torsdag den 4. februar 2010

Killing the Lich king

While I am ploughing my way through the CMS jungle (look at me with the lingo!!) trying to figure out my next step, something else happened, and it happened in wow.
The final part of Icecrown Citadel was released. And A certain someone got killed world first.

Two things are horrible about this. no wait 3.
1. I wasn't one of them who got to kill him (yet)
2. There is a video out allready
3. The final cutscene has been hacked

If we look at why these things are horrible, i think that the first one is a given. The 2 others are related: You see, i am one of those weird raiders, who likes to discover things for themselves. I really don't want a how-to guide explaining to me, what I should do and when.
I love nothing more than wiping and learning a fight.
"Wait, you LIKE wiping?? wtf is wrong with you?" Okay, let me elaborate then. I hate wiping, but i love wiping and learning a fight. There is no greater fun (some might call i a barrel of monkeys... but those guys who do that are weird Brits who think that "whinge" and "whine" is the same thing!! - Freaks).
Where was I? I like raiding. I do not like "following the 12 steps to loot".
So it bothers me, that 5 days before the encounter is released, the ending is revealed and spoiled. And it bothers me even more, that within 12 hours of killing Arthas, the "how-to-kill-him" video is out there.

I should just not watch them right?
Well, the ending movie, I have not seen. But thanks to my guildies (they are so nice) -after I had explained that the end should not be spoiled for those of us who likes to earn the right to see those kinds of vids - I now know that Hogger will be the new Lich king and that Arthas was Thralls evil twin. THANKS A BUNCH GUYS, YOU SUCK!
(sorry if I spoiled it for anyone else, but if I have to suffer, so do you!)
But apart from these things being spoiled, I have not seen or heard anything about that. And I like it that way.

The strategy to the fight, is another matter entirely. You see, not only do I like raiding (monkeys... not so much), but to me, raiding isn't all that much fun unless you like the people i raid with. And I like my guild. Furthermore there are only 3 sorts of guilds that raid blindly:
a) Progression high end guilds - top 50 in the world
b) fucktards who think that 0/0/71 is a great tanking/healing/massive pew specc.
c) guilds who may not be cutting edge, but who has chosen to learn the fights by themselves

the last types of guilds are also known as the DoDo guilds, because they are approximately just as rare (and recruitment for one is even more rare), the second type of guilds would demand that I gave myself a home lobotomy, and i've not yet quite reach the state where I am preparred to do that. And the first would demand a couple of things: I win the lottery, I quit my job, I get divorced and get zero lat on my pc... oh and a truckload of extra skill, im sure) of those things only the latency, the lottery and the skill part, are things I even want to happen. Also I highly doubt that cutting edge guilds really go in blindly.

So I am "stuck". And honestly, I could do a lot worse. i like being stuck here, I really feel at home in my guild, and me liking to try things untried, really isn't strong enough for me to risk a new guild. So here I stay, content...enough.
But don't you dare spoil anymore of the ending to me!

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  1. And it bugs me a LOT that the current last boss in the game has only lasted half day before he's got killed. There he goes the dreaded Lich King who has made star appearances over the whole game again and again, promising an epic fight once you gather enough power to face him... and only some hours after he opens the door to his chamber he gets flatlined. So much bragging for nothing. Hooray for the fight designers!

  2. My short answer is this: why did they decide to have easy mode first? And not have the option of hardmode??
    at least then the fight would have been hard for those that chose hm

  3. A fight like this shouldn't be so easy even in normal mode 10/25 man, no matter if you're completely covered in t10+ gear. It's ridiculous to hold a boss for several weeks, promising a good fight and then seeing it being facerolled. Even the fight had great design flaws (see Ensidia using the saronite bombs). I want games to be challinging but not impossible, not for me only, but for top guilds too. The 99% of the guilds won't kill him on the very first day, they will need progression, but so should get hat 1%. An endgame boss killed in less than a day shows a very bad design in the fight mechanics or the encounter stats.