torsdag den 28. januar 2010

Play blindfolded if you like a challenge

This is my little elaboration on the topic posted by larisa, who again elaborates on a long series of posts by Tobold (here here and here)
The series -so far- culminated in this quote:
Isn't it somewhat embarrassing if you are loudly shouting how easy it is to ride a bike, and then somebody points out that you still have the training wheels on?
And oh boy.
To me that statement screams: "I am not as smart as DW-redux always thought I was"  (no, it doesn't, im just thinking that if I throw a little badmouthing his way, he will post here and possibly link to me in his own blog. Hell, It worked for he who must not be named and Syncaine).

Maybe it's just me, but good game design -to me- is all about giving the players a challenge. And a challenge will and should never ever consists of stopping the players from doing what they want to do.

Let me elaborate: If making a game hard for you means that a boss will perma-kill you, if he succees at killing you. Or if you think that a game is hard because a boss will turn your keyboard off, or if a hard game to you means that you need to turn off your UI so that you will have to hope that your heals will find the target you are looking for. Well, then I hope you never get to design games.
Hard bosses should test your skill and knowledge (and sometimes your reactions-skills) to the brink. It would be nice if it also makes teamwork a central theme.

To quote one commenter, who summs it up splendidly, Hirvox:
It's as embarrassing as using two hands to steer. Perhaps a more apt metaphor would be rally. Rally drivers use custom tires, better engines, weight-reduced chassis, more reliable gearboxes, improved suspension, more sturdy shock absorbers and so on. Sure, all of those make it easier to reach faster checkpoint times, but they also shift the challenge from fighting the car to negotiating the route itself.
 There needs to be an understanding that there is a huge difference between games that are hard, and games that are *hard to play*.

So yes, I will still stand by that WoW is too easy as it is now. There are a couple of hard-mode bosses that fall out of this catagory - But I don't want to get into why its such a terrible idea to have easy mode again before hard-modes become available. Okay I will, and better still I'll qouote myself completly out of context, to get you to reread that old thread:
In the end, all you have done is beating a cripple. No matter how you might justify it, in the end, it's you pointing and lauhing at a cripple, going "AHAHAHA you are pathetic!! I was blindfolded and jumping on ONE LEG, and I still beat the crap out of you!

mandag den 25. januar 2010

Addicted to WoW.

Yes i am.

Unlike what some other bloggers will have you believe, WoW is not healthy for you. Well, thats not true either. WoW is not healthy for me.
You see, there are some of us, who like to play games. The reasons for these can be many, for me, its the thrill of being in control over a story where I am making the progress.
*I* am the one who choses to sacrifice the Arls frikkingly stupid wife (and I am still extremely happy about that), to save her son - not some storyteller. I am the one who gains progress. I am the one who was prepared!

But I am also the same person who likes to compare me raiding to when I used to play basketball. "We practice 3 times a week". I am also the one who -because of games like Warcraft- cannot sit still while watching tv. I cannot spend 5 hours over at a friends house, nor can I survive an afternoon with my in-laws (well okay, thats not *only* because of that). I get edgy, i get impatient. I get bored.
Why? Because nothing happens. There is no simple goal to move towards. There is no progress to be made.

Why should i sit here with a bunch of people i deep down do not have anything in common with, and talk about the weather, when I could be spending this time leveling, grinding, reading guides or prepare for raids.
When you have as limited free time to play, that I sometimes feel i do, and wants to keep up with the raiders *And* at the same time have a deeper addiction to leveling alts (I blame Kurnak and Calli), there just are not enough hours in a day to keep up.
So I get grumpy whenever I am forced to do other stuff. This includes hanging out with friends. Good friends. People I like. Because when you 'hang out' or go to a party or watch a movie.. nothing happens. I mean.. no that is what I mean. Nothing. frikking. happens.
I know this is an addiction, because i feel it in my bones. I know i needs my fix.
In game it is no different. i am *not* one of those players who likes to hang around in Dalaran and spend my nights in /2 chatting away. I cannot stand it. I won't waste my time with idle chat. I can easily spam my guild-chat with plenty of sillyness while im grinding/leveling. And maybe thats the point of it all, wasting my time.

I think there is a reason why (at least in my guild) people would comment that they would spend their evening "grinding some wife rep" when they didn't feel like playing. Because then there was a reason to go offline. There was a reason to spend your time starring silently into a television screen. Because it gave you a -if not exalted- then at least a non-hated rep with the wife-unit.
Think I am kidding or being ironic to prove a point? I am not. I have really did decide to cut down on my game for two reasons: having free time to follow my local baskeball team win another championship and because I realised that even though there is not gain from doing nothing, it is still a healthy thing to do. My hope for 2010 is that i'll find an online game that both me and my significant other will enjoy together, like we used to in wow. But the things she spends her free time doing when im playing....
If only there would be a soduko styled mmo with a storyline and persona from Gilmore Girls - But that is another post for another time. For now, I'll log off more often and try to enjoy the grass growing or something....
Hmm I wonder: If i measure the grass growth, I can track a couple of straws each week and see which one gets the longst stop it!

torsdag den 21. januar 2010

Emotional about a game, how quaint.

