onsdag den 24. februar 2010

Things I wised I'd done before my computer crashed

Ah Saturday. I remember Saturday.
Saturday was one of the highlights for me in my WoW career. I became a Kingslayer (not to be mistaken by a kings layer btw).
But it was also one of those days where I (unjustly) cursed Blizz to the deppest darkest corners of Dantes Hell.

You see, after having strutted around in Dal with my new title for an amount of time that can only be discribed as "tasteless", I decided that it was time to celebrate by joining the StarCraft 2 beta (which my trip to Blizzards worldwide invitational has provided me). I upgraded my account, I downloaded the game file. I booted up the game, I chose Dwism as my callsig and was about to choose my second name when my screen turned... weird.

Then in a brief second my computer made this "chrrrroollll" sound and it shut down.


I booted the computer again and it seemed that by doing weird and unhealthy things to it, i got it working.
That was untill the following morning, when I - before raid- decided to do my dailies, grind some flasks and prepare for our alt run.
Ill save you the play by play, and just say that much cursing was involved, plenty of things may or may not have gotten hurled through my room. But in the end there was nothing to do. It was deadded. I knew from a while back that it was old and bruised. It had done something similar in January so I knew that my time left on this planet with my beloved pc was short. I did not know just how short.

Well, I've ordered a new one. My bank loves me. Just whenever I seem to get in the blacks, something like this always pops up (okay that one time it may have been me seeing my statement in "plusses" and running out getting an Xbox), that draws me back into the reds.

Getting to the point
Oh how I wised I'd: logged my leveling rogue out in an inn instead of thinking that the two hours out before I returned would not gain any significant rested XP -before my computer crashed
Oh how I wised I'd: Used my Alch cooldown to create one more red gem to cut -before my computer
Oh how I wised I'd: Cut my stack of gems and send to my AH'ing alt -before my computer crashedcrashed
Oh how I wised I'd: Put up my Auctions on my alt -before my computer crashed
Oh how I wised I'd: Stayed online in Dal showing off my new title a little longer -before my computer crashed
Oh how I wised I'd: Found a backup raider for our raid to be ready -before my computer crashed

Oh well, next week my new pc will come. Until then, don't leave all those tasks up till later, you will never know when you will be able to log back in.

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  1. I would recommend some anger management if you truly through and cursed that much over not being able to log onto a game......

    I could understand the anger of said computer, but really, throwing a fit like a four year old because you cannot log on.....

    Oh well, hey at least you have a snazzy title!

  2. Yes. Me cursing at my pc for breaking down, surely will need anger management.

    Let me reveal a secret to you: "things may or may not have been hurled through the room" that means that no things where hurled through the room.
    I like to call that sort of writing "dramatic effect".
    I realize that things like dramatic effect, might be too shallow for a guy who uses gems like "Hallefuckinlua". But that is how I write.

    And speaking of projection, I know it may be difficult to understand, but me whinging about my computer being broken, is not the same as me throwing a hissyfit like a 4 year old, because I cannot log into a game.

    I mean, that would be like if I said that I would physically hurt bloggers who wrote about fail pugs. (or bitch slap them). OH SNAP, that was you. Talk about needing anger management, eh?

  3. I Cry when my computer crashes. Like a 2 year old. I cry heartily. Unfair! I admit it. Emo management didn't help.

  4. Computer problems are like tooth ache. Quite unbearable. So /comfort.
    However you seem to recover pretty quickly from it. Hopefully your new machine will bring awesomeness to the game. Grats about that!

  5. Well I was bitter, it is not a small expense to suddenly have to cover honestly. However! Like all boys, I'm just giddy over the fact that I'm getting a new toy :)