fredag den 26. februar 2010

It aint easy being a hunter

Leveling my rogue (obviously before my computer chrashed) I was reminded of an old'ish post by the always brilliantly overpowered Troll shaman
The easier it is to level a class, the worse they will end up. Take hunters for example. Ignore all the crap about noobs being attracted to the cute pets or pretending to be Legolas. Overall I doubt the average hunter is significantly stupider than the other classes, or at least not enough to account for impressions of them. The problem is that hunters are absurdly easy to level and offer little challenge to the player, so they never learn. It isn't that the player is stupid, it's that he's uneducated.
 When leveling a rogue (at least soloing), you learn all the tricks of the class. You have to, or you will be spending all your time eating. Rogues are slow soloers. They might -in fact- be the hardest class to solo-level today.
back when I first leveled a rogue they where one of the easiest. Back then being able to do damage was enough to be an "lol-solo-class".

What im getting at, (when doing dailies on my hunter) is that players playing hunters are in fact *punished* for playing their class well. Or at least playing their class in the most damage-dealing way possible (which for pve purposes is what they should). If a hunter even tries to push his rotation anywhere other than autoshot with a sting and maybe a single steady shot, his pet will loose aggro and the mobs will turn to him.

I'm sure that some hunters will and can explain to me how you to use MD and fade and other nifty tricks in order to maximise your output w/o getting aggro.
But that really doesn't change the fact that soloing as a hunter is either very easy (and you won't learn adamned thing) or very very hard (for very little damage per minute gain).

onsdag den 24. februar 2010

Things I wised I'd done before my computer crashed

Ah Saturday. I remember Saturday.
Saturday was one of the highlights for me in my WoW career. I became a Kingslayer (not to be mistaken by a kings layer btw).
But it was also one of those days where I (unjustly) cursed Blizz to the deppest darkest corners of Dantes Hell.

You see, after having strutted around in Dal with my new title for an amount of time that can only be discribed as "tasteless", I decided that it was time to celebrate by joining the StarCraft 2 beta (which my trip to Blizzards worldwide invitational has provided me). I upgraded my account, I downloaded the game file. I booted up the game, I chose Dwism as my callsig and was about to choose my second name when my screen turned... weird.

Then in a brief second my computer made this "chrrrroollll" sound and it shut down.


I booted the computer again and it seemed that by doing weird and unhealthy things to it, i got it working.
That was untill the following morning, when I - before raid- decided to do my dailies, grind some flasks and prepare for our alt run.
Ill save you the play by play, and just say that much cursing was involved, plenty of things may or may not have gotten hurled through my room. But in the end there was nothing to do. It was deadded. I knew from a while back that it was old and bruised. It had done something similar in January so I knew that my time left on this planet with my beloved pc was short. I did not know just how short.

Well, I've ordered a new one. My bank loves me. Just whenever I seem to get in the blacks, something like this always pops up (okay that one time it may have been me seeing my statement in "plusses" and running out getting an Xbox), that draws me back into the reds.

Getting to the point
Oh how I wised I'd: logged my leveling rogue out in an inn instead of thinking that the two hours out before I returned would not gain any significant rested XP -before my computer crashed
Oh how I wised I'd: Used my Alch cooldown to create one more red gem to cut -before my computer
Oh how I wised I'd: Cut my stack of gems and send to my AH'ing alt -before my computer crashedcrashed
Oh how I wised I'd: Put up my Auctions on my alt -before my computer crashed
Oh how I wised I'd: Stayed online in Dal showing off my new title a little longer -before my computer crashed
Oh how I wised I'd: Found a backup raider for our raid to be ready -before my computer crashed

Oh well, next week my new pc will come. Until then, don't leave all those tasks up till later, you will never know when you will be able to log back in.

søndag den 21. februar 2010

Oh wait, yes I am

Somebody once wrote a long post about blogging etiquette and how you should not post about what bosses you killed, because it didn't make for very interesting reading, and nobody cared very much about stuff like that.

I could not be bothered to go back and try and find out who.

You see I AM a Kingslayer now, and we don't bother with little details like that!
Don't I look pretty? (the others in the back helped too)

The way we ended up succeeding, was with an sort of alternative strategy in p3
Mah big Belly stops them!

And even though he looked awfully mighty as we came in 


He soon kneeled over

(Action packed!!)

And there was much joy.

Back in the day
What a long strange trip it has been. (yes old Screens incomming)
My very first SS
Mah Twin
Some emo dude, and my peanut
Before the emo dude, there was MC
If you can't read the text on the left side, this is just a screen from Kara
(ehm moving on)
Look, it's Calli.. Don't read the whispers...

The Day I was Born

So tell me, Pappa, why am I calling you Pappa?

