onsdag den 3. februar 2010

Failed... And breaking the fourth wall



Google fucking sucks.
Cock bullocks. and Orange wee.

I have failed. Or rather sites.google.com has failed me.
In case you did not know, google owns blogger.com
Google owns a lot of stuff.
One of their (to me) newest features is google.sites.
Its great. It's easy. It's my very own website.
Oh the dreams we shared, my website and me. Oh the posts I wrote. The guides. The forum. The images. the fun.

But alas it was not to be. You see, google. They sucketh.
They do not like me posting or doing anything on my sites.google.com - Or rather, they don't like DW-redux to post on that site. They do like ME posting. Under my real name.
And I do not want to do that. I really really do not want to do that.
At first I tried to be cool with it: "Come on old man, you do not have that many readers, what does it matter?"
But i am not all that great at fooling myself.
It does matter, I do not want my personal life or my work life to be associated with my WoW life. I do not want my wife to be either. And its not like my name is John Doe. There is only one of me, and google wants the world to know everything I do.

I wanted DW-redux to post stuff about wow (or rather my new mmo-name dwism), not the Librarian. I don't think that is an unfair thing to ask for.
But the only help google gave me was: "Hey guy why are you ashamed of what you create" F@#k you, im not, I just want to be able to post under my most famous blogging name. "well guy, then you can just create a new google account and write under that" Yes, i could. BUT i am not allowed to set google accounts up to forward to other google accounts. I am NOT allowed to have two google accounts open at the same time, and that is something i really want to do.

So my dream died. 40 hours of working on it, learning how sites work, thinking about posts, writing posts, making long notes on how i wanted the website hierarchy to be ect ect. Down the frikking drain.

So here i am back at this blog. I feel so very very sad. Anyone know another free and easy to use website I could get into? please?
Gotta admit that a blog seems a little tiny bit restrictive now that i've toiled with a fully fledged website. I had dreams there.
Dreams of different topics order under what they where about. (and a tiny little bit about making Larisas facelifts of the year list.. i am so envious of all the winners ;)

To the very end, i had hoped i'd find a loop-hole. That was why i started with all the teasers. Sorry to dissapoint. If its any comfort, you are not half as dissapointed as i am right now.

In other news: I've effectively missed out on two weeks of raiding, and going on my third now, because of crap stuff colliding with my raid-days. Work mostly, and pc crashing. So my mood is just GREAT.
I've not even seen the blood-wing in 10 manned. And if my group are supercool (and they usually are) ill be missing out on the lich king himself. WOOP.

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  1. Awww. What a shame. I must say that I admire you for even thinking about doing such a thing. I'm way to lazy, cowardish and bad at tech stuff to do such a thing. Hm... Ixo is great at technical stuff. Maybe you could write him a letter and ask for advice?

    But you know what... what REALLY counts when it comes to blogging isn't the looks. It's the content. At least that's my way of seeing it. There are many categories on my list-of-the-year. You definitely have the potential to be nominated for some of the others, even if you would stick to this layout.

    I know it feels bad with all this wasted time, but seeing it from the bright side, you must have learned a lot from it. You'll get over it. And maybe find another solution.

    Now please let me offer you a warming drink... This one is on me.


  2. I'm sure there're lots of services out there that let you set a webpage and post whatever you want. Just use your favourite (or most hated) browser to find some. But still you won't be able to tweak these services to what you really want. I'm sure you'll always miss something. In that case I recommend you to get some cheap hosting site, install the portal/webpage software you like most. Indeed it may require some extra work and knowledge of html, javascript, asp/php/jsp/whatever server side language and SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL/whatever database language. But still you can get decent sites with the standard installation (and there's a lot of documentation out there). Just grab the last available version of Joomla, Drupal, PHP-Nuke (does this one still exist?) and smack google.sites in the mouth. Of course won't be free, but won't be expensive too. Get just a decent space of hardisk, transfer rates and webserver/script/database support for a few euros/bucks. And if needed I may get you a space in a server with PHP and MySQL installed for 5 or 6€ a year (or even free, I think I haven't paid mine in 3 years or so, since the server belongs to some friends who have an association about Linux in the university), just drop the portal software you like and get a fancy DNS name and you'll be able to do whatever you like.

  3. @Lar: i'll get over it. I just really liked the thought of being able to put all the different stuff into neat little boxes. I think its a profession-flaw :)
    The site was not going to be prettier. I don't think it can get much prettier than this. It was all the stuff I could content-wise that got me jazzed up.

    @Kur: I did not understand half of what you wrote mate.
    Well i'm looking through the names you put out there. Hopefully something will stick. If I manage to pull this off, i'll be very proud of myself. As soon as we go beyond using programs, and go behind them, i get very lost very quickly.

  4. And ill be fine. Just venting some frustration.

    If all else fails, ill bring in some tiny dofs to the world and just stop blogging!! :D
    If I can ever get myself to shut up.

  5. Heh, I keep forgetting not everybody is tech-savvy :) What I meant was you can rent a place to put your website. There're companies that offer a basic hosting where you decide whichprogams to install (webserver, database application, etc), while others already offer the webserver (usually Apache), a server language program for dynamic webpages (usually PHP) and database program (usually MySQL) so you only have to install your portal software (Drupal, Joomla, etc) or blog software (Wordpress, Movable Type, etc) and you have total control over how it looks like, the database content, etc. You can publish whatever you want, decide the layout of the webpage, add plugins to enrich the pages, etc. Depending on what you pay you get more or less harddisk space for your content and bandwidth usage (blogs and pages that don't offer downloads don't much much bandwidth, but if your article gets featured in places like Digg, Slashdot, etc, so many people can rush to your site that the webserver gets colapsed since the bandwidth you're paying for can't cope with so many visits).
    This hosting would give you a site like ddk.hostingcompany.com or www.hostingcompany.com/ddk but these names aren't cool, so you'll probably want something like www.ddk.com That's a domain name. Most hosting companies also offer a domain registration for a small fee. You can get cheap domain names from other companies (like GoDaddy.com, it's the one I use and I recommend it) then just make www.ddk.com point to ddk.hostingcompany.com (it's not complicated, trust me)
    Of course all of this needs some coding knowledge, specially if you're going to mess with the portal code. Some database language knowledge is also needed.But most of times you can just do a default installation andmanage things from the portal/blog itself (delete posts, approve users, etc) As commented before, if you want to try this before spending money in some hosting company I can get you a space on a server with Apache+PHP+MySQL.

  6. I'll be looking into it. Thanks Kurnak! At least my spirit is lifted once again :D