mandag den 25. januar 2010

Addicted to WoW.

Yes i am.

Unlike what some other bloggers will have you believe, WoW is not healthy for you. Well, thats not true either. WoW is not healthy for me.
You see, there are some of us, who like to play games. The reasons for these can be many, for me, its the thrill of being in control over a story where I am making the progress.
*I* am the one who choses to sacrifice the Arls frikkingly stupid wife (and I am still extremely happy about that), to save her son - not some storyteller. I am the one who gains progress. I am the one who was prepared!

But I am also the same person who likes to compare me raiding to when I used to play basketball. "We practice 3 times a week". I am also the one who -because of games like Warcraft- cannot sit still while watching tv. I cannot spend 5 hours over at a friends house, nor can I survive an afternoon with my in-laws (well okay, thats not *only* because of that). I get edgy, i get impatient. I get bored.
Why? Because nothing happens. There is no simple goal to move towards. There is no progress to be made.

Why should i sit here with a bunch of people i deep down do not have anything in common with, and talk about the weather, when I could be spending this time leveling, grinding, reading guides or prepare for raids.
When you have as limited free time to play, that I sometimes feel i do, and wants to keep up with the raiders *And* at the same time have a deeper addiction to leveling alts (I blame Kurnak and Calli), there just are not enough hours in a day to keep up.
So I get grumpy whenever I am forced to do other stuff. This includes hanging out with friends. Good friends. People I like. Because when you 'hang out' or go to a party or watch a movie.. nothing happens. I mean.. no that is what I mean. Nothing. frikking. happens.
I know this is an addiction, because i feel it in my bones. I know i needs my fix.
In game it is no different. i am *not* one of those players who likes to hang around in Dalaran and spend my nights in /2 chatting away. I cannot stand it. I won't waste my time with idle chat. I can easily spam my guild-chat with plenty of sillyness while im grinding/leveling. And maybe thats the point of it all, wasting my time.

I think there is a reason why (at least in my guild) people would comment that they would spend their evening "grinding some wife rep" when they didn't feel like playing. Because then there was a reason to go offline. There was a reason to spend your time starring silently into a television screen. Because it gave you a -if not exalted- then at least a non-hated rep with the wife-unit.
Think I am kidding or being ironic to prove a point? I am not. I have really did decide to cut down on my game for two reasons: having free time to follow my local baskeball team win another championship and because I realised that even though there is not gain from doing nothing, it is still a healthy thing to do. My hope for 2010 is that i'll find an online game that both me and my significant other will enjoy together, like we used to in wow. But the things she spends her free time doing when im playing....
If only there would be a soduko styled mmo with a storyline and persona from Gilmore Girls - But that is another post for another time. For now, I'll log off more often and try to enjoy the grass growing or something....
Hmm I wonder: If i measure the grass growth, I can track a couple of straws each week and see which one gets the longst stop it!

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  1. It's funny this obsession with bars you develop in an mmo. I could definitely do with having them in real life as well. It's silly but it would make a lot of activities much mroe interesting.

    Yeah... I probably should cut down a bit too... At some point.... Just not today...
    You know.

  2. Also I wanted to add, to not appear to be judgemental and holier than the next guy: When i stop playing WoW to be more social... I turn on my Xbox. Now *thats* sad :)
    But my god, I'd cook dinner every night if I got skill points out of it.

  3. I would cook dinner every night if I got 13 pieces of gold and some spices that make people small.