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It aint easy being a hunter

Leveling my rogue (obviously before my computer chrashed) I was reminded of an old'ish post by the always brilliantly overpowered Troll shaman
The easier it is to level a class, the worse they will end up. Take hunters for example. Ignore all the crap about noobs being attracted to the cute pets or pretending to be Legolas. Overall I doubt the average hunter is significantly stupider than the other classes, or at least not enough to account for impressions of them. The problem is that hunters are absurdly easy to level and offer little challenge to the player, so they never learn. It isn't that the player is stupid, it's that he's uneducated.
 When leveling a rogue (at least soloing), you learn all the tricks of the class. You have to, or you will be spending all your time eating. Rogues are slow soloers. They might -in fact- be the hardest class to solo-level today.
back when I first leveled a rogue they where one of the easiest. Back then being able to do damage was enough to be an "lol-solo-class".

What im getting at, (when doing dailies on my hunter) is that players playing hunters are in fact *punished* for playing their class well. Or at least playing their class in the most damage-dealing way possible (which for pve purposes is what they should). If a hunter even tries to push his rotation anywhere other than autoshot with a sting and maybe a single steady shot, his pet will loose aggro and the mobs will turn to him.

I'm sure that some hunters will and can explain to me how you to use MD and fade and other nifty tricks in order to maximise your output w/o getting aggro.
But that really doesn't change the fact that soloing as a hunter is either very easy (and you won't learn adamned thing) or very very hard (for very little damage per minute gain).

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  1. The fact that hunters don't get MD until level 70 is, I think, a big contributing factor. Ok, they get Feign Death at 30, but MD could really do with being given to them at a lower level so they can learn to use it when doing the likes of Zul'Farrak.

    Another problem is hunters leaving Growl on in instances. I can't blame them a lot of the time because the game does not tell you how to turn it off auto-cast - you have to work it out for yourself, and it's not immediately obvious. Some kind of popup hint when you get your first pet, saying "Right-click these abilities to prevent your pet from using them automatically." perhaps.

  2. Are you sure is not a skills choice problem? My hunter, back int he days, leveled as Marksmanship and I had also problems with aggro. back then there wasn't even Steady Shot. Then I switched to Beastmaster and all the aggro-holding problems were gone. No more holding my fire, no more FD... Pet was much better at keeping aggro and once they changed the pet skills and made them tree-like it's even better, since you can invest better the skillpoints in aggro-generating/damage-dealing skills, ensuring you won't be stealing the aggro from your pet.
    Anyway, this was long time ago. I have a level12 hunter in another server I rarely play, maybe I should pay her a visit and see it at low levels the aggro holdign is still a problem.

  3. @Zobu, very good points, and I wholeheartedly agree on both points.
    @kur: I leveled as BM in both TBC and Wrath, and with all talents into tanking. And it can't hold aggro unless I autoshoot.

  4. A bit like being a DK really ;) Actually, that's not a dig... it's just, as a newly minted DK, you can barrel through the starting area and, in fact, to 80, by playing your class like a foob (that's a fool and a noob, btw) - with no particular pressure to figure out how to optimise what you have.

    It's a weird paradox isn't it? I mean it's not like I think the game should be really hard, forcing you to play like a prince in order to harvest three boar ears BUT when you don't actually have to learn your class at all to progress you have issues ahead of you in the future.

  5. I wasn't going to mention it (because honestly im kind of fed up having to defend my class all the frikking time), but you are absolutely right, people can blast through leveling as a Dk without learning any of the finesse of the class.

    Foob. I like that word.

    I think the important bit about hunters (that differs them from dks) is that their abilities to solo are dimished if they play like they would in a group or raid situation, where DK dps speccs are still rewarded for nuking at a maximum pase.

  6. As a hunter myself I find that using my pet at higher levels of gear is entirely optional. Once I attained t7.5/t8 gear level I pretty much nuked mobs down before they reached me, unless I got unlucky with crits. Getting better gear has only made this tactic better. It only works as marksmanship or survival though, as those specs have better burst once they get their 51-pointers. With proper gear a triple-crit explosive shot is enough to kill a mob.

    While levelling this is a problem though, as only beast master pets seem to be able to hold proper aggro, and only if it's a tenacity pet. Levelling gear never becomes good enough to just nuke mobs down.

  7. On the topic of the DK...

    I created and deleted no less than 4 DKs since WotLK launch. The highest got to level 63.

    Why did I delete them? Because they were boring! I could use two skills and my target would die. Or I could get a BUNCH of enemies... use 3 or 4 skills... and they would all die.

    I started another DK last week. I got him through the starting zone and thought "hmmm... lets try a DK in a group". So I queue'd up as Tank / DPS.

    And whatayaknow? DKs are a blast when they can actually use all their abilities! Now instead of just mowing over my enemies, I have time to go through a full rotation of skills, waiting for Runes to refresh, actually watching for cooldowns. SO much better.

    He's 71 now, thanks to the instant-queue available to tanks.

    He's also a Dwarf, which is how I found this blog. :)

  8. Have fun with him Dorgol, they are a blast! - I sometimes forget that :)
    Don't forget to remember that all 3 speccs are very unique and fun. gotta try them all