As i mentioned in one of my first posts ever, I have a very special account.
On my account, there are only 9 character slots for the realm of Hellscream.
Where normal players have a tenth slot, I have a mage. We will get to that mage, and why it Blocks my tenth character slot, in a second.
First some history. Once upon a time, not too long ago, a friend of mine got me to try out this game he had gotten bored with (after two whole long weeks), it was called WoW. It was one of those moneysink multiplayer gankfests where you had to play for BOTH the actual game, AND a monthly fee.
What is this, a magazine subscription?

Anyway, I was playing a table-top game with some friends at that time, and wanted some ideas of how a dwarf with two axes could look and work. And, well, I got it for free.
I logged on. And never looked back.
There was of course a problem with this game. I had just moved in with my wife-to-be. And I am a very competitive person. And I was behind everyone else on my randomly chosen server. The people I got in guild with (shout out to all the lovely danes in Mean drunks, a guild that sadly has all but ebbed out.) always seemed to be miles ahead of me, so hours upon hours was poured into this game to catch up. My warrior soon got retired for a paladin. He had a name I will not mention here. Suffice to say that I wanted to name him Foo - so I could say "foo is fighting" or "his foes are named foo fighters", and Blizz would not allow that. So I got.. creative.
It was a horrible name, and on top of that i made him very hastily.
The process was thusly: "cool hair, cool bear (red ofc both) and cool looking face, okay that about does it" Then I clicked skin color "Ohh I can be black, cool".

So yes, he was redhaired with a big full read beard, and very very black. It was horrible. And that name. But I cared not, i was happily autoattacking everything i met. That was untill I joined my first dungeon. I got invited because they where lacking a healer. I was not informed of this, so I melee'ed. And got yelled at. In caps. Left, logged out, read my manual, and logged back in as a dwarf priest named Dreamweaver. A name I was very proud of for a whole year, untill someone called me property of Macromedia, and I googled my damned name... Sigh.
So I was spending much time on my computer, and any normal person living with an obsessed crazed person, would probably have left and found her own place again. Sad part is, im not married to a normal person. One day, I got a little tap on my shoulder "what are you doing" "playing wow" "can I try?" "now?" "yea" "no"
(then my brain started working) "no, i mean... ehh sure you can, but not on my frikking toon. make your own".
And so the mage was born.
Narratively speaking, it would have been much easier to just have given the mage a name from the start, but there is a point to calling her, "the mage". You see, Mrs DWredux is a shy person, and she doesn't like me mentioning her too much here.
And she has never ever had anything to do with fantasy - before she met me. So her character creation process was thusly: "I dont like fighting" "then you can be a warlock or a hunter or a mage" "warlocks sound evil, and i dont like guns" "mage it is". And she spend two hours clicking human female mages, untill she had created one that looked JUST. LIKE. HER. and she named it....
She gave the mage her own name. Inventive.
But who am I to judge, my toon was named after a web-design programme.
Anyways she levelled the toon, and got very much into the game. So much so, that I got her her own copy of the game. It was not an act of charity, mind you, no, it was an act of selfishness. Her character got to a higher level than mine, and her playing meant that I could not play!
We couldn't have that.
So she got her own copy and the prot paladin Emmerdale was born. (after 3 months of playing, and her making a ton of British friends, we found out that *that* was a name of a television show... she got many a weird friend /w "oooh i love that name" - it scared her a lot).

Spending hours, and days of played time on a toon (and later months), looking at it's back. sharing adventure, having laughs and meeting friends. Can scar you. In a good way. I could never delete my priest. Even at a time when I hated priests and how they worked. He and I, have been through too much. And seen to many wonderfull things, to just let it slip out into that void called "delete". There is no love, like your first love. And he was my first WoW love.
The same for my wifes mage.
She stopped playing the game over a year ago, almost straight after Wrath hit. The game just didn't have that same lure to her anymore. And the luvely people in mean drunks, we used to play with, ahd all stopped. Some of us to join 'teh hardcore' raids. Others to have kids and silly stuff.
But her very first toon. That one lingered on. And so I was left with nine slots on my homerealm to toy with. Not that I was holding that against her. I got it. I asked her once if I could delete it, and she looked at me, as if I had proposed to defile Bambi or something. That was a no.

