarfs are awsomemerere. more awsome. Awsome on awsome.

But there is one thing that is even more awsome. And that is big green Orcs. And roleplaying.
So I did what tam has experienced, and what Larisa encourages us all to do.

I switched sides. I rolled an Orc warrior, who is going to tonk and be fury. And who is going to get all my leftover heirloom gear leftover from my paladin.
And he is a roleplaying Orc. His name is Growhl, and I have made a back story for him.
And he is big, and likes to growl at people. And he just *adores* making little jewelery trinkets. I even have kept a grey robe in his inventory for when he will walk around Org: Jedi-style!!!

So he will be my whole new Cataclysm world. And I just cannot wait to get him up to the higher levels. In beta I tried a premade level 80 dwarf fury warrior, and i had sooo much fun.

Oh and a little PRO-TIP for roleplaying!!
It is fine and dandy to have an elaborate backstory, that you are an secret princess in hiding, or the lovechild of Thrall and the blood-queen. Go knock yourself out. Make it elaborate. Make your flagrpg info 5 pages long. But chances are, that noone will read it, and your time roleplaying will be spend yelling: I HAVE A DIRTY SHOCKING SECRET, WONT SOMEBODY PLEASE TRY AND FIGURE IT OUT???? and standing alone.


If you want to have fun. Be a simple servant or farmer that one day woke up to find that lightning came out of your hands and went to train as a shaman, to deal with it. Or a simple soldier forced out of retirement to keep your lands safe from the Lich king. Or an accountant. Something simple. That way you are not too busy dealing with your own storyline, but instead you can meet other people and play and have fun with them. Roleplaying in an mmo is like sex, It really is a lot more fun if you aren't alone... all the time.

mandag den 22. marts 2010

Taking death Knights seriously

... (and you thought whine-day was over)

Yea thats not going to happen anytime soon.
Unlike days of old with huntards, everybody knew that really good hunters where amazing but most of them where morons, today the low-social-they-are-all-dumb-class of WoW is the Death knight. The Tard knight, the Death tards, dick knights, dumb knights, the dkfromdk's everybody knows that they are all played by little kids or terribad players.
Of course, not you, you don't count - but everybody else.
And all of a sudden I'm one of those guys back in the 30's that... That is a horrible connection, i'm not going to go there. Suffice to say, that the "they breed like rats, except you, your cool" type of replies given to me are abundant.

Hell, I've walked into PuGs with 55k health on said "hi" hear someone say "who's the tank", and polity replied with "Well, I am", and see 2-3 people insta-quit. Repeatedly.

It is so absurd that you aren't sure whether or not to laugh or cry.

He is not going to be happy about this, but I gave him a beta-invite for SCII, so we'll call it even. I'm going to use my guildie Calli of PewPewlazors as an example.
In his brilliant review of raid-anatomy I'll quote him on priests first:

The Holy Priest has been playing a priest since Molten Core and will waste no time telling everyone in the raid his stories about killing Baron Geddon when half the raid was in blues and “stuff was so much harder back in The Good Old Days lol”.  He still loves to equip his full Tier 1 and Benediction and pose around the mailboxes in Dalaran.  He hates the Resto Shaman because he’s carried a grudge about Chain Heal since Black Temple.  He’s actually a pretty good healer but like all Holy Priests, he dies a lot because he suffers from an advanced case of Chronic Martyr Syndrome.  This will manifest itself in various ways, but the most common is death by Standing In The Fire because he was “too busy saving the dumbass dps to notice”.
And then on DK's
The Deathknight.
/sigh.  Just read this or this
 Where he links dumb pug DKs.
Let me make something very clear, Calli is on the cool side of DKs, I do believe he still loves playing his DK ( i see him online all the time on sith) And he is sooooooo not the worst of the haters. And that is my point.

These classhaters are so overly everywhere, that you can't even be bothered to make fun of them. And you just need to say "DK's, know what I mean?" and everyone will nod.

Just scroll back up to the two quotes above. What else needs to be said right? We all know how daft DKs are: 'They are sooo sucky. And they where supposed to be a HERO-class, and they cannot even outdps my rogue/hunter/mage/lock/retardin. And they cannot even tank anymore.
I remember when Wrath hit, and every DKs I ever met, where sooo imba, they could kill everything, they could tank it all at the same time, but not anymore because they suck now.'
- Right?

