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Klepsacovic likes accessibility

This is a long ranting reply to the blank statement at the end of this very fine post from The very overpowered Troll-shaman
Just for fun, I'm going to end this with a question and blanket statement which ignores individual differences or other perspectives. WoW is split between those who benefit from accessibility and get a much greater value from their $15 than before, and those who whine that noobs get to play the same game as them. Which are you?
Neither. But thank you for asking.

Allow me to elaborate,
I've cleared my way through everything in vanilla (except the last half of naxx - and I was never along for the C'thun kills). In BC I cleared every boss out (admittedly the last two bosses in Sunwell was after the HP nerf). And in Wrath I've done all dungeons and most hardmodes (in 10s). I am not what you would call a hardcore raider, but I was a very dedicated raider and still am, only on slightly lesser time.
I've seen a lot of posts from people who have done less content than me, complain about how unfair it is, that 1-button spam morons and riff raff from all sorts of walks of life get to see the same content as they do. 'They' being all the talented supercool-part-people-who-bid-you-super-cool-adieu (God, that series was amazing at its hight).
Ehm, watching that clip I forgot where I was going with this.
Right noobs.

On the other hand I also see posts from people like this:  Which is basically saying: "I have a *real* life and I'm way better than the people who wants to be number one, and spend time in this game. How come they get better gear than me?".

And let me say: Both of these types of people are idiots. Bit guzzling ranting morons. I don't know how a ranting moron can be guzzling too, that is totally besides the point.

The reason *why* both are idiots, is because all they care about is "why am I not given any special status over everybody else who plays this game in the way they chose to?".

Players should be allowed to see all content in the pace they have chosen. And yes, chosen to work and have kids is a choice. Just like chosing a job where you can flex hours so you can raid new content (Like Ensidia does) is also a choice.
Where the problems is (or rather what the solutions should be) that Blizzard knows that people are drooling morons.
You are. I am.
When there is new content we want to experience it "now"!!!. Just like Klep said (can I call you Klep?)
After 3.0 I also killed a handful in BT, which doesn't count in my book
It doesn't count in anyones book. People do not want to clear last months content, just to see how it looks. They want to clear this seasons hardmodes, like all the cool people do. Only, you are not a good enough player to do that.

Sorry, but you are not. Fekk, I am not. It's not like it's a big secret, that me having a job, is the *only* reason I am not Ensidias maindwarf-tank. (They would roll alliance for me). It's not like, if I decided to dedicate my time to raid hard content, Paragon would all start speaking English or Learn danish just to have me on board.

I know we all like to think it is so, but it is not.

Where am I getting with this? Im getting here - Blizzard knows that us morons wants to *pretend* our sh*t don't stink. I mean, there must be a reason why the office-cubicle-mmo was not a huge sucess, but the "play and orc, elf or a Big Cow"- mmo is.
This is a game for people who likes to pretend. And in this aspect, we like to pretend that we are just as good as STARS.

What would you do as a designer to make sure that people aren't feeling left behind? Would you make sure that everyone would know how to play, or just make content easier, and make a gating system, so that everyone could catch up?
They took door number two there. Its the easiest door. It may just be the only door. So that is what they chose. They chose to pamper to the casual morons that overwhelm this game. And any game. They made sure that for 6 weeks I was just as far into ICC as any other guild in the world. I cleared out all the content (apart from that one guy) So I felt cool.

To get back to Kleps original question: which one am I? I am neither. I think that people who are good at a game should be rewarded higher than those who *think* that time is the only boundary between them and the top 10. i also think that all players should be given access to the coolest parts of this game. And dungeons are the coolest part. I think that the Emblem system is helping with that.
But I think that the forced easy modes in ICC did not.
Why not have a 3 step ladder: one for the hardcore, so we have something to strive towards. One for the semi-great raiders, and one for the "time-pressed" raiders.
For the hardcores: Here you go, hard-mode straight of the bat, if you want to start there.
For the semi: Here you go, normal mode
For the "time-pressed": here you go, have a buff.

Hardmode loot is better, than semi-great loot, which is better than the "time-pressed" options loot. Both in looks and in stats. You should be able to look at a guy and go "Ooooh, that is a cool hat he is wearing, I better keep on playing this game, because I want to look like that".
I know it won't happen, because it would break the fantasy, that we are all great players with great talent. Maybe its just me, but I don't mind someone else getting better gear than me, if they cleared harder content. Just like I don't mind my classmates at school getting better grades because they did their homework. But sadly too many people cannot live with the choices they make.
So they keep hitting auto-save in games about living with your choices (hello there Dragons age). And they will stop playing a game, if it makes it clear to them, that they are not unique little snow-flakes, or their mothers favorite. (yes, I did pull the "fight club" card)

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  1. A person Whining about World of Warcraft being not hard enough for his leetness is like AGREEING to a game of "Go Fish" and whining because 1. he is bored or 2. There is no player good enough to challenge him. The peeps that sit with him to play are probably tired of hearing how "dumb" the game is, and how much this can be improved. "Why don't the developers make these cards harder to hold or something?"

    So, don't play. Or find a game that meets your criteria.

  2. What? Was this meant for someone else? I'm not really sure I understand how this applies to what i was ranting on.
    If you are refering to my comment at Klep's original post, I was mocking him for forcing us to chose between two extreme points of views.

    I thought i made it perfectly clear that i do not have a problem with the games difficulty. I *do* however have a problem with the fact that Blizz forces us through easy mode, just so lazy or dumb or busy players can pretend to be as good raiders as the worlds elite.

  3. I have to disagree with "last month's content", since being months behind really isn't so bad. When I was in my best guild ever we started out in Karazhan, probably a year into BC, so clearly not way up there. But since we weren't overgeared by trivial badge loot, it was still a fun challenge, even if delayed. The BT thing to me was about us having radically new talents which made us far more powerful than even a higher tier of gear would have given. Well that and they nerfed it.

  4. @ Dwism - Sorry mate. I mis-understood and the comment wasn't really directed at you it was meant to be very general. /bow /grimace

    I need more sleep as I've been trying to keeps up with the "leetz" . . . /lol

  5. @allright fair enough. I knew I was stretching your comment over something that you probably didn't mean, but it just fitted so well, that I couldnt be bothered to find someone who was moaning about doing Ulduar when ICC had hit.
    @cantique: no harm, no foul, you just confused me a bit :)

  6. @Dwism: I understand perfectly. Words are so much more fun when you don't use them as intended! :)