søndag den 21. februar 2010

Oh wait, yes I am

Somebody once wrote a long post about blogging etiquette and how you should not post about what bosses you killed, because it didn't make for very interesting reading, and nobody cared very much about stuff like that.

I could not be bothered to go back and try and find out who.

You see I AM a Kingslayer now, and we don't bother with little details like that!
Don't I look pretty? (the others in the back helped too)

The way we ended up succeeding, was with an sort of alternative strategy in p3
Mah big Belly stops them!

And even though he looked awfully mighty as we came in 


He soon kneeled over

(Action packed!!)

And there was much joy.

Back in the day
What a long strange trip it has been. (yes old Screens incomming)
My very first SS
Mah Twin
Some emo dude, and my peanut
Before the emo dude, there was MC
If you can't read the text on the left side, this is just a screen from Kara
(ehm moving on)
Look, it's Calli.. Don't read the whispers...

The Day I was Born

So tell me, Pappa, why am I calling you Pappa?

You see son, I gave birth to you, I took you from the cold ground, and raised you as my own to one day, become like me.

But I'll never be like you. I remember my Dwarven ancestry, also the people I'm hanging out with says that you are really bad.... and drop epic loot.

Don't listen to them, they just remember the lore. Just ask Blizzard, its not really my fault, I am really a very good guy. I am an innocent victim. There has to be a Lich King. And one day, that will be you will be that King. Come sit here on my lap and let me explain it to you....
"I see", I said, "Jealousy" I said," Has got the whole world mad at you" I said.

And so it was, that one day, Redux and his kin took on his Pappa. They had managed to corrupt both Bolvar and The former king
And the Masquarade began. The warriors danced their little dance, the Lich King fell. After his companions had left, the tiny dorf Climbed on top of his fathers throne, and took his place. 
His ruling would remain a secret, until he was ready. Until his new army was ready. Bolvar would be his first in command, and Jingles would be his right hand. 
The salt mines where waiting for them all. And the new Lich King had a list of names of whom would get 2 servings of gruel per day. 

7 kommentarer:

  1. Gratz!
    Looks you'll need to do some changes in the furniture... that throne looks too big for you :D

  2. Big grats!
    I'm not much of a title player, but that one is really a nice one to carry, especially at this point in the game.

  3. @Kur: When was the last time you where in Ironforge? I think that chair might just be a tad too small for a dwarf like me!
    @Lar: yes you are! I know gnomes, and you are no different. You can't trust small people!! (or overly high people like humans and elves) You are waiting for the first chance you get to come into my throne-room and steal my title. I know it!!
    I may act and sound like Arthas, but know that it is your favorite Dorf-DK you are spamming frostbolts onto!! ;)

  4. You can see my Willy in that pic!

  5. Well, I wasn't going to say anything. But yes, yes you can ^^

  6. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! Post wasn't boring at all - I celebrate your success with much waving of tankards, a benefits a dwarf :)

    Also, you like, totally solo-ed him, lol... who are those losers in the background?

  7. who the people in the back-ground was? You can't solo stuff without having spectators. lol.

    And thanks :)