Like the goblin, when he wants his reader numbers up, but can't be bothered to write anything? he links to class:DK name: Arthas, on the armory with the words "knock yourself out". (Even though half of them had better raid-achieves than him... but thats not important, right?).

I dunno, I'm just getting so fed up being treat like a tard over the class I chose, and anyone other than Chas, can you yourself defend the DK posts you've written? yes? Because they are all so terribad right?

And let me tell you why? Any talented DKs have either: stopped playing that class, due to the annoying class-nerfs OR they only PuG on their alts and leave the DK for playing with people they know. - I know I do.

/sigh indeed.

torsdag den 18. marts 2010

What on earth, I want to help the Gnomes?

Look at these adorable little fellas!!

Aww. *AND* they think they are bad-arse
           Look at me, I am bad... Even though I can only barely lift a wrench
And now I get to help save them against their own little cuteypie irradation!

Blue link: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/underdev/3p9/gnomeregan.xml

And best of all, It will happen before Cataclysm!

onsdag den 17. marts 2010

Whiny post day: When you run out of fun

You all know The troll shaman. He be cool. I'll be trying to be as cool. I ain't so cool, so this post won't be well thought through, it will just be a lot of whine about lots of disconnected stuff.

In this day an age, where even Mr Cash himself had made tribute songs to Death Knights, there should be nothing but sunshine and lollipops for all of us.
Hell, a DK even got the world first orange that matters. yay us. Only. Not so much.
After Blizzard completly failed to make sure that the playing community understood what a "hero-class" even meant (DKS ARE SUPPOSED TO BETTER THAN EVERYONE AT EVERYTHING CUZ DEY BE HERO_CLSAAAAA- these people still exists, funny how it's never DKs who claim this.) And after they failed to communicate that, in order to assure that new players would get a raid-spot and would bother leveling through the empty outlands, they would make us.... slightly overpowered. Just for a little while, untill we had caught up. -was that so unfair?

YES, yes it was. So now you will find DKs at the bottom of the cess-pool for pretty much everything. PVP? Oh please. Even mages feel sorry for us.

So you figure out, that since you are the only person in your raid that is not very active in 25 mans, (im sure that helps in filling that gap too *sigh*), you one night decide to roll a mage on horde and on AD. And for one frikking night you sit yourself in front of your pc, with a new album in your itunes, listening to how 'there ain't no grave that can hold his body down', and you play. You have a bit of fun. You think back to when you first started playing the game.

Then you look to your left side. Because when you first started playing this game, you had your (then) wife-to-be sitting next to you on her laptop playing along side you.
You remember the long-forgotten duo of barbiedoll and kendoll the lock n rogue that would run through the starting zones. And you would miss it.

Then you look at the clock. It's almost nine. And in the other room, in front of the tv she sits. Alone. Watching "16 and pregnant" on MTV.
She looks up at you "have the computer broken down again?"
"no" you reply.
she smiles, "what are you doing here then?"
You know she is joking, you know that she really does like watching her shows by herself, because (lets be honest here) you can't STFU when you watch crappy reality-tv.
You know she is very happy to have these nights alone. but you also know that soon these 3 nights, will (again) turn into 5 nights a week. Those two raid-nights a week, would turn back into 7 (again- hell last week, you raided 4 nights). Because you love playing with the people in your guild. And she won't complain. Not untill it will be too late.
One night you will be sleeping on the couch in the other room, because it will be easier to just drop over after raid before work. you know this, because once, you almost did just that.
so you look at your wife, and ask "do you want some company, I was just leveling an alt, and got bored".
She shakes her head, "not really, I was about to go to bed, want the tv so you can play xbox?".

You shake your head, no, this is not at all what you wanted. You wanted to talk to her.... But then again. There is still that final chapter in gears of war 2, that you rented, that needs finishing.

So you sit there in your couch. The missus is fast asleep, and you have just killed "the biggest goddammned fish I've ever seen", with an old friend who happened to be logged on aswell.
And you think to yourself, "tomorrow, tomorrow I'll make it better. I just need to get to the Lich king on heroic, and I'll be done with this game".
And you aren't really sure if that means more free-time, or just time for more games.

Also; when are the desperatly needed tanking buffs for DKs comming allready??

mandag den 15. marts 2010

Fuck it, i'm getting myself a kitty


There is nothing in this world that a little pressure and flattery cannot get you. Take me.

In a moments weekness i apllied all of my combined skills over at TishToshTesh, and got myself this:

Look at that DK kitty. Blizz, make me one!