You see son, I gave birth to you, I took you from the cold ground, and raised you as my own to one day, become like me.

But I'll never be like you. I remember my Dwarven ancestry, also the people I'm hanging out with says that you are really bad.... and drop epic loot.

Don't listen to them, they just remember the lore. Just ask Blizzard, its not really my fault, I am really a very good guy. I am an innocent victim. There has to be a Lich King. And one day, that will be you will be that King. Come sit here on my lap and let me explain it to you....
"I see", I said, "Jealousy" I said," Has got the whole world mad at you" I said.

And so it was, that one day, Redux and his kin took on his Pappa. They had managed to corrupt both Bolvar and The former king
And the Masquarade began. The warriors danced their little dance, the Lich King fell. After his companions had left, the tiny dorf Climbed on top of his fathers throne, and took his place. 
His ruling would remain a secret, until he was ready. Until his new army was ready. Bolvar would be his first in command, and Jingles would be his right hand. 
The salt mines where waiting for them all. And the new Lich King had a list of names of whom would get 2 servings of gruel per day. 

fredag den 19. februar 2010

Klepsacovic likes accessibility

This is a long ranting reply to the blank statement at the end of this very fine post from The very overpowered Troll-shaman
Just for fun, I'm going to end this with a question and blanket statement which ignores individual differences or other perspectives. WoW is split between those who benefit from accessibility and get a much greater value from their $15 than before, and those who whine that noobs get to play the same game as them. Which are you?
Neither. But thank you for asking.

Allow me to elaborate,
I've cleared my way through everything in vanilla (except the last half of naxx - and I was never along for the C'thun kills). In BC I cleared every boss out (admittedly the last two bosses in Sunwell was after the HP nerf). And in Wrath I've done all dungeons and most hardmodes (in 10s). I am not what you would call a hardcore raider, but I was a very dedicated raider and still am, only on slightly lesser time.
I've seen a lot of posts from people who have done less content than me, complain about how unfair it is, that 1-button spam morons and riff raff from all sorts of walks of life get to see the same content as they do. 'They' being all the talented supercool-part-people-who-bid-you-super-cool-adieu (God, that series was amazing at its hight).
Ehm, watching that clip I forgot where I was going with this.
Right noobs.

On the other hand I also see posts from people like this:  Which is basically saying: "I have a *real* life and I'm way better than the people who wants to be number one, and spend time in this game. How come they get better gear than me?".

And let me say: Both of these types of people are idiots. Bit guzzling ranting morons. I don't know how a ranting moron can be guzzling too, that is totally besides the point.

The reason *why* both are idiots, is because all they care about is "why am I not given any special status over everybody else who plays this game in the way they chose to?".

Players should be allowed to see all content in the pace they have chosen. And yes, chosen to work and have kids is a choice. Just like chosing a job where you can flex hours so you can raid new content (Like Ensidia does) is also a choice.
Where the problems is (or rather what the solutions should be) that Blizzard knows that people are drooling morons.
You are. I am.
When there is new content we want to experience it "now"!!!. Just like Klep said (can I call you Klep?)
After 3.0 I also killed a handful in BT, which doesn't count in my book
It doesn't count in anyones book. People do not want to clear last months content, just to see how it looks. They want to clear this seasons hardmodes, like all the cool people do. Only, you are not a good enough player to do that.

Sorry, but you are not. Fekk, I am not. It's not like it's a big secret, that me having a job, is the *only* reason I am not Ensidias maindwarf-tank. (They would roll alliance for me). It's not like, if I decided to dedicate my time to raid hard content, Paragon would all start speaking English or Learn danish just to have me on board.

I know we all like to think it is so, but it is not.

Where am I getting with this? Im getting here - Blizzard knows that us morons wants to *pretend* our sh*t don't stink. I mean, there must be a reason why the office-cubicle-mmo was not a huge sucess, but the "play and orc, elf or a Big Cow"- mmo is.
This is a game for people who likes to pretend. And in this aspect, we like to pretend that we are just as good as STARS.

What would you do as a designer to make sure that people aren't feeling left behind? Would you make sure that everyone would know how to play, or just make content easier, and make a gating system, so that everyone could catch up?
They took door number two there. Its the easiest door. It may just be the only door. So that is what they chose. They chose to pamper to the casual morons that overwhelm this game. And any game. They made sure that for 6 weeks I was just as far into ICC as any other guild in the world. I cleared out all the content (apart from that one guy) So I felt cool.

To get back to Kleps original question: which one am I? I am neither. I think that people who are good at a game should be rewarded higher than those who *think* that time is the only boundary between them and the top 10. i also think that all players should be given access to the coolest parts of this game. And dungeons are the coolest part. I think that the Emblem system is helping with that.
But I think that the forced easy modes in ICC did not.
Why not have a 3 step ladder: one for the hardcore, so we have something to strive towards. One for the semi-great raiders, and one for the "time-pressed" raiders.
For the hardcores: Here you go, hard-mode straight of the bat, if you want to start there.
For the semi: Here you go, normal mode
For the "time-pressed": here you go, have a buff.

