fredag den 5. februar 2010

All hail The king is dead zed, baby.

And with that smooth blending of popular culture references (can you find em all theres five in there)!! I'll start todays post with an admittance:

I've still not been able to get myself to watch that damned kill-movie of the 10 manned kill of The King.
Dunno when i'll get around to it. I just can't. And it's stupid, since I've forced myself into a position in my guild where I write the guides to kill bosses. Or rather, I start them up, find the links, give a short recap, do a funsie add an anecdote etc.
I'ts something i really like doing still. It makes me feel like i'm still a little bit part of the team. The others play along, nicely. When the 25 manned raid was short i got to tag along and see the blood-queen for 4 attempts. They where nice, let me believe I was still a part of it, our raid-leader even made funny about how i'd mentioned that the Dreamwalker was in one guide named "Dreamweaver" as a tribute to me. So all in all it was great. I stayed in the back and took the last round of bites and did poor dps.
But I feel like I still contribute something to the guild, by writing these guides. So I should not shy away from reading the guide and seeing the fight. But I do.
I just can't bare to have it spoiled.
BTW can I just send a big thanks to Chas of Righteous orbs? Thank you for trying to drag me down with you with that super post that i cannot read because you are spoiling everything!!!! Damn you!

In other news. Blizz fucked up.
They banned Ensidia for playing the game normally.
If you have read about rogues ( i have a fair bit) you would know that they like using saronite bombs on fights to add their dps. In fact its starting to look like a favorite profession for rogues these days. The only ones who did not know this where troll-morons and Blizz's fight designers.
Yes, I am biased, it's a blog. Who gives a fekk about objectivity?

Kungen made an excellent blog post about this. (I like Kungen, whenever he writes, I always think: If someone who is pure heart and zero writing skills can make a blog, so can I.)
Where one of his main arguments is this: "We knew there was a bug, we didn't know what caused it. So we went with it, and got the kill. There has been major bugs on every single end boss fight since the game was released, so nothing new there. So why Blizzard decided to ban us this time i do not understand." (this is my interpretation of it)
So they got set back a whole week on hard modes, compared to the other guilds in the world. For getting there first.
Nice one.
the race to the hard mode version of the Lich king will be fun to watch indeed. Just a shame that one team has been forced to go back to the finish line, while the other runners got a headstart.

And then Muqq of Ensidia did something that was pure genius. I have loved his attitude for a long time. And this time, he blew the scale.
He wrote this post -At first glance it seems like an angry little spoiled brat that whinges about not getting his way. That is, until you remember your gaming history. I had forgotten this, but luckily reminded me (well, thats not true, one of their reads did, are not leaning the same way i am on this, and they are pretending to be biased. Be upfront you cowards.).

Gaming history.
Once upon a time, before this was naught but pixels, there was a game called EverQuest. and one of the loudest gamers there was named Tigole. Tigole was the gm of Legacy of steel, one of the leading guilds in that game. And almost word for word, Muqqs posts copies Tigoles old rant about EQ, (at the bottom) and later on how he will make WoW so much better because he knows the other side of the fence.
Tigole did some amazing stuff with WoW, but it seems that Muqq is saying that they have forgotten where they came from (but not their old guild-mates, they still get special treatment.. old news is old).
So with humor, knowledge of history and just a spice of self-irony Muqq delivered. a subtle and brilliant comeback to Blizzards banning them.
Well played.

Let me just finish this by saying that beating the Lich king on a bug that you know is happening, but don't know how to prevent, is very different from bugging out Yogg-saron on purpose to get a kill. Stating that they knew how to bug it out, and specifically went with it to get a world first, and just seeing that the encounter bugged and not knowing what caused it, are two very different things. In one of them, you are beating the encounter presented to you, in the other, you are looking for ways to circumvent the encounter in order to beat it.

If i am driving my car and my seat-warmers malfunction so that they catch fire, and i in that confusion spinout of control and hit someone on the sidewalk. I would hope that my punishment would not be the same as that dude that drove onto the sidewalk to chase pedestrians, and see how many he could hit. In the end we might both have hit someone, but how and why we did it, well, that should matter. Shouldn't it?

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  1. /agreed, in general. It's a tricky one though. And I don't think it's helped by the fact it's Ensidia and I think a lot of the world enjoys watching Ensidia fail.

  2. There was a huge part of this rant that I had to cut away because it was a rant in a different direction that I wanted this rant to go. And that was the issue that so many of the "DESERVED!!!" threads seems to stem from two types of people: the "lol they aren't americans" and the "They are capable of doing stuff that I am not, so I hate them and blame it on social security and/or they have no life".
    It's the same fear and hate strategy that the political and religious right use. It saddens me.