So for all my readers. Go praise TishToshTesh.
Mostly for having a great blog, and for being a really cool artist (really cool. Look at that kitty!!!)

But mostly because he takes emotional bribes! ;-)

EDIT: Crap crap link!! http://tishtoshtesh.wordpress.com

Cheating on my guild

It's a weird thing.

Guild loyalty.

For some people it entails that they defend and fight for what they believe their guild represent. For others, a guild tag is just a roof over their head. For others again a guild is nothing more than whatever players are in it at a given point in time. Personally I am somewhere between the first and the last option.

To me, my guild means a lot. I am proud of what "we" have done. being in the top two alliance on our server, pretty much ever since the game launched. I have been at the cutting edge with them, and not I am at the cutting edge of their 10 manned progression. (or rather, I am being semi-carried by the players who also have the time for 25 manned... I hate and envy you all).

This is a guild that where starting out in Naxx (40 manned btw), and yet took a blue-geared dwarf priest within their ranks. And even had me healing in naxx before I had even cleared BWL. Talk about recognizing talent!!
No - seriously, they saw... something in me, back then and I would have never enjoyed the game half as much (or half as long) if they had not taken that chance with me.
Fast forwarda year and a half and me burning very much out in the burning crusade. I stopped. I got a lot of new job functions and joined up with some real life friends on a horrible horrible rp-pvp server. (sporeggar). The same server where half the population seemed to think that RP stood for rapid progression "that means you level faster, dumbass". When that made me almost loose my mind, and had me return to Hellscream, what did my old guild do? They stopped progression in the Black temple so that me (and two others, as I recall it) could get dragged through serpenshrine Cavern and Mount Hyjal, for the attunements.
For a guy like me, that sure as hell gives a lot of bonus points on the loyalty score.

This is also why I feel extra bad, when I am having a good time in "that noun" guild. Especcially now, that I've done and went and rolled an Undead mage. And scrapping my mage on hellscream. Chalmers, is his name. And he was a simple servant. That drowned (his hair is wet and everything), then he awokened to find himself able to cast huge frikking fireballs out of his fingers.
That changes a man, that does.

Anyway, I am very much enjoying maging it up on him. And really, I am a melee type of player. So here I am, having fun. On another realm, on the other side of the fence. Whatever I do on this toon will never ever be to the benefit of my guild. And I am ashamed of enjoying that. Aint that weeeeeiiiiird?

I know, that many will say, that I don't own my guild anything. That every item I won, was made from the DKP I had earned.
Those people have clearly never lead a raid, or managed a guild. As a matter of fact, I would dare say that people who claim this, are not even in a guild, let alone a guild that are progressing in any way, shape or form.
And if they are, then they are just full of sh*t. Or very dumb.

I have gotten a little peak throughout time, at what it takes to lead anything. let alone a guild. And it is -mostly- problems and grief and not a whole lot of actual fun. But it is addictive as hell - but thats besides the point.

What i'm getting at, is that it is a weird feeling to ehh feel. That I am betraying my guild in any way, shape or form. I am still one of the most prepared people at our 10 manned raids (I dare say this, because the others worry more about 25), and I truly feel that I am giving my all there. Hell I am even running the daily heroic for that emblem as much as I can, even though I do not enjoy it very much.

Having said all of this, just how overpowered are mages?
No seriously, what is wrong with this game, since mages can be so incredibly overpowered???
Look at their glyphs for example: Glyph of frostbolt, just how overpowered are you, that your glyphs need to take away abilities? Look at poor Death Knights and glyph of Icy touch same type of power (an early spell, used by all builds -at least at the lower levels) yet, frostbolt is a 5% increase and removes the snare part of the spell, where Icy touch, just gets a 20% increase to the frost fever part of the damage.
NERF OP MAGES. Seriously. Then maybe you can get a glyph at lower levels that would be... you know... desirable.

Chalmers calmy and politely demands it.

torsdag den 11. marts 2010

The ICC buff and you

Tobold talks about the ICC buff.
And how it makes raiding easier. Not wanting to derail his topic about why you should/should not use the buff, I thought I would add an interesting point to this.

There are plenty plenty of fights in ICC where the buff completely screws up the encounter. As a matter of fact for lot's of the fight we had to completely relearn them. Completely.

Okay maybe not totally relearn them. But any sort of timing went all the way out the window and down the drain.

Take the Lich king fight (no, take her).