Hardmode loot is better, than semi-great loot, which is better than the "time-pressed" options loot. Both in looks and in stats. You should be able to look at a guy and go "Ooooh, that is a cool hat he is wearing, I better keep on playing this game, because I want to look like that".
I know it won't happen, because it would break the fantasy, that we are all great players with great talent. Maybe its just me, but I don't mind someone else getting better gear than me, if they cleared harder content. Just like I don't mind my classmates at school getting better grades because they did their homework. But sadly too many people cannot live with the choices they make.
So they keep hitting auto-save in games about living with your choices (hello there Dragons age). And they will stop playing a game, if it makes it clear to them, that they are not unique little snow-flakes, or their mothers favorite. (yes, I did pull the "fight club" card)

onsdag den 17. februar 2010

Kingslayer, I am not



But it sure as fekk was not due to lack of trying.
Last week (when the limited attempts where still in effect) we reached him with... I can't remember anymore, 7 attempts left, maybe.
Enough to get a feeling of the fight, but hardly anywhere near to make a dint in his Fugly helmet.
This week, was going to be different. This week, the little Dwarf, that was brutally slain, and raised as a mindless Death Knight, only to regain his mind and control, to combat the man who did it to him. It was time to get my revenge. And it was long long overdue.
We reached him on saturday, but decided to take an early rest. (for newcommers: I raid 10 manns on saturday and sunday mornings/afternoons)
So we would be well psycked and pumped and preparred to kill the big bad bugger.

Ah Sunday. Sunday was a day where the sun shinned from a cloud-free sky. Where the earliest of spring birds sang their first songs this year. And my 3 year old niece finally learned to pronounce my name properly. - Or so I was told.
Sunday for me consisted of hearing the sentence:
 Hope wanes!
Over and over and friking over.
Let me save you a google, thats the words you hear when you wipe. Also, some pure frikking genious at Blizz decided that the figth needed to be epic! (nothing wrong with that part), so he added a 1 minute long intro, that starts at every pull on him.

But hey!
Its not like players will tire of it, they only get 20 attempts on all the bosses, so that would leave them hearing that, what, 10 times a week, maybe? No problem.
Only. Ehm....
They then removed the attempts for those *casuals* that couldn't kill him the first week he was up.

---Editors note---
As I've understood it -according to the forum posts- the new instance is too easy, because the world top guilds managed to *reach* him in hardmode on the first week. That must must must mean what we are a scrub nab guild for not having even downed him yet. FU forum trolls, go play the game instead of whinging over it.

What that means is, that I got to spend 50 million times listening to him being *ironic* as only an entire country of people, who do not know what Irony means, can be. Strike that, Continent, right Canadian Ironic singer Alanis morisette? All my gold to anyone who can find one ironic thing, in her song "ironic"
The Lich King yells: So...the Light's vaunted justice has finally arrived. Shall I lay down Frostmourne and throw myself at your mercy, Fordring?
Uuuh sassy.

Damn I lost track again.
Throughout this Sunday of attempts. I was happy. For the first time since Naxx 40 manned in Vanilla, I was happy playing the game. Apart from the question of what the hell have I been doing playing the game ever since, if it doesn't give me the same high [foodnote1], it also rose the question: what the hell have Blizzard done to not be able to keep up with the way players play?
Fekk it, at least they hit the hammer on the nail with this guy. Boy is it a great fight. Its just...well.. too good.
I'm getting ahead of myself now. We got the first two phases *Down*, i mean we owned them at the end of it.
We where so cool, we could do it blindfolded on one leg while kicking around a guy in a wheelchair. It wasn't easy, but after a long day of raiding we got that part pegged. It felt good. Considering the fact that the figth consists of 3 phases, and the hardest phase was now over, it felt really really good. So good, that we extended the raid for another hour, to get that golden attempt that would nail it all.
Sadly it did not come.
So we where left with the option of: extending the raid next week to get him over and done with and getting to the promised land of hard-modes. Or ending it there and starting from fresh next week.

We chose door number 3. Adding an extra raid night. So last night (tuesday) the battlehardned heroes returned to the frozen throne..... (to be continued)

So the other day, I was stumbling around the interweb, and I heard some orc linking to a site that lets you see ya own face in an armory, with ideas on where to improve gear. Naturally I looked up my own dwarven self, only to find out, that the damned armory was bugged. The blasted thing kept telling me that my legs where not enchanted. Stupid computers, I thought to myself. Then I looked at my wardrobe when i awoke. And whadda-ya know. 
Ehm, I must have been drunk when i bought those, because my legs where not patched up with the leather. And leather inside plate-mail, sure makes for more comfort. I don't mind beeing hit in the head as much, and I can move way more flexible. Having run around two weeks without this leather, and *not noticing* should mean that the thought of little dwarven deathknights running around, anytime soon, would surely be a dream only. Oh well, not like there are any dwarven women around anyway. 

