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Playing shadowpriest (how playing guitar hero helps)

 And so it was, that one night (well morning) my alt-raid 10 manned group turned to my priest and asked: "What is you secondary specc?"
And I told them: "It is the specc of Holy"
Then they asked me: "But, pray tell, what is your primary specc?"
And I answered them: "It is the specc of Disc"

And then there was silence. And I saw that silence was not good.

And then it was, that the Paladin turned towards the group and said: "But i am only specced for the holy persuasion", and the tree said: "I have a kitty, but my gear is crappeth".
And the raid leader looked down upon his group, and saw that this was bad. Twis was the dps that was needed on the mighty foe named Rotface, and there where no other alts to choose from, since they where all fast asleep, and all the mains where locked on the groups first clear-eth.
But lo! In the horizon, it was the lunchbreak and and there was time for respeccing.

And so it was, on this Sunday morning, of rest, that the Priest took it upon himself to venture to the Forge of Iron, and unlearn his holy specc and take up the arts of shadow.

So it was written, so it was true.

Yep, its all true, I am now shadow. And I suck.
Well hopefully I won't suck as much next weekend, now that I have read a little up on it. And had some time to test and try. On that sunday morning, all i had time for was respecc, gem and get my glyphs in order. I have not played shadow for... well forever.
I have never been interested in looking at that side of the road.... Okay there was that one time in TBC, But everyone experiments a little when and expansion comes out and..... DONT JUDGE ME!!

Erhm. So yea I knew nothing about shadow. So i armoried our two coolest shadowpriests and copied their specc and glyphs. Luckily they where both on alts in the same raid as me, and one of them, wagga, I had known for a long time (and we are from the same country). so the 20 minutes lunchbreak was for me, spend on some frantic Danish /w about "is this basically it?" "yea pretty much" and me running around reglyphing.

And boy did I suck. 2.3 k dps. on my best pull.
Oh my. (and yes, I was hit-capped, I was just that bad.)
Now a lot of the problems stemmed from the fact that this was a relative new boss, and a totally new function for me, and a hellyva lot of my problems was due to me not knowing diddly about shadow. For the longest time i thought it was my crits that made my SW:p refresh. (cut me some slack here, I had 20 minutes to respec and 30 sec to read anything).

Things are about to change
Well I am ignorant no more! I've found out the secret of playing shadow priests. The secret is this: Close your eyes and think of England.. . ehh no, think of guitar hero!

This is a shadowpriest, this was not a aprils fool

Think I'm kidding? linked this vid as the best description on how to figure out your cast rotation


Does this not loot a bit like this????

 I rest my case

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  1. You are SO right! And I suck at both shadow priesting and guitar hero. It suddenly makes sense now...

  2. Its all about feeling the rythm!

    Singing to myself whilest pewpewing seems to help... a lot 3 k now!
    All that is left for me now is getting to the point where i can click on abilities w/h thinking about em. Like all good dps do.

  3. That video made me cry.


    My brief flirtation with shadow priesting was, err, painful for everyone and we prefer not to talk about it.

  4. LoL good comparison... what does it mean if I suck at Guitar Hero (which I kind of do)?

    The secret to Shadowpriesting is to get with the addons. You'll need ShadowGreenLight which displays a nifty little {skull} when you ought to apply Shadow Word: Pain. And you'll need something like Event Horizon or (my fav) ForteXorcist so you can reapply a DoT when/just before it runs out.

    Ta da!

    It's just: all dots up on everything all the time. Then Mind Blast or Mind Flay and you're done!

  5. As a matter of fact, the first video is Event Horizon in action, and i am planning to get that (seems the shadowthing will be a regular gig for me... although i am not sure why, i still suck at it). The thing that keeps getting to me, is Shadow word: pain. Im very oldschool, and I cannot get around the fact that im never allowed to refresh it.
    Like Tam, my attempts into the shadows has so far been painfull to watch. But look out, there is a sequel to this tale.

  6. MOAR SHADOW! Muwahaha, when all priests have converted to the shadow side, WoW will be better for everyone (because of course, if more people play shadowpriests, and complain about the things that are wrong with shadowpriests, then Blizzard will change them, and shadowpriests will #1 in dps all across the game! Ha!)

    No, really, Blizzard has really, really been good to shadowpriests lately. The key for this patch is haste. If you have two items that are identical except that one has haste and one has crit, go with the haste. And remember to refresh SW:P ONLY if you have a super crit modifier (like if you swig a Potion of Wild Magic, or if you get that Nevermelting Ice Crystal from Heroic Pit of Saron and pop the on-use effect). SW:P crits are based off of whatever the current crit is, even if it's buffed, and when Mind Flay refreshes SW:P it will refresh it with the buffed crit.

    I tried Event Horizon for a while, but I'm with Cassandri - I love Fortexorcist. Not only is it good for shadowpriesting, but you can use it for all of your specs on all of your toons, and get rid of class-specific addons that you might have lying around. I use it for healing on my druid, and keeping track of all HoTs on all targets is just great. Plus, Fortexorcist also keeps track of all DoTs on all targets, so you know when to refresh a DoT that's ticking on a different target than what you are currently dpsing (like on Gormak, when you switch to Snobolds, you can dps those and still keep track of the SW:P ticking on Gormak, so you can refresh it with a quick Mind Flay before it falls off).

    Anyway, welcome to the dark side! Don't worry, in time, it'll be come second nature if you do it enough. We only have five spells in our normal "rotation" after all. :-)

    -D the shadow priest

  7. Thank you, im happy to be here (plus, I've heard you have cookies!)
    Like my latest post says, i just might be liking it a little tiny bit :D