I've talked earlier about how such a long fight that you wipe a gazillion times on. Turns into a tightly maneuvered modern dance. *spin twirl sidestep taunt, dnd, spread disease, grab shambling, jazzhands*.
But when you have to get the disease on the ghouls and the shamblings before you take the Lich king to whatever % that gets him started on transistion phase. (oh, if you don't know the fight, go read here. It is NOT NOT NOT the end all guide to the lich king fight that some delerious bloggers seems to think -hello pwnwear- but it is very good).
That timing goes straight out the window. And we would most likely have killed him so much more faster the second time around if we had removed the buff, rather than to rethink how we excecuted phase 1.

So for plenty of figths, this buff will ADD to the content of ICC since you will have to relearn many of the fights.

tirsdag den 9. marts 2010

Mastery stat and you

So Blizz has leaked a preview of what Mastery stats will be like in Cata.
All of it right here http://blue.mmo-champion.com/1/23614404862-mastery-system-preview.html

For the short short version (who likes short shorts? We like short shorts) this is what the mastery stat will give you:


For a slightly longer version: Mastery stat will change depending on what specc you are. How so? well, let's say that you are a priest. You want to spend points in Disc. You spend points in disc. The more points you spend in Disc, the more you will get the following 3 stats as a passive bonus: Healing slight boost to healing powa and Meditation -same as the talent with the same name. Both of these are similar to holy and disc priests (and im pretty sure they will be very similar to every healer in game. But the third. Oh the third. The third passive bonus you will get as a Disc priest is
Absorption – Improves the amount of damage absorbed by spells such as Power Word: Shield and  Divine Aegis
Let the drooling commence. But it gets better. The more Mastery points you have on gear and other stuff, the better this 3rd ability gets. So Disc will absorb. Holy will add a HoT to all direct heals, that will grow even more powerful over time and Frost Death knights (how great is this, the preview was for DKs and Priests. Blizz lubs me!!) will get
Runic Power Improves the rate of runic power generated by abilities
Because:  "While all death knights want runic power, Frost death knights would generally have more runic power than Blood or Unholy death knights (who would receive a different benefit from their respective trees). An Unholy death knight who sub-specs into Frost would still be able to benefit from this bonus, though because they’re investing fewer talent points, they’d benefit to a smaller degree. Mastery on gear would boost this bonus, and no other talent tree would grant it."


Good part over. 
Now this is all fine and dandy, if not for the fact that this will very much ruin whatever there was left of creativity in class-speccing. No more, will smart and creative players invent dualwilding DKs with diseaseless speccs that will work. Because mastery-stats will very very much pigeon-hole classes into what is expected from them.
So wave goodbye to the LOL-smite Disc priest.

I know most people laugh at most of these inventions. But the fact is, that most of the classes where never intended to be what they ended up being. They only got build up around these things because crative players used the system to invent new ways of using their class. Disc priest is a fine example of just that. Disc was once a pvp specc for priest. Only not a very good one, since Shadowpriests where way better at melting faces. This was not the intent of the shadow-specc but they where just so gawd-dammed good at it, and fun to play in pvp, that players went shadow. And disc got stuck with nothing. Then Blizz changed Disc around to the damage preventing specc it is today and everyone was happy. I am not 100% sure that this is the established canon on WoW-history. But that was how I experienced the game.
There are a lot of good things to be said about knowing what this and that class and specc can and cannot do, but most of these good things lie in the genre of "comfort". And comfort ends up being staleness which ends up being dying.
But let's hope that the classes will still be able to evolve. Maybe there is a lot to be gained from cross-speccing so that the masteries will have a split bonus? They don't really talk about what happens if you are half n half. Or the longforgotten tri-specc.

Whatever it ends up with, this does spell excitement for Cataclysm. At least for me.

mandag den 8. marts 2010

I know you, I read your blog

From the grumpy old gamer aka Sourpuss:

Allow me to elaborate, on this. I have always been the guy my friends would go to, when they needed a different opinion. In my college year-book my quote was "I'm not sure I agree with that you see..." (roughly translated). So personally I am not really all that surprised that I would be the first to blog "against" what every other blog I read is up in arms over. Remember the first law if Dwisms

What did surprise me was the reactions my post got. Every person commenting on it was mildly offended (i say that with love) that I would think that they would not cheer for me on a boss-kill. And I think that was me not explaining what disturbed me so deeply about SAN. What freaked the hell out of me, was the fact that people where all so mellow and nice. Not a single hot-shot or loudmouth or even a slightly annoying person online.
I'm sorry, but with 80 accounts that shit is just not possible. It was a twilight zone (not the frekkin vampires. Go watch some tv you book-readers) of epic proportions for me. And the reason I did not want to boast about a kill, was that I didn't want to be that guy. The guy who ruins it all, by being that guy that ruins it all.