(cont.) on tuesday evening. We felt frikking ready (me more than the rest because my pants where comfortable). Only... Well the troubles do never end. We where missing a kitty (That is "Alamo" -go read his guides). So we waited. And various kitty hate slogans was invented.
I drew the winning "obscure reference" -card, when I pulled this gem out of my sleeves: "ill kill that cat, ms sophie [drinks the flower-pot]. 10 gold to whoever rolls a toon on Hellscream with the name of where its from!!. (or forum love to anyone who posts the answer in the comment section).

Anyway, after an hour of grumbling and looking for unlocked candidates, we found a hunter, and not just any hunter, our groups very own hunter, who was on holiday on the weekend attempts. So with high spirits we went in. Fully expecting to get a new title.

As the title of the post might suggest, it would not turn out that way. And the worst part is, no, the *best* part is, that it was not anyones fault. the transistion from phase 2 to phase 3 just never got so much under control that we could get more than three attempts at learning the tricks of phase 3.
And it is super extra annoying that phase 3 holds one of those elements that a random player gets, and that you sort of have to have tried in order to succeed. (no spoilers, but it has something to do with frostmourne).

In the end, after so many attempts on the same boss. I can't say anything other than: I can't wait till we go again.
 Although the first two phases have now started to feel more than a quick-time event, than a fight (go to that point click theese abilities, go there, blow cooldowns, taunt this, stand there, yell at the paladin, pick up adds, dream of chocolate and a very special toast, reach learning part... then wipe.)
 But it is usually like that with every great long fight. So it is hard to complain. But i'll give it a go: in a fight that lasts well over 15 minutes, it is a pretty dammned shitty thing to add a mechanic that consists of three options: wipe the raid, have tried it before and now know what to do, or watch youtube strats about that one special thing that you will have to pull of at random in order to not wipe the raid. If it had been a special buff, that would be fine. If failing would mean that the remainder would be harder, that is fine too, but an event that demands you have experience at it prior or you will wipe the group, should not be 15 minutes into a fight.

That is just plain evul. Yes it is.

Apart from that, I can't wait for next weekend!

To understand why an addict like me kept playing a game like wow looking for that original high again, one only needs to ask a meth addict why he keeps taking drugs even though he will never ever ever ever reach the feelings of that fight high again - or see an earlier post of mine "chasing the dragon"

mandag den 15. februar 2010

"Want to buy Tiger protection too? I have a lovely Rock for sale

...It doesn't do anything, but do you see any Tigers around here?"
"Lisa I wish to buy your rock".

Ahh feeling safe. Or rather the need to feel safe. And to sell anything based on other peoples fears (be it a pet rock that keeps tigers away, or the thought of just how many breadcrumbs you leave out on the internet), you need to become that evil you warn about. I did that, I didn't like doing that. And since i only do this, because it's fun.
I'm not going to do that anymore.

I became that salesman that turns up at peoples homes and tells them that eastern European gangs (or if you live in America its either dem blackies or mexicans or canadians) to gain entry to your house and vandalise your children and rape you tv... Or something.
They have litterally sold their self and their souls to sell a home alarm system. I did it to prove a point on what i felt -and still feel- was important. I've made my point now, so I will stop.

It is really weird to write silly posts about fail-pugs that litterally was nothing than "look what I've read lately" post, and get a huge flux in readers.
And then I go through this little series, and (although it might not seem so to others reading) go through hours of guilt and heartache and internal debate over if I should post it or not. And I get my reader amounts cut in half.

The positives of this little story seems to be, that im lucky that I only write for myself, and it seems that the people want funny stories, and not these stories of evil.
The negative grumpy old man side of me, wonders why I bother :)

Next post: How did a DDK get to sit on the Lic kings lap? Why Ulduar is Uldubore, and why ICC *IS* the place to be.
Best frikking instance EVER!!!

