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The many goals of blogging.

Why does a person chose to blog? I've set up 3 parameters earlier - and I think i've found some prime examples of them. Also there is a bitter-sweet story to be told.

My 3 archetypes for writing blogs are:
- 1) If you just cannot shut up about something, and want to get it out there.
- 2) Fame. You are not writing this for your own benefit, but in order to reach as many readers as possible - hopefully in the end to land you a writing gig. (or in the case of wow-blogging, a job at Blizz)
- 3) The sad fucks who need a reason to live, and for them its writing a blog where they over and over again prove that they are smarter, cleverer, prettier, wealthier and their gf (in real life) has big boobs.

Prime example time! 
Let me just add, that I honestly do think that we all have the need for all three things in order to keep on blogging. Whether we admit to it or not. It's a matter of % to each of the three.

Getting rid of the third reason first. You know the type, loud as a motorbike, But wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. The obnoxious know it all who constantly belittles people that chooses not to play the game as he plays it. Think green, greedy and moronic, and I think we all know who im talking bout. In the old days I used to think it was a joke site, where the ideas of capatalism and greedyness got so twisted and out of hand that everyone would see the stupidity of ripping people off in a game. Sadly that blog was not about that. (no, I won't link to it).
Allright, the second one, is less easy to spot. And let me just say that Tobold is a blogger i respect a lot, but his priorities are a lot different from mine.
In a (long) series of posts he talks about his blog commenting policies. I guess you made it big, once you have  to delete blog comments that cannot stick to the subject and has to be personal. I cannot see myself ever doing that. Then again, I hadly believe there is a great big audience for my ramblings, so i guess that all works out.
Anyway, in this series, Tobold made a post saying: Do you want me to stop allowing comments AT ALL, or do you want me to continue deleting inapropriate comments? -Isn't that nice, blackmailing your readers like that?
It must really mean that he is near the breaking point. Now I cannot see the comments he has deleted, but they must be pretty bad, for a blogger to need to take his whole blog and put a gun to its head (metaphorically). Anyways the important bit is the followup post. In there he answers someone who wrote: "It is your blog after all" with the sentence

Not 100%. Without readers this blog would be nothing.

To me, that is a very weird thing to say. I see no adds on his blog. And he repeatedly states that he is not getting payed by any company to write his blog.  So I'm left to conclude, that the prime reason he writes is the fame. If there where no readers, he would not blog anymore.
Which in my book is weird, considering the origins of web-logs. But I am not one to judge (yea right you aren't), and whatever motivates Tobold, it always makes for an interesting read.

Now the first reason to write blogs, that is the most interesting one. And imo it has two sub-genres. There is the catagory I myself fall under (although fame would be nice... and did I mention Im married to a gurl in real life, who has boobies and used to model?), the sub-catagory of "cannot shut the fuck up". In my guilds website i am labeled as 'mini-troll' and I do believe I have the highest comment count in there. It's sad, in a way. But I have yet to find a subject that I do not have an opinion on.

Now he gets to the point
But that is just how I work. I like to comment on things, and I love to argue.
Now, the spark that started this little post was a sad story, and one that needs to be told. You see, the other sub-catagory of this type of blogger, is the ones who generelly feels that what they have to say, makes a difference. Their unique view on the world, will make the rest of us stop and listen and make *our* world, just a little bigger. -Some of theese types of bloggers are wholly misguided people. Some of them post stuff like "have you ever noticed how shadowpriests/warlocks have a lot of dots and druid-trees have a lot of hots? Well I have, so I called my blog 'plenty of hots n dots' isn't that unique? How come noone else saw that???" Or they will write crap like "notice how cool game WoW has a littly tiny mechanic that is similar to hot game Guitar hero? Isn't that weird how I am the only one who noticed that?" erhm...
Other of course *do* do that.
Take the little Gnome that could Larissa of the pink-pigtail inn. That is one great example. (although I heard she works in sweden for some hospital in Public relations, and is using her blog as a testing board for PR ideas...So I've heard).
But my story isn't about her, its about another blogger who falls into this catagory. The one and only Matt 'Matticus' Low, from world of Matticus. He is a great blogger, and a gifted writer. And from what I've had to do with him, he is also an all around good guy (and Canadian!!!). I once wrote an not so nice post about him, and instead of giving me, what I had a comming he nicely posted "im canadian" [if you follow the link, you will see that I stereotyped him with americans, and how they are somehow sometimes very different than us]. I thought that was the coolest way of telling me to f*ck off. I really do. I loved it.
Also, he read my blog!!
Anyway, a couple of days ago, he wrote a post about how he had gotten the chance to write for Blizz indirectly via their WoW-mag. But there is a twist to the story. He did not get any credit for it, which in itself sucks donkey balls, but to top it off he came out of the whole experience with the feeling that

