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Blessed are the ignorant, for they shall inherent the loot

I have 4 WoW toons at the glorious level of 80.
Two of them raid, do heroics and look hot (and are dwarfs).
One looks hot (and is a dwarf) and spends his days looking at all the greens i mail him to DE.
The 4th is also sort of hot. If you like looking at girls... With tails (she is not a dwarf, so there are limits to how hot she can be, even if she is blond).

Where am I getting with this? Well. The reason only two of my toons raid and do dungeons, is the story of this post.
A little history. I am almost sort of newish at tanking. For years and years i was a healer. I was a priest, and I healed when priests where the only choice for a healer. And I was a priest healing, when priests where the only healer you took with you, because you had real healers cancelled (remember those days? when shamans could raid heal, druids could hot and br and innervate and paladins could MH and priests could do a tiny bit of each?).
Where was I going with this? Oh yea, I can heal. I'm comfortable with healing. I even like healing (at least in wrath) so that is one toon down.
My other raiding and dungeon running toon is my Death knight. We where a lot of people rerolling DKs when wrath came out. Only two of us (in my guild) are left raiding. And only one is doing 25 manned (i, sadly, am not that person no more... Lord, give me more free time). Im pretty cool with the fact that many alt dk's are better geared than me, because they have time to run 25 on alt days. I am also pretty cool with the fact that I've proven myself as a tank by now. I've stood there as the MT in 25 content hard mode, looking at Vezax and taking my fair share of beating and lived through it.
There ain't no raid boss I've faced and not tanked well (okay, so there was that one time... 5 times... 15 times I've screwed up and wiped up. but hey, I've learned!!).
Point is, I am comfortable taking him out for a spin in dungeons.

Then there is the paladin. He is the disenchanter and prot paladin. Prot paladin is *fun*, its great. I love it. I really really do. But I do not raid or run dungeons with him. "But why?" you ask, "Is he not geared, is he not a dwarf, is he not hot?" Yes he is. He is def capped and in 50% purples. And a lot of ilvl 200 blues, and one green I think. He is perfectly capable of doing dungeons. So why don't I?
Because I think to much.
Same problem I have with my 4th toon. The nealry as hot hunter (with her pet 'raindog'). She has spend all of her career leveling up as BM, and cooking and herbing and fishing for me. I didn't roll her to be a girl and do girly stereotypical things and be a male chauvinistic pig, that just sort of happenede....
Ehh the cooking part, not me being... I'm not a chauvinist!!

Dammit, I lost my point. Oh yea, apart from some Karazhan back in the day, she has done no raiding either. Because I think too much.

I think too much, and worry too much. I care that my paladin doesn't have 30k health yet. It matters to me that -without thinking- I cannot just flip on all of my cooldowns and use every trick in the book, yet, to survive if pooh hits fans.
I worry, that I cannot follow the best rotations on my hunter in my sleep, while keeping an eye out for loose mobs that needs to be MD or trapped. Because, I can do these type of things with my DK and with my priests, without thinking about it. I know when to pop trinkets, when to flash and when to penance. I know when its time for Icebound fortitude, and when its enough to use bone shield. And when I do not feel 100% comfortable about going in, i just won't.

I know its just a matter of sucking it up, going in and doing it. But I'm not having fun when 4 strangers ridicule my gear and ask if im sure im wearing all my tank gear, and I know that I cannot make up for the fact, that I have lousy gear, with my experience and my mad paladin tanking skills. It is a vicious circle.
I know it is wrong. I know I should just do it, but I can't.
Its a weakness of mine, and it becomes more apparent when i do not have time to invest. If I had 4-5 hours everyday of free time to play wow, I would end up going into dungeons with some other toons, simply out of boredom.
But as it is, I spend all the time I have in WoW with 2 dungeon runs, herbing and doing my cooldowns (alchemy, inscription, smelting ect) to make a little gold.
And when the choice stands between a fun succesfull run on priest or DK, or possibly a lot of time spend on a lot of hard work for possibly nothing more but ridicule, so far, I've taken the easy way out.

I am not proud of it.
But luckily things are about to change!
4 seperate things has happened that has pushed me to this change.
1. I've realised that I've been a coward and denied myself and opportunity to grow as a person (and as a player)
2. I've rekinddled my love for one of my all time favorite poems (this isn't really a good poem in any other way than its meaning - but its a great meaning And its the only frikking poem you know in english -yea, and that)
and finally 4. I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers

How does this all add up to change? Well. you see, the first two are about me not being afraid no more. The 3rd is more of an "if that ignorant can go in and get "the patient" title, I sure as fuck can". And the 4th is my excuse!
You see, what Klepsacovic is saying, is that if a system of stats should work, it should also make sense. So my excuse is Science. (or quasi-semi-science)
In the glorius name of science i will use my hunter offspecc of Survival (i think it is) that I've copied from Ensidias guide to hunters. I've read nothing else.
So based on my own knowledge of hunters in TBC (and that was not a lot) and logic and my old-skool D&D experience, i will try and deduce how to best to do dmg as a hunter. I will not use guides or any wisdom other people might bestow upon me.

Strength, can't be good, doesn't take much muscle to pull the trigger of a gun. Agility.. well hmm, I dunno maybe, it was the only stat you needed once. Armor piercing! Yes that ought to be good, get them armor piercing bullets, they ought to hurt ect ect ect that will be my thinking, as for abilities to use, ill try my luck and see what I'll end up with.
So far I know i won't be a burden. Raindog and me pulled 2k on dummies a while back, when i tried the specc out, and we have gotten better gear (and icecrown bullets) since.

It is going to be fun, its going to be scientific and best of all, it will (hopefully) get me to get my pally in gear once again!!
And lastly, we ALL know that the moronic idiot in the run, is always the one to get all the cool drops! So Blessed are the ignorant, for they shall inherent the loot!!

for the curious here is the armory

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