High Morals (thank you Armory)

I have a cousin. He plays WoW. He does not play WoW well. He does not speak English (much) and he does not read English (at all), so when he showed me his level 76 warlock (still in outland btw, That part will make sense in a minute) he said to me: "cousin, wanna try a warlock, i need to kill those big one-eyed things there". So i sat down. Summoned a blue-bear (his words) and started dotting the first orge up.
"What are you doing?" He cried.
"you need to cast that one, it has big numbers" As he pointed me to shadowbolt.
"Yes it might," I told him, " but all these little dots adds to a lot of damage combined, it is also what you are specced to do"
"Oh" he said As the first Orgre went down "Thats why its so hard". And I suggested that he might enjoy warriors or mages more, as they where all about big numbers.
He was not the only one on this account. It was owned by his big sisters ex-boyfriend. But my cousin and a couple of friends had gotten the password and took turns leveling toons for the guy. I was pissed on his behalf -since he was a chineese leveling farmer for an older boy, only he was doing it for free. But he loved it, so who am I to judge? So he would keep playing the warlock, and he would love it.
I considered linking to that lock and possibly even report it to Blizz, but that would just ruin the fun for my little Cousin. Besides he ain't playing in my battlegroup. (phew).

But someone who is playing in my battlegroup is this little genious. Remember him?

Let me refresh your memory: Pew pew wrote about him first, and I dug him out later.

Things have been okay for Plader. He has gotten a title. "The patient" and a new axe. His talents and Glyph choices are still piss poor (keep another window open with his profile, we are going to dig really hard into a lot in there next).
Looking at his activity feed (you know the one you cannot turn off), you will notice that Plader has been spending a lot of time in Heroics. How he manages to be allowed to stay till the end, is a mystery to all of us. But there you have it.
He still have an odd mix of tank, pvp and dps gear and trinkets. But it seems he has been spending a bit of time doing actual pvp, there is some achievements in WG. But it seems a long while ago since he ever did some eral pvp. No arena here ofc, but some wsg is in there a few months back. He probably got trolled so hard it scared him off that. Or maybe the dumb twat just forgot how to sign up for battlegrounds.

Today the little moron seems to have forgotten to go to work, as he spent his morning doing seasonal achievements. Wonder if they even have work, in the "special guild".
This guy is a clear cut case of a social (if you can call him that) just waiting to get scammed. Did I say scammed? I meant, get a great offer of the AH from me. It's his own fault if he cannot see that there are only 100 arrows in that pack. LOL. M&S social morons shouldn't be allowed to play with the rest of us. They are counterproductive.
How about we find out where they live and make sure they don't play with the rest....

Hey, come back, where are you going?

At what point did you decide this was not a nice rant? I know when I started feeling sick about this. It was when I planned writing it. More specifically when I wrote the previous post.
I think there is a fine line between telling stories about fail-pugs and the people you meet in game, and looking people up on what  (and EPSECIALLY) when they play and how they play. Legally, I haven't done anything wrong, because Blizz has made it perfectly easy for me to prey on gamers who play for fun, but don't know or don't care to spend hours learning how to play.
My cousin is a prime example. If any of you had grouped with him on his warlock, I am sure that he would have gotten abuse and been kicked (or made it into a failblog post). Is it fair?
I think it is, don't get me wrong, if you decide to go play heroics with other people, you should at least have a clue what you are doing, and if not be preparred to annoy those that do. I would not ever group up with him, and expect to go anywhere or do anything for myself. And don't worry, he won't join heroics anytime soon :)

But what has Plader done? He joined a heroic with a guildie of mine. And I used him as an example since he was out there, and I knew him. But I could have just as easily have found someone who played the game for fun, and didn't care about speccs, talents, gear. But just wanted to get lost in the great world of Azeroth.

Like I did when I first got the game. I have more newbie stories than I care to think about. And I was well into my twenties when I started playing.

i could have picked on Legolass  who is wearing spellpower legs, and is playing horribly in WSG atm. I could even have hooked up to his activity feed and see when he was online. Then I could go online on his realm and mock him. because I'd know when he would be playing.

you have given us little green a**holes greedy go.. Orges a great opportunity to forget that it is other people playing the game, but instead allow us to mock them on every step along the way to learning to master this game. Thank you for letting me stalk any player that has ever bugged me. Thank you for letting me make sure that everyone else can follow anytime they play and everything they do. Short of installing webcams in their houses, so I can watch them play, I dunno what more you can offer in the stalking apartment. This is just frikking super. I love the armory activity feed.

What really scares me, is that there are people out there who actively supports this. They mostly write for
And they won't waste any opportunity to tell you that it is perfectly legal for Blizz to stalk you like this, it is in the Eula (didnt you read that? Then it is your own fault!! LOL) or the ancient of Republican speech of "HEY, I have nothing to hide". Good with some unbiased topics there... - fingers crossed you'll get that beta-invite guys!! go team fanboys!!

Now i've gotten myself derailed. Oh well.

Completly off topic, I want to say sorry and my email adress is nogetsjovt£gmail[dot]com and I live in Denmark and i'm 28

fredag den 12. februar 2010

(internet privacy) I'm going to do something horrible

I've complained, about those changes to the armory that lets you stalk players, before.