Then -of course- I wrote a blog post and became that guy.

But everything was still okay. I mean, anyone who has ever read my blog wouldn't be surprised [im going to go on a total derail here, I can never ever spell to surprised. I always write "suprice" and have to depend on my spelling corrector to save my honor. Maybe I should stop being ehm, surprised] that I would be the first to yell C**kMoneky and run out of the room giggling.

Where was I going with this. Oh yea, embracing you inner gaming geek. As Calli of pew pew once wrote (dude), gamers are people... Okay gamers that I know (and gamers, it seems, that Calli knows) are people who like to take measure of whom they are talking to, when meeting new people. 'So you claim that you are a gamer too eh? does that mean that you have seen an nintendo 8bit once at your cousins house or does it mean that you can -in alphabetical order- name every single supermario game ever released?'.
Stuff like that matters to gamers, you need to know who you are talking to, when talking games. And -especcially with insecure male gamers- this will most of the time devolve into a penis-measuring contest.

And this SAN guild had none of that. That is weeeeird.

It is.

It IS too.

Shut it, it is.

Well luckly before I had a complete meltdown, there finally was a bit of what I consider "hello nice to meet you, how long is you penis?" talk. Last night.  (and damn me, click this link, that one sketch made me love little britain).
Oh I gotta say, I'm neer going to get to level anything unless I turn of guild-chat. We sure are a chatty bunch. I tried to pug some forrest type of horde dungeon. Screaming cave or something. And I could hardly keep up with my group cuz I had to stop to read chat. And i was tonking.
So last night, people started (finally) talking bout "on my server we..." And I could breathe a sigh of relief. then I may of may not have been quite the little RP hater.
/g So what you should do, is say in /1 or /2 that you want to roleplay a Vampire, and which class and race would be the best suited for it, and if the name Bella was already taken
Or something along those lines. Someone told me to not to baitthe RP'ers. And as a long time real life roleplayer (table-top NOT liveaction, thank you very much) nothing could be further from what I wanted to do. But damn it was funny, when I did that on my first RP realm. Sporregar. i'll tell you horror-stories about that realm another time. Let's just leave it at the 50 times (honest to God) that I was lectured about what an RP-PVP realm meant. And every single one was over the same theme:
What is wrong with you, everyone knows that RP-PVP stands for Rapid progression- player versus player. We level fast here and then we pvp. So my name is pwnsfacezor
I mentioned that I was damaged goods from said realm. And someone piped in that they stemmed from Sporregar and if I had ever heard of [guild name that made me see red right there]. I might have said something very offensie about said guild. But was comforted that he had never been a member.

And, I dunno, I felt like everything was right again. Even if I 3 days ago had had a in-game BURN from Tobold, and was now happily chatting away with the ONLY FRIKKING PERSON whom I had ever posted a reply to their post saying nothing but: "i totally agree with everything you said" (hai Chas). Lemme tell you, if Mrs dwism ever heard that I had said something like that. she would faint.

This guild must be healthy for me :)

Single Abstract Noun (Original, I know)

Let me start by apologizing, I am in a weird mood today, and thusly this post that was supposed to be a all positive post about all the great things I got to be a part of this weekend, seems to have turned a bit sour.

Dwism: Thats for amateurs, I tank with mah belly!
Tobold: You sure have plenty of that

Two things struck me when this occurred in guild-chat. First thought was: "Did I just get burned by Tobold"
Secondly, did I just get a little bit starstruck?

Yes I did, and that is a bit silly. But hey, I'm a bit silly. But so is my brand new guild "Single abstract noun"
and lots of posts have allready been written about this guild.
lots and lots and lots and lots. And all of them better than mine (screw dem holes).

If you have only been reading my blog (hi mom) you may be a little confused about what Single Abstract Noun, is. It is a new guild on Argent Dawn EU (and some american sisterserver too) where bloggers and blog readers, are all invited to join in mutual back-padding and selfpromoting cheering of how great players bloggers really are.

