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Playing Shadowpriest pt2 (and other raiding rants)

First off, Im very flattered that Tam over at Righteous Orbs linked my first part of this adventure in his, sort of titled: "other cool blog posts you should read". He and Chastity are in my top 5 of favorite people who blog. And on top of that, they always write such cool posts (and I think, THINK, they studied some sort of writing thing, so their word setting up with words next to eachother always make reading funsies!).
It makes for some sort of perverted pleasure to see other people linking to your posts - especcially a post you are proud of yourself. So thanks.
Well there I went again ranting bout stuff that wasn't even on the focus of this post. My focus was Playing a shadowpriest. Something I got to do once again this weekend. And something... erhm.

Promise not to tell anyone?

Cross your heart?
Okay: Its something that im really loving. Thats right, im one of *those* people. You know the type, the "I play a healer, i really do. But secretly I am a closet Shadowlazorrrr pew pew."
Because, I will never ever admit to loving my shadow specc. Never. I am a healer, and i like it much more. It is only when Im forced -Forced I tell you!! - that I reluctantly turn on the shadow-powers.
Also, if I went all out dps-main, there would be expectations.
People would expect me to actually do dps. And that is something, I simply cannot do. Much.

Getting to the point
So we had our second week of ICC 10 manned fun. And by the numbers it was a huge success. We cleared the place. twice. Both on mains, and then on alts. So yea on our big hard glistening purple epee... epics.
But, alas, it was not all glitter, there was doom too.
First of (I know, this has been covered before, but i like to make new readers feel welcome. Don't you just hate blogs that start of with "so me and shadowflex still had the same issues, yet Tyrut explained that if we both just swtiched the 3 troublesome stats around Negirr would never ever end up in that situation. LOL, it was so easy!!" Argh)
Where was I? Oh yea, first off, I've stopped playing the big boy raid game somewhere around Coliseum. I did not have the time, nor the patience to clear a raid 5 times a week. So now I raid in 10 mans only. The problem, however, is that the rest of my 10 manned group, did not stop raiding 25s with me. They are fully decked in "look at what you are missing" equipment, and lemme tell ya, a Ret paladin with his t10 2 set bonus on trash decked in 25 manned raid gear, is not an easy guy to keep aggro off, least of all if you are in 10 manned gear, and a 232 aggro weapon (since drops have been shit).
But there is never a dull moment.
Now, what I mean with "problem", is the fact, that sometimes, I do feel like I am being carried by the rest of the groups gear. It does not help that the other tank has a full 10k health more than me (no, neither of us are druids). I am squishy. I know I am, because my raidleader told me so.
Was he mean? Did I not know it myself? Was I not aware of this? No he was not, yes I was aware. But having to go splat a couple of times, and wiping the group on weird stuff due to no heals, and *then* having a little chat with the brains of the operation about hints on how to gear - since I had made some -wrong- choices, did not do anything for my tanking-self-confidence.

Don't get me wrong, it was a good talk. And it was needed. I was about to spend my hard earned frost emblems on items that would not give me enough benefit in the long run, for their price. You see, some of us, are not running the raiding weekly every week, and are not running 25 icc and do not have the free time to run the daily heroic every day.
[Please please Blizzard, let us save up a weeks worth of daily quests, for those of us who work and have families. thank you]
So Emblems are a scarce commodity, for me. So spending them right, is very important. That was downer 1

Downer 2 came sunday, when the alts reached Festergut. I was on my priest -forced into- shadow, and had voulenteered to dispell and shield the people with blobs on them. Let me tell you, that did *WONDERS* for my allready lacking dps. So much so, that we decided to put me back into disc and just heal the ot and the dudes running in and out. And we oneshotted him after that. Yaaa raiding confidence! Let me tell you, I was through the roof. There may have been critters in some starting zone somewhere, that I may have felt I could take on. Sigh.

Luckly I did get to stay as pew on the big bad proffesor and we got him down. And THAT sure was a confidence booster. Especcially with the comments in guild-chat:
"Yea Grats"
"wait.. those names, they look like alt names to me"
"go sleep"


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  1. As someone who *always* lags behind the big boys, I feel your pain. On the other hand, I still can't believe that the notorious DDK is secretly a spriest! Bwahaha.

    And thanks for the kind comments about the blog - your own is always a pleasure to read :)

  2. About you not being decked out in faceroll 25man gear like the rest of us lolraiders... dont worry about that. Just see it as a challenge! ;)

  3. Thank you Tam, and thank you big boi Blexx :D -Ill ty and keep that in mind