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Kingslayer, I am not



But it sure as fekk was not due to lack of trying.
Last week (when the limited attempts where still in effect) we reached him with... I can't remember anymore, 7 attempts left, maybe.
Enough to get a feeling of the fight, but hardly anywhere near to make a dint in his Fugly helmet.
This week, was going to be different. This week, the little Dwarf, that was brutally slain, and raised as a mindless Death Knight, only to regain his mind and control, to combat the man who did it to him. It was time to get my revenge. And it was long long overdue.
We reached him on saturday, but decided to take an early rest. (for newcommers: I raid 10 manns on saturday and sunday mornings/afternoons)
So we would be well psycked and pumped and preparred to kill the big bad bugger.

Ah Sunday. Sunday was a day where the sun shinned from a cloud-free sky. Where the earliest of spring birds sang their first songs this year. And my 3 year old niece finally learned to pronounce my name properly. - Or so I was told.
Sunday for me consisted of hearing the sentence:
 Hope wanes!
Over and over and friking over.
Let me save you a google, thats the words you hear when you wipe. Also, some pure frikking genious at Blizz decided that the figth needed to be epic! (nothing wrong with that part), so he added a 1 minute long intro, that starts at every pull on him.

But hey!
Its not like players will tire of it, they only get 20 attempts on all the bosses, so that would leave them hearing that, what, 10 times a week, maybe? No problem.
Only. Ehm....
They then removed the attempts for those *casuals* that couldn't kill him the first week he was up.

---Editors note---
As I've understood it -according to the forum posts- the new instance is too easy, because the world top guilds managed to *reach* him in hardmode on the first week. That must must must mean what we are a scrub nab guild for not having even downed him yet. FU forum trolls, go play the game instead of whinging over it.

What that means is, that I got to spend 50 million times listening to him being *ironic* as only an entire country of people, who do not know what Irony means, can be. Strike that, Continent, right Canadian Ironic singer Alanis morisette? All my gold to anyone who can find one ironic thing, in her song "ironic"
The Lich King yells: So...the Light's vaunted justice has finally arrived. Shall I lay down Frostmourne and throw myself at your mercy, Fordring?
Uuuh sassy.

Damn I lost track again.
Throughout this Sunday of attempts. I was happy. For the first time since Naxx 40 manned in Vanilla, I was happy playing the game. Apart from the question of what the hell have I been doing playing the game ever since, if it doesn't give me the same high [foodnote1], it also rose the question: what the hell have Blizzard done to not be able to keep up with the way players play?
Fekk it, at least they hit the hammer on the nail with this guy. Boy is it a great fight. Its just...well.. too good.
I'm getting ahead of myself now. We got the first two phases *Down*, i mean we owned them at the end of it.
We where so cool, we could do it blindfolded on one leg while kicking around a guy in a wheelchair. It wasn't easy, but after a long day of raiding we got that part pegged. It felt good. Considering the fact that the figth consists of 3 phases, and the hardest phase was now over, it felt really really good. So good, that we extended the raid for another hour, to get that golden attempt that would nail it all.
Sadly it did not come.
So we where left with the option of: extending the raid next week to get him over and done with and getting to the promised land of hard-modes. Or ending it there and starting from fresh next week.

We chose door number 3. Adding an extra raid night. So last night (tuesday) the battlehardned heroes returned to the frozen throne..... (to be continued)

So the other day, I was stumbling around the interweb, and I heard some orc linking to a site that lets you see ya own face in an armory, with ideas on where to improve gear. Naturally I looked up my own dwarven self, only to find out, that the damned armory was bugged. The blasted thing kept telling me that my legs where not enchanted. Stupid computers, I thought to myself. Then I looked at my wardrobe when i awoke. And whadda-ya know. 
Ehm, I must have been drunk when i bought those, because my legs where not patched up with the leather. And leather inside plate-mail, sure makes for more comfort. I don't mind beeing hit in the head as much, and I can move way more flexible. Having run around two weeks without this leather, and *not noticing* should mean that the thought of little dwarven deathknights running around, anytime soon, would surely be a dream only. Oh well, not like there are any dwarven women around anyway. 