Its just crushing when you find out that the gaming company who you’re most loyal and passionate about has heard of you and doesn’t really like you

(my emphasis'ses)
He vaguely explains that it is about politics, and doesn't really wants to go into details (God I wish you would Matt). Now, the thing that really gets to me, is his comments in said blog post, and that is the thing that earns Matt the spot in this setup. When commenters demands satisfaction and Blizz head on stakes and asks him to demand getting by-lines and a throphy in Blizz HQ, Matt says:

At least SOMEBODY out there is (hopefully) going to benefit from the articles I wrote. If I don’t get credit, I’m gonna be hurt, yeah, but I’ll live. As long as someone finds use out of it, I will live. Its also why I don’t go hard after RSS scrapers or whatever. 1: I’m too lazy 2: More people are receiving the message and can benefit from the experience I’m sharing.

isn't that sweet? That dear little gullible idiot. If only there where more of people like him in this world instead of Goblins telling you to screw over everyone else before they screw you over.
               I mean what sort of degenerate world are you trying to create here? Fu**ing kill your neighbor before he kills you? Do unto others before they get to you? I mean what the f**k is wrong with you? I've read both bibles (the Holy one and Satans bible) And I can clearly tell, which version you are trying to spew over the world, you selfish selfrighteous pretendcious little sad excuse for a human be......

[the rest of this blog post has been cut off, since even the grumpy side of The Dwarf Death Knight, could no longer stand this negativity. Please dear readers, do not read that goblin blog, it will only hurt the inside of your soul.]

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  1. Yeah... why do I blog? It's a good question that I've tried to answer quite a few times. I think one of my first reasons for starting blogging was party professional. I felt lost and clueless in the new media landscape and tried to get the hang of what blogging was about by trying it out myself. And then it turned out to somehow enhance my gameplay and be just as enjoyable and enchanting as the gaming itself. I blog because I can't shut up.

    And it's a shame about how they treated Matticus, judging from what he has written at least. I whish too we could get the whole story. Maybe one day...

  2. I agree with the whole part about blogging enhancing gameplay. I am a firm believer in the whole "a life without reflection is a life half lived" school.

  3. I'd say you forgot to mention other type of reasons, like "just for fun" or "sharing thoughts/knowledge". In my case is a combination of both. On one side, publishing things like failpugs help vent anger away and also cause other people to smile "yeah! it happened to me too" or "that was premium-type fail, I hope it never happens to me". And sicne they smile it makes you feel better after such disaster. The other side is sharing thoughts and knowledge you've gathered. After such long time and 10 chars at max level probably I have things to say about any aspect of the game. I don't consider myself a WoW-guru, but there're a lot of people who only has tried certan class/es and ignore how's life on somebody else' shoes. I hope posts like these help them see life is not as easy for non-dpsers and so on.
    So I consider myself just a casual wow-blogger, True I'd like to have more and more comments (it's a bit depressing when you post something full of illusion and don't get any comment or just one or two at all), but it's somethng I can live with.

  4. I certainly don't want a writing gig or job at Blizzard. But getting my ideas out, and starting some intelligent discussion about those ideas is important to me. Thus a blog without readers wouldn't fit my goals.

    Unfortunately that first paragraph was on subject, otherwise I could have finished it off with a personal insult to you and made you feel big because you got to delete a comment. :)

  5. Brilliant. I fear that the only thing i am getting out of all of this is: diss a blogger and he will comment on your blog :)

    Whether or not getting your motivation for writing is a fame or a "wanting to fill the world with better thoughts"... well I guess that is two sides of the same coin. I just stole and misused tobolds quote because it fitted so well into the point I was trying to make here myself.

    Although I do hope that reading my blog didn't fill you with the need to throw personal insults at me, that is not why I blog (I just rant because I cannot shut up). I guess a better example would have been one of them blogs that see reader numbers as a Shinkansen towards selling leveling/gold guides.

  6. I agree with Kurnak above comment. I just started a blog to see what doing it would be like and to share with folks who might know me - why this great-grandmother bothers to play a game called World of Warcraft.

  7. I have no idea why I blog ... except it's fun, it makes the game more fun, and it creates for my a wider, more exciting community than the game offers.

    Also I know Matt is calm about it but I'm infuritated...