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Play blindfolded if you like a challenge

This is my little elaboration on the topic posted by larisa, who again elaborates on a long series of posts by Tobold (here here and here)
The series -so far- culminated in this quote:
Isn't it somewhat embarrassing if you are loudly shouting how easy it is to ride a bike, and then somebody points out that you still have the training wheels on?
And oh boy.
To me that statement screams: "I am not as smart as DW-redux always thought I was"  (no, it doesn't, im just thinking that if I throw a little badmouthing his way, he will post here and possibly link to me in his own blog. Hell, It worked for he who must not be named and Syncaine).

Maybe it's just me, but good game design -to me- is all about giving the players a challenge. And a challenge will and should never ever consists of stopping the players from doing what they want to do.

Let me elaborate: If making a game hard for you means that a boss will perma-kill you, if he succees at killing you. Or if you think that a game is hard because a boss will turn your keyboard off, or if a hard game to you means that you need to turn off your UI so that you will have to hope that your heals will find the target you are looking for. Well, then I hope you never get to design games.
Hard bosses should test your skill and knowledge (and sometimes your reactions-skills) to the brink. It would be nice if it also makes teamwork a central theme.

To quote one commenter, who summs it up splendidly, Hirvox:
It's as embarrassing as using two hands to steer. Perhaps a more apt metaphor would be rally. Rally drivers use custom tires, better engines, weight-reduced chassis, more reliable gearboxes, improved suspension, more sturdy shock absorbers and so on. Sure, all of those make it easier to reach faster checkpoint times, but they also shift the challenge from fighting the car to negotiating the route itself.
 There needs to be an understanding that there is a huge difference between games that are hard, and games that are *hard to play*.

So yes, I will still stand by that WoW is too easy as it is now. There are a couple of hard-mode bosses that fall out of this catagory - But I don't want to get into why its such a terrible idea to have easy mode again before hard-modes become available. Okay I will, and better still I'll qouote myself completly out of context, to get you to reread that old thread:
In the end, all you have done is beating a cripple. No matter how you might justify it, in the end, it's you pointing and lauhing at a cripple, going "AHAHAHA you are pathetic!! I was blindfolded and jumping on ONE LEG, and I still beat the crap out of you!

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  1. But the players GET a challenge! The game isn't delivered with bossmods. It's WE who put them there since we're lazy and want shortcuts. I just can't see the logic in complaining while you're doing this. All players don't NEED bossmods. Just old slow players like me and Tobold. Others could cope without them and have a more challenging, interesting game.

  2. Playing without addons just makes the game harder to play, not a harder game.
    There is still plenty of ways of making a bossfight hard while using addons.
    Sarth 3D, back before Ulduar was released and
    Yogg zero watcher, are just two expample of really hard fights that where still fun to play.

    If you do not differenciate between "hard to play" and "hard" games. Well, you might aswell sit down and try and calculate how many people would have to stand in the eiffel tower, before it would collapse. And no cheating and using calculators.
    It won't be fun, but it will sure as F*ck be hard.

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