(cont.) on tuesday evening. We felt frikking ready (me more than the rest because my pants where comfortable). Only... Well the troubles do never end. We where missing a kitty (That is "Alamo" -go read his guides). So we waited. And various kitty hate slogans was invented.
I drew the winning "obscure reference" -card, when I pulled this gem out of my sleeves: "ill kill that cat, ms sophie [drinks the flower-pot]. 10 gold to whoever rolls a toon on Hellscream with the name of where its from!!. (or forum love to anyone who posts the answer in the comment section).

Anyway, after an hour of grumbling and looking for unlocked candidates, we found a hunter, and not just any hunter, our groups very own hunter, who was on holiday on the weekend attempts. So with high spirits we went in. Fully expecting to get a new title.

As the title of the post might suggest, it would not turn out that way. And the worst part is, no, the *best* part is, that it was not anyones fault. the transistion from phase 2 to phase 3 just never got so much under control that we could get more than three attempts at learning the tricks of phase 3.
And it is super extra annoying that phase 3 holds one of those elements that a random player gets, and that you sort of have to have tried in order to succeed. (no spoilers, but it has something to do with frostmourne).

In the end, after so many attempts on the same boss. I can't say anything other than: I can't wait till we go again.
 Although the first two phases have now started to feel more than a quick-time event, than a fight (go to that point click theese abilities, go there, blow cooldowns, taunt this, stand there, yell at the paladin, pick up adds, dream of chocolate and a very special toast, reach learning part... then wipe.)
 But it is usually like that with every great long fight. So it is hard to complain. But i'll give it a go: in a fight that lasts well over 15 minutes, it is a pretty dammned shitty thing to add a mechanic that consists of three options: wipe the raid, have tried it before and now know what to do, or watch youtube strats about that one special thing that you will have to pull of at random in order to not wipe the raid. If it had been a special buff, that would be fine. If failing would mean that the remainder would be harder, that is fine too, but an event that demands you have experience at it prior or you will wipe the group, should not be 15 minutes into a fight.

That is just plain evul. Yes it is.

Apart from that, I can't wait for next weekend!

To understand why an addict like me kept playing a game like wow looking for that original high again, one only needs to ask a meth addict why he keeps taking drugs even though he will never ever ever ever reach the feelings of that fight high again - or see an earlier post of mine "chasing the dragon"

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  1. Wow. Sounds like an awesome fight!

    But I guess I'll get there at some point too... Especially if Cataclysm will wait until the autumn...

    Tbh I'm starting to get pretty bored with the enterence wing. It's great that you can do the other wings in whatever order you like, why make the entrance mandatory? The naxx design was better imo.

  2. You'll get there very soon I am sure. Remember, I am rolling with 9- 25 manned geared people, so we have an edge over the 10 manned tuned mobs. If you raid regularly in 10 manned too, i'll betcha that you would be there inside frostmourne too!
    But its great fun. Look forward to it :)

  3. Yeah. My problem is that my time for raiding 10 man is very limited. And our supply for healers and tanks who want to raid 10 mans are as well... so a huge dps surplus on the occasions I can make... and I never can make the second night so. Oh well. Been pugging it a bit, just for the badges. 8 badges for bottom is... well 8 badges. Still. I want to see something else now. Craving for it.

  4. I know this won't help but; the latter part of Icecrown def. holds all the best fights. All of the end-bosses of each section are tight as hell, and fun. They really have put out all the stops for this.
    I wonder if ICC will be great enough for people to look back at raiding in Wrath and say: "Oh yea raiding in wrath was fantastic!!" And forget about... well pretty much everything up until that. (yes that includes Ulduar.)

  5. The quote is from an old black-and-white short TV sketch called "Dinner for One". The actor is called Freddie Frinton who plays the butler. It's on TV every new years eve night in Germany since the mid 1960s.

  6. We have a winner!! It plays on Danish tv every new-years too :)
    (in english though, dunno bout germany).

    It is going to be very hard to give forum love to an anonymous commentator but ill try!! :)

  7. Wow, go you! Considering we can't even get there, it better be a damn good fight ;)

    Hopes wanes ... isn't it ironic, dontcha think?