... That sounded harsh. But it is true. If you care enough about WoW to be reading blogs about it, you are mature and reflective enough in game to beat the wast majority of gamers, who turn on wow to turn their brains of and look at the big numbers they can produce or belittle other people.
(there do exist two bloggers that I can think of that are the exception to this rule. One is green and only blog to stroke his own ego by proving that he is not a social by playing a social game and running a social guild. And the other doesnt even blog about wow, but blogs to get people to play darkfall)
Anyway. So the IT-crowd (not to be confused with the IT-crowd) have now joined up in one guild. Single Abstract Noun. And in this community within the community we can cheer for ourselves and eachoher, for not only are we gamers. We are gamers that are bloggers (or read blogs). It is like the people who like punk-music have gathered in a sub-forum for punks who like Bad brains only.
Sure we all like punk, but we like punk even more than the fakers who claim to like punk, but only like sh*t like blink and Sex Pistols (damn wannabees).
And it's weird that I can get all sorts of pantytwisty over this. Because I had one of the best couple of WoW-hours in a long time in this guild.
I got to talk to a bunch of people I don't see very often (hello Kurnak and Calli) anymore. And some of my favorite bloggers as well.
These are people that either think like I do (and usually writes better) or people whom I very much look up to, bloggingwise. And they where all there. Tam, Tobold, Larisa and Tessy. To name a few.

and don't get me wrong. I had a fantastic time there. Chatting and reading and leveling. Oh leveling.

I rerolled a DK again, to test out some new things. Frost to be specific. And also trying to remember how leveling and Dk was like these days.
Plus, I got alts on everything else that needs leveling or gear or stuff back on Hellscream. So I knew that if I rolled a mage, I'd end up going back to Hellscream to level my mage there. So I took a Dk to make sure i'd return there. And I will return. It was such a pleasurable experience. And everyone was so nice.

but I was taken back to my highschool years, only in a bit of reverse or bizarro world. Because suddenly all the cool wow-people was there in this one guild. And there was a vibe of entitlement. If I was to abuse some quotes from Calli
We ran Ragefire Chasm and Shadowfang Keep with guild groups, mostly well under the level requirements, so low that we couldn’t use the summoning stones and had to, you know…  walk to the dungeon entrances.  Uphill both ways in the snow etc.  Funnily enough, despite Shadowfang Keep in particular being one of the more bastard-hard of the low level instances, not a single guild group failed to clear.  Of course we all have level 80 mains on our “home” servers and as bloggers tend to have an active interest in “how shit works” so it shouldn’t really be surprising.
 And suddenly I'm bashing my own guildie for being an elitist prick. That is really not what I'm trying to do here (although it sure looks like it, doesn't it?). What I meant was, that there is this very nice feeling in the guild that we all know what we are doing (because we all know what we are doing), but it stems not from experience or knowledge. I've never raided with anyone in SAN (apart from Kur and Calli), so I could in no way know that Chas is a greatly skilled player.
But I do know it. Because he blogs about it. scratch that, I know because he blogs. Period.
And that is a very very weird way to start an guild experience. By knowing that everyone knows what the hell they are doing. And they know it really really well. Only you believe that they know, because you don't know. You know?
And i'm back in highschool bizarro world. Where im in the hipster crowd. And we all know that we are all cool, because we all know that we are cool.

I dunno, It just freaks me out.
 A bit. Maybe its because *I* don't have to prove that I know how to play. Because they all know that I know. Its this weird moonie-like experience where WoW-cocks are hidden away. Like real gangsters never show their guns, because they don't have to. Only the drugged up wannabe-gangsters always show their pieces everywhere. And I've never had to, because I was comfortable that when I was on my Dk i knew my Sh*t.
And all of a sudden, there are these new people and they don't know me, but they know I know my sh*t. for no other reason than the fact that I am in this guild.
Im going around in circles here, I know. Let me just finish this by saying that when I logged on on sunday afternoon after just having killed the Lich king (again) in 10 man. I was afraid to talk about it. Because i didn't want to sound like I was bringing my wow-cock out in the open.
I dunno maybe that is what I wanted to do. To brag. To say "hey losers look at me, I rule". But it didn't feel like that. It felt like "whoooo I feel great, just had an amazing raid and we managed to do this and this". But I was afraid to break that taboo or me sawinging my big fluffy pink ego around. Because real cool people don't need to know that. We allready think you are cool. And by saying you did something you thought was cool, makes you uncool. you know. Bizarro

Remember the first LAW of Dwisms: http://dwarfdk.blogspot.com/2010/02/dwism-1.html