This time I've found a way that to drive my point home. Only, I'm really feeling bad about what I am going to do. And I'm having doubts as to whether or not I should even post it.
It is no secret that outside of this blog, and WoW, i am a librarian. And as one I know a few tricks about information seeking.
Just like anything else, it is an ability that can be used for good and (like it will in my next post) it can be used for evil.
(this part is to be read as if an eastern european magician is speaking) And using only public information, I have found these things. There is no secret databases used.

What inspired this post, was me crossing a boundry I did not knew I had. Contemplating rerolling to an RP server (for the billionth time), but knowing it would fail, because I had noone to talk to. "but wait" A voice inside my head said "You are a very close and personal friends with Tam from Righteous orbs - he even comments on your blog once in a while. AND *aaaaand* he even once -very politly- answered and email you sent him. He is like family!!"
So ofc I went to business. And in 5 minutes I was typing in an app at his guilds website.
Dear GM, healbot, tinker, sailor, forum admin and tailor of Tams guild. I see that you are recruiting Druids...
I didn't post it, I was just proving a point.

And for my next trick I won't even stop at that. I'll be stalking someone who didn't even decide to post anything about himself on the net. All thanks to Blizzard, the kings of stalking.

mandag den 8. februar 2010

Because that is kindda funny

World 7 of the Lich king 25 manned kill, was Ensidia.
Before their bann ended.
Got alts?

Aint that funny?

If it wasen't for us I doubt the dev team would even have found the bug... We started on LK with 17 attempts left and had 13 on the counter when he died, in the alt raid that is.
 With the danger of turning this into a fan-blog. Ill just say that If they could do this bug-free on alts. There really exists no reson to belive that they couldn't do it on mains too on wedensday.
Tough luck to them. At least it means that they are not a week behind everyone else in the hardmode race.

(where Stars from China seems to be in trouble, since it crashes with their big annual holiday over there.)

I think that Blizzard missed out on a huge opportunity to make WoW into a spectator sport, by trying to make the game into an e-sport.
If they had not (overly)focused on arena, and diminishing the PVE aspect of the game. The contest for world firsts could have given them the greatest spectator sport in e-games.
Dispite Blizzards attempts to ruin (yes forced easymodes and drop dead easy bosses is ruining the competetive PVE-scene) the "race to world first", that is still the most read about and most writting about and most popular aspect of WoW (and pretty much most of gaming).
Let me ask you in another way: What guild has the best pvp players? Personally I cannot name any pvp guilds at all. Except a ganker guild on my old server. And the only team I know was the Chinese RPM team I saw win at the World blizz thing in paris a years time back.
And I cannot remember their names.
I can however name at least 10 competing pve guilds. Sure my interest is focused on PVE so i notice that more. But there aren't really any sites that follow pvp  (except that one site). Hell, tournaments on arena, are being cancelled because they cannot get anyone to watch em.

What if, there where a special tournament realm for pve? Where guilds would compete for world first of dungeons? What if that realm would get access to bosses a week before everyone else? So dungeons would get hyped. And you could participate by watching in GM God-mode?
And bosses would be tested by last years winners, to make sure they where as bug-free as possible?
There are so many ways of doing this. And since WoW's pvp scene has gotten so much trashing for their unbalanced gameplay.
And seing as wow is the best PVE mmo there excists. By a long shot. Why not play on your strenghts?

And if anyone says that pvp is an important factor, I'll ask you this: name me a successfull MMO that had only pvp in endgame.
Go on.
Then name me one that had its primary focus on pvp but, has some elements of pve.
This time there are a few, but as soon as people hit end-level and see nothing but pvp, they leave again for.. WoW.

PVE is where its happening, and Blizz does it best. Why not play on those strenghts?

Also Blizz remember, nobody does it better!!

fredag den 5. februar 2010

All hail The king is dead zed, baby.

And with that smooth blending of popular culture references (can you find em all theres five in there)!! I'll start todays post with an admittance:

I've still not been able to get myself to watch that damned kill-movie of the 10 manned kill of The King.
Dunno when i'll get around to it. I just can't. And it's stupid, since I've forced myself into a position in my guild where I write the guides to kill bosses. Or rather, I start them up, find the links, give a short recap, do a funsie add an anecdote etc.
I'ts something i really like doing still. It makes me feel like i'm still a little bit part of the team. The others play along, nicely. When the 25 manned raid was short i got to tag along and see the blood-queen for 4 attempts. They where nice, let me believe I was still a part of it, our raid-leader even made funny about how i'd mentioned that the Dreamwalker was in one guide named "Dreamweaver" as a tribute to me. So all in all it was great. I stayed in the back and took the last round of bites and did poor dps.
But I feel like I still contribute something to the guild, by writing these guides. So I should not shy away from reading the guide and seeing the fight. But I do.
I just can't bare to have it spoiled.
BTW can I just send a big thanks to Chas of Righteous orbs? Thank you for trying to drag me down with you with that super post that i cannot read because you are spoiling everything!!!! Damn you!

