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High Morals (thank you Armory)

I have a cousin. He plays WoW. He does not play WoW well. He does not speak English (much) and he does not read English (at all), so when he showed me his level 76 warlock (still in outland btw, That part will make sense in a minute) he said to me: "cousin, wanna try a warlock, i need to kill those big one-eyed things there". So i sat down. Summoned a blue-bear (his words) and started dotting the first orge up.
"What are you doing?" He cried.
"you need to cast that one, it has big numbers" As he pointed me to shadowbolt.
"Yes it might," I told him, " but all these little dots adds to a lot of damage combined, it is also what you are specced to do"
"Oh" he said As the first Orgre went down "Thats why its so hard". And I suggested that he might enjoy warriors or mages more, as they where all about big numbers.
He was not the only one on this account. It was owned by his big sisters ex-boyfriend. But my cousin and a couple of friends had gotten the password and took turns leveling toons for the guy. I was pissed on his behalf -since he was a chineese leveling farmer for an older boy, only he was doing it for free. But he loved it, so who am I to judge? So he would keep playing the warlock, and he would love it.
I considered linking to that lock and possibly even report it to Blizz, but that would just ruin the fun for my little Cousin. Besides he ain't playing in my battlegroup. (phew).

But someone who is playing in my battlegroup is this little genious. Remember him?

Let me refresh your memory: Pew pew wrote about him first, and I dug him out later.

Things have been okay for Plader. He has gotten a title. "The patient" and a new axe. His talents and Glyph choices are still piss poor (keep another window open with his profile, we are going to dig really hard into a lot in there next).
Looking at his activity feed (you know the one you cannot turn off), you will notice that Plader has been spending a lot of time in Heroics. How he manages to be allowed to stay till the end, is a mystery to all of us. But there you have it.
He still have an odd mix of tank, pvp and dps gear and trinkets. But it seems he has been spending a bit of time doing actual pvp, there is some achievements in WG. But it seems a long while ago since he ever did some eral pvp. No arena here ofc, but some wsg is in there a few months back. He probably got trolled so hard it scared him off that. Or maybe the dumb twat just forgot how to sign up for battlegrounds.

Today the little moron seems to have forgotten to go to work, as he spent his morning doing seasonal achievements. Wonder if they even have work, in the "special guild".
This guy is a clear cut case of a social (if you can call him that) just waiting to get scammed. Did I say scammed? I meant, get a great offer of the AH from me. It's his own fault if he cannot see that there are only 100 arrows in that pack. LOL. M&S social morons shouldn't be allowed to play with the rest of us. They are counterproductive.
How about we find out where they live and make sure they don't play with the rest....

Hey, come back, where are you going?

At what point did you decide this was not a nice rant? I know when I started feeling sick about this. It was when I planned writing it. More specifically when I wrote the previous post.
I think there is a fine line between telling stories about fail-pugs and the people you meet in game, and looking people up on what  (and EPSECIALLY) when they play and how they play. Legally, I haven't done anything wrong, because Blizz has made it perfectly easy for me to prey on gamers who play for fun, but don't know or don't care to spend hours learning how to play.
My cousin is a prime example. If any of you had grouped with him on his warlock, I am sure that he would have gotten abuse and been kicked (or made it into a failblog post). Is it fair?
I think it is, don't get me wrong, if you decide to go play heroics with other people, you should at least have a clue what you are doing, and if not be preparred to annoy those that do. I would not ever group up with him, and expect to go anywhere or do anything for myself. And don't worry, he won't join heroics anytime soon :)

But what has Plader done? He joined a heroic with a guildie of mine. And I used him as an example since he was out there, and I knew him. But I could have just as easily have found someone who played the game for fun, and didn't care about speccs, talents, gear. But just wanted to get lost in the great world of Azeroth.

Like I did when I first got the game. I have more newbie stories than I care to think about. And I was well into my twenties when I started playing.

i could have picked on Legolass  who is wearing spellpower legs, and is playing horribly in WSG atm. I could even have hooked up to his activity feed and see when he was online. Then I could go online on his realm and mock him. because I'd know when he would be playing.

you have given us little green a**holes greedy go.. Orges a great opportunity to forget that it is other people playing the game, but instead allow us to mock them on every step along the way to learning to master this game. Thank you for letting me stalk any player that has ever bugged me. Thank you for letting me make sure that everyone else can follow anytime they play and everything they do. Short of installing webcams in their houses, so I can watch them play, I dunno what more you can offer in the stalking apartment. This is just frikking super. I love the armory activity feed.

What really scares me, is that there are people out there who actively supports this. They mostly write for
And they won't waste any opportunity to tell you that it is perfectly legal for Blizz to stalk you like this, it is in the Eula (didnt you read that? Then it is your own fault!! LOL) or the ancient of Republican speech of "HEY, I have nothing to hide". Good with some unbiased topics there... - fingers crossed you'll get that beta-invite guys!! go team fanboys!!

Now i've gotten myself derailed. Oh well.

Completly off topic, I want to say sorry and my email adress is nogetsjovt£gmail[dot]com and I live in Denmark and i'm 28

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