mandag den 4. januar 2010

The love of fail-pugs (pt 3) - the final chapter


Whoever said that I had high morals?

"Who is this guy?" You may wonder.

Go enjoy the many other aspects Calli did not mention. Like the fact that his professions are 1/enchanting and 428/tailoring.
I like that.
Anyways, stay tuned for serious topic about serious things. I swear. I have one planned and everything.

Almost pushed "publish" -then I got scared. I suddenly remembered how Matt (himself) gave me a not so subtle reminder, that sometimes words can be mean, and I can piss people off.

Well, plader, if you somehow miraculously is reading this. Post a comment here, and i will take you through your 50 (and counting) mistakes in playing a DK.

2 kommentarer:

  1. he enchant his weapon with berserker instead of the leet DK runeforge..

  2. Yep, that was one, then there where the two profesion choices (or lack of leveling them) so we are down to 45 mistakes, can you catch em all?