In other news. Blizz fucked up.
They banned Ensidia for playing the game normally.
If you have read about rogues ( i have a fair bit) you would know that they like using saronite bombs on fights to add their dps. In fact its starting to look like a favorite profession for rogues these days. The only ones who did not know this where troll-morons and Blizz's fight designers.
Yes, I am biased, it's a blog. Who gives a fekk about objectivity?

Kungen made an excellent blog post about this. (I like Kungen, whenever he writes, I always think: If someone who is pure heart and zero writing skills can make a blog, so can I.)
Where one of his main arguments is this: "We knew there was a bug, we didn't know what caused it. So we went with it, and got the kill. There has been major bugs on every single end boss fight since the game was released, so nothing new there. So why Blizzard decided to ban us this time i do not understand." (this is my interpretation of it)
So they got set back a whole week on hard modes, compared to the other guilds in the world. For getting there first.
Nice one.
the race to the hard mode version of the Lich king will be fun to watch indeed. Just a shame that one team has been forced to go back to the finish line, while the other runners got a headstart.

And then Muqq of Ensidia did something that was pure genius. I have loved his attitude for a long time. And this time, he blew the scale.
He wrote this post -At first glance it seems like an angry little spoiled brat that whinges about not getting his way. That is, until you remember your gaming history. I had forgotten this, but luckily reminded me (well, thats not true, one of their reads did, are not leaning the same way i am on this, and they are pretending to be biased. Be upfront you cowards.).

Gaming history.
Once upon a time, before this was naught but pixels, there was a game called EverQuest. and one of the loudest gamers there was named Tigole. Tigole was the gm of Legacy of steel, one of the leading guilds in that game. And almost word for word, Muqqs posts copies Tigoles old rant about EQ, (at the bottom) and later on how he will make WoW so much better because he knows the other side of the fence.
Tigole did some amazing stuff with WoW, but it seems that Muqq is saying that they have forgotten where they came from (but not their old guild-mates, they still get special treatment.. old news is old).
So with humor, knowledge of history and just a spice of self-irony Muqq delivered. a subtle and brilliant comeback to Blizzards banning them.
Well played.

Let me just finish this by saying that beating the Lich king on a bug that you know is happening, but don't know how to prevent, is very different from bugging out Yogg-saron on purpose to get a kill. Stating that they knew how to bug it out, and specifically went with it to get a world first, and just seeing that the encounter bugged and not knowing what caused it, are two very different things. In one of them, you are beating the encounter presented to you, in the other, you are looking for ways to circumvent the encounter in order to beat it.

If i am driving my car and my seat-warmers malfunction so that they catch fire, and i in that confusion spinout of control and hit someone on the sidewalk. I would hope that my punishment would not be the same as that dude that drove onto the sidewalk to chase pedestrians, and see how many he could hit. In the end we might both have hit someone, but how and why we did it, well, that should matter. Shouldn't it?

torsdag den 4. februar 2010

Killing the Lich king

While I am ploughing my way through the CMS jungle (look at me with the lingo!!) trying to figure out my next step, something else happened, and it happened in wow.
The final part of Icecrown Citadel was released. And A certain someone got killed world first.

Two things are horrible about this. no wait 3.
1. I wasn't one of them who got to kill him (yet)
2. There is a video out allready
3. The final cutscene has been hacked

If we look at why these things are horrible, i think that the first one is a given. The 2 others are related: You see, i am one of those weird raiders, who likes to discover things for themselves. I really don't want a how-to guide explaining to me, what I should do and when.
I love nothing more than wiping and learning a fight.
"Wait, you LIKE wiping?? wtf is wrong with you?" Okay, let me elaborate then. I hate wiping, but i love wiping and learning a fight. There is no greater fun (some might call i a barrel of monkeys... but those guys who do that are weird Brits who think that "whinge" and "whine" is the same thing!! - Freaks).
Where was I? I like raiding. I do not like "following the 12 steps to loot".
So it bothers me, that 5 days before the encounter is released, the ending is revealed and spoiled. And it bothers me even more, that within 12 hours of killing Arthas, the "how-to-kill-him" video is out there.

I should just not watch them right?
Well, the ending movie, I have not seen. But thanks to my guildies (they are so nice) -after I had explained that the end should not be spoiled for those of us who likes to earn the right to see those kinds of vids - I now know that Hogger will be the new Lich king and that Arthas was Thralls evil twin. THANKS A BUNCH GUYS, YOU SUCK!
(sorry if I spoiled it for anyone else, but if I have to suffer, so do you!)
But apart from these things being spoiled, I have not seen or heard anything about that. And I like it that way.

