mandag den 1. februar 2010

Let's go down to the lobby, and get ourselves a treat

People of earth (if you don't get that one, know that i'm with Coco)

There will be a short intermission before this blog continues. As a matter of fact, this blog will NOT continue.
Its over. Im done. Screw you Hippies!!!

(but be sure to check back when i announce something truly amazing.)

"something truly amazing" would ofc not mean something as silly and stupid as me stopping to blog in order to create a brand new website, where I am in way more control over how I want things to look. I would never ever try and sell something as little as that as "something truly amazing". I would never ever ever ever do that. 
[this part may be editted out when I announce the "truly amazing" part - that is not quite ready yet).

Hang in there fans!! 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Having a bearded baby dwarf in 9 months?

  2. Now you're making me curious!

  3. no.

    Allow me to elaborate: noooooooo, and stop sounding like my mum! ;) What is it with people and babies. So what if i've been married for 6 months, that doesn't mean I should be diaper shopping. Should it?

    This is an entirely different subject but:
    I think that when it comes to stuff liek marriage, people all of a sudden turn old faschioned. Same with christmas.
    "I want it traditionally" or "I want it to be like when my x-parents got married". And 50 years ago, whenever people got amrried, it meant they where legally allowed to f@*k, and so they did. And then babies came.
    In short, no babies :)

    But a nice guess though

  4. @lar:
    Lets get the hype into overdrive before I announce anything. There is no pleasure like the pleasure of expectience