mandag den 8. februar 2010

Because that is kindda funny

World 7 of the Lich king 25 manned kill, was Ensidia.
Before their bann ended.
Got alts?

Aint that funny?

If it wasen't for us I doubt the dev team would even have found the bug... We started on LK with 17 attempts left and had 13 on the counter when he died, in the alt raid that is.
 With the danger of turning this into a fan-blog. Ill just say that If they could do this bug-free on alts. There really exists no reson to belive that they couldn't do it on mains too on wedensday.
Tough luck to them. At least it means that they are not a week behind everyone else in the hardmode race.

(where Stars from China seems to be in trouble, since it crashes with their big annual holiday over there.)

I think that Blizzard missed out on a huge opportunity to make WoW into a spectator sport, by trying to make the game into an e-sport.
If they had not (overly)focused on arena, and diminishing the PVE aspect of the game. The contest for world firsts could have given them the greatest spectator sport in e-games.
Dispite Blizzards attempts to ruin (yes forced easymodes and drop dead easy bosses is ruining the competetive PVE-scene) the "race to world first", that is still the most read about and most writting about and most popular aspect of WoW (and pretty much most of gaming).
Let me ask you in another way: What guild has the best pvp players? Personally I cannot name any pvp guilds at all. Except a ganker guild on my old server. And the only team I know was the Chinese RPM team I saw win at the World blizz thing in paris a years time back.
And I cannot remember their names.
I can however name at least 10 competing pve guilds. Sure my interest is focused on PVE so i notice that more. But there aren't really any sites that follow pvp  (except that one site). Hell, tournaments on arena, are being cancelled because they cannot get anyone to watch em.

What if, there where a special tournament realm for pve? Where guilds would compete for world first of dungeons? What if that realm would get access to bosses a week before everyone else? So dungeons would get hyped. And you could participate by watching in GM God-mode?
And bosses would be tested by last years winners, to make sure they where as bug-free as possible?
There are so many ways of doing this. And since WoW's pvp scene has gotten so much trashing for their unbalanced gameplay.
And seing as wow is the best PVE mmo there excists. By a long shot. Why not play on your strenghts?

And if anyone says that pvp is an important factor, I'll ask you this: name me a successfull MMO that had only pvp in endgame.
Go on.
Then name me one that had its primary focus on pvp but, has some elements of pve.
This time there are a few, but as soon as people hit end-level and see nothing but pvp, they leave again for.. WoW.

PVE is where its happening, and Blizz does it best. Why not play on those strenghts?

Also Blizz remember, nobody does it better!!

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  1. Yeah, I was glad to see that they're back in the competition again. Even on alts they show excellence! Go Europe!

  2. I think its so funny how people always want's to connect with whoever they are rooting for. Go street/hometown/part of country/cuntro/region/world - i think thats the order they appear in :)