The strategy to the fight, is another matter entirely. You see, not only do I like raiding (monkeys... not so much), but to me, raiding isn't all that much fun unless you like the people i raid with. And I like my guild. Furthermore there are only 3 sorts of guilds that raid blindly:
a) Progression high end guilds - top 50 in the world
b) fucktards who think that 0/0/71 is a great tanking/healing/massive pew specc.
c) guilds who may not be cutting edge, but who has chosen to learn the fights by themselves

the last types of guilds are also known as the DoDo guilds, because they are approximately just as rare (and recruitment for one is even more rare), the second type of guilds would demand that I gave myself a home lobotomy, and i've not yet quite reach the state where I am preparred to do that. And the first would demand a couple of things: I win the lottery, I quit my job, I get divorced and get zero lat on my pc... oh and a truckload of extra skill, im sure) of those things only the latency, the lottery and the skill part, are things I even want to happen. Also I highly doubt that cutting edge guilds really go in blindly.

So I am "stuck". And honestly, I could do a lot worse. i like being stuck here, I really feel at home in my guild, and me liking to try things untried, really isn't strong enough for me to risk a new guild. So here I stay, content...enough.
But don't you dare spoil anymore of the ending to me!

onsdag den 3. februar 2010

Failed... And breaking the fourth wall



Google fucking sucks.
Cock bullocks. and Orange wee.

I have failed. Or rather has failed me.
In case you did not know, google owns
Google owns a lot of stuff.
One of their (to me) newest features is google.sites.
Its great. It's easy. It's my very own website.
Oh the dreams we shared, my website and me. Oh the posts I wrote. The guides. The forum. The images. the fun.

But alas it was not to be. You see, google. They sucketh.
They do not like me posting or doing anything on my - Or rather, they don't like DW-redux to post on that site. They do like ME posting. Under my real name.
And I do not want to do that. I really really do not want to do that.
At first I tried to be cool with it: "Come on old man, you do not have that many readers, what does it matter?"
But i am not all that great at fooling myself.
It does matter, I do not want my personal life or my work life to be associated with my WoW life. I do not want my wife to be either. And its not like my name is John Doe. There is only one of me, and google wants the world to know everything I do.

I wanted DW-redux to post stuff about wow (or rather my new mmo-name dwism), not the Librarian. I don't think that is an unfair thing to ask for.
But the only help google gave me was: "Hey guy why are you ashamed of what you create" F@#k you, im not, I just want to be able to post under my most famous blogging name. "well guy, then you can just create a new google account and write under that" Yes, i could. BUT i am not allowed to set google accounts up to forward to other google accounts. I am NOT allowed to have two google accounts open at the same time, and that is something i really want to do.

So my dream died. 40 hours of working on it, learning how sites work, thinking about posts, writing posts, making long notes on how i wanted the website hierarchy to be ect ect. Down the frikking drain.

So here i am back at this blog. I feel so very very sad. Anyone know another free and easy to use website I could get into? please?
Gotta admit that a blog seems a little tiny bit restrictive now that i've toiled with a fully fledged website. I had dreams there.
Dreams of different topics order under what they where about. (and a tiny little bit about making Larisas facelifts of the year list.. i am so envious of all the winners ;)

To the very end, i had hoped i'd find a loop-hole. That was why i started with all the teasers. Sorry to dissapoint. If its any comfort, you are not half as dissapointed as i am right now.

In other news: I've effectively missed out on two weeks of raiding, and going on my third now, because of crap stuff colliding with my raid-days. Work mostly, and pc crashing. So my mood is just GREAT.
I've not even seen the blood-wing in 10 manned. And if my group are supercool (and they usually are) ill be missing out on the lich king himself. WOOP.

tirsdag den 2. februar 2010

DW'ism #1

I may have been over-thinking this unimportant part. But hey, at least I missed all the vital stuff

What is DWism?
(obviously this is to be read with an "what is the Matrix" -type of voice)

Also: "Gah, even something as simple as this is hard when you don't know HTML"

mandag den 1. februar 2010

Let's go down to the lobby, and get ourselves a treat

People of earth (if you don't get that one, know that i'm with Coco)

There will be a short intermission before this blog continues. As a matter of fact, this blog will NOT continue.
Its over. Im done. Screw you Hippies!!!

(but be sure to check back when i announce something truly amazing.)

"something truly amazing" would ofc not mean something as silly and stupid as me stopping to blog in order to create a brand new website, where I am in way more control over how I want things to look. I would never ever try and sell something as little as that as "something truly amazing". I would never ever ever ever do that. 
[this part may be editted out when I announce the "truly amazing" part - that is not quite ready yet).

Hang in there fans!!