fredag den 12. februar 2010

(internet privacy) I'm going to do something horrible

I've complained, about those changes to the armory that lets you stalk players, before.

This time I've found a way that to drive my point home. Only, I'm really feeling bad about what I am going to do. And I'm having doubts as to whether or not I should even post it.
It is no secret that outside of this blog, and WoW, i am a librarian. And as one I know a few tricks about information seeking.
Just like anything else, it is an ability that can be used for good and (like it will in my next post) it can be used for evil.
(this part is to be read as if an eastern european magician is speaking) And using only public information, I have found these things. There is no secret databases used.

What inspired this post, was me crossing a boundry I did not knew I had. Contemplating rerolling to an RP server (for the billionth time), but knowing it would fail, because I had noone to talk to. "but wait" A voice inside my head said "You are a very close and personal friends with Tam from Righteous orbs - he even comments on your blog once in a while. AND *aaaaand* he even once -very politly- answered and email you sent him. He is like family!!"
So ofc I went to business. And in 5 minutes I was typing in an app at his guilds website.
Dear GM, healbot, tinker, sailor, forum admin and tailor of Tams guild. I see that you are recruiting Druids...
I didn't post it, I was just proving a point.

And for my next trick I won't even stop at that. I'll be stalking someone who didn't even decide to post anything about himself on the net. All thanks to Blizzard, the kings of stalking.

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  1. To be fair, I do post my server and my character's name in a public place precisely so that people from the blogsphere can stalk me...errr...roll disposable toons on AD on say hello. I mean, I think your guild would come and throw rocks at my face if I tried to poach you (so I won't) and I don't think my guild would be very happy if I tried to stage a blogger-coup.

    I do, however, see what you're staying about Internet privacy - and I hate stalkbook and tweeter and all this bullshit. Why are people interested in the minutiae of people's lives...oh wait they're not.

    Should I uncover your server and roll a little dorf of my own, and send him along to say hi? (Temporary stalking ;) )

  2. I think both me and Calli would like that :)

    This was also mostly a teaser post for the followup. When you blog, I think that you do decide how much you want to reveal (or at least try and make sure you have a boundary) Personally, mine stops at naming guildies and anymore personal info other than my age, and my profession and the fact that I have a former gamer, for a wife.
    (and Im on hellscream-eu)