The problem for me, is that I am a compulsive alter. I see or read something about a new class, think 'nifty' and roll it. Or go back to leveling it. That has cost me many a lost hour on some forsaken toon in the middle of nowhere.
Then I would delete it, for another class. For years I have had a constant rerolling of the following: shaman, mage, warlock and warrior.
Eventually I got my shammie beyond that invincible line of "he is high enough" level, that I do not want to delete that toon.
So then there is the matter of 3 classes for 2 slots. The old musical chairs of rerolling. litterally over 200 levels have been poured into these classes. Then I started my Project Dreamreaper (that i started up again, in secret and got to the low fifties, where she is rotting atm). And there where two characters left for that one last spot.

Well, that was when I broke down. I begged Mrs DWredux, and payed 20 euroes. And now that mage is enjoying her retirement in an unnamed roleplaying server. Saved from the evils of this world. Most likely never to be played again. And I have my ten toons set up. The name for my mage has been placehold for Cataclysm and a wolfmage. And I have a warrior alt that i am having a blast with (again).

So what is the point? Well I think, the fact that we can get so attached to an inanimate object, might be silly to most people. Im sure there are some green folks out there, that would call it non-cost beneficial, and lol'ing at me for not spending all my waking hours thinking of ways to scam my fellow players out of their gold, and their enjoyment of the game. Instead I chose to spend 20 euros to realm-transfer a toon that I do not play. Hell, a toon that I am not *allowed* to play and a toon that noone would EVER find out, if I had just deleted.
But I didn't delete it. I spend a truckload of real money on it instead. But why?
For the memories. If it had not been for that mage, I would most likely have been not married. Not that the games addiction would have killed us off, but rather, for the fact that, had she not taken the time to understand why I game. Why I enjoy many games, she would have never understood a huge part of who I am, and that would have killed us.
Instead that mage, means that she smiles politly when I throw my keyboard across the room and yell because I DC'ed when we had that one boss at 5% on our first kill.
Hell, she even -sometimes- lets me use the tv to play dragon's age on my xbox on nights when theres new episodes of Greys anatomy.... sometimes.
That mage holds so many fond memories for me -and her. About great adventures we shared. And will share.
She might have stopped with WoW, but there is still LEGO indiana jones II out there.

tirsdag den 19. januar 2010

The many goals of blogging.

Why does a person chose to blog? I've set up 3 parameters earlier - and I think i've found some prime examples of them. Also there is a bitter-sweet story to be told.

My 3 archetypes for writing blogs are:
- 1) If you just cannot shut up about something, and want to get it out there.
- 2) Fame. You are not writing this for your own benefit, but in order to reach as many readers as possible - hopefully in the end to land you a writing gig. (or in the case of wow-blogging, a job at Blizz)
- 3) The sad fucks who need a reason to live, and for them its writing a blog where they over and over again prove that they are smarter, cleverer, prettier, wealthier and their gf (in real life) has big boobs.

Prime example time! 
Let me just add, that I honestly do think that we all have the need for all three things in order to keep on blogging. Whether we admit to it or not. It's a matter of % to each of the three.

Getting rid of the third reason first. You know the type, loud as a motorbike, But wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. The obnoxious know it all who constantly belittles people that chooses not to play the game as he plays it. Think green, greedy and moronic, and I think we all know who im talking bout. In the old days I used to think it was a joke site, where the ideas of capatalism and greedyness got so twisted and out of hand that everyone would see the stupidity of ripping people off in a game. Sadly that blog was not about that. (no, I won't link to it).
Allright, the second one, is less easy to spot. And let me just say that Tobold is a blogger i respect a lot, but his priorities are a lot different from mine.
In a (long) series of posts he talks about his blog commenting policies. I guess you made it big, once you have  to delete blog comments that cannot stick to the subject and has to be personal. I cannot see myself ever doing that. Then again, I hadly believe there is a great big audience for my ramblings, so i guess that all works out.
Anyway, in this series, Tobold made a post saying: Do you want me to stop allowing comments AT ALL, or do you want me to continue deleting inapropriate comments? -Isn't that nice, blackmailing your readers like that?
It must really mean that he is near the breaking point. Now I cannot see the comments he has deleted, but they must be pretty bad, for a blogger to need to take his whole blog and put a gun to its head (metaphorically). Anyways the important bit is the followup post. In there he answers someone who wrote: "It is your blog after all" with the sentence

Not 100%. Without readers this blog would be nothing.

To me, that is a very weird thing to say. I see no adds on his blog. And he repeatedly states that he is not getting payed by any company to write his blog.  So I'm left to conclude, that the prime reason he writes is the fame. If there where no readers, he would not blog anymore.
Which in my book is weird, considering the origins of web-logs. But I am not one to judge (yea right you aren't), and whatever motivates Tobold, it always makes for an interesting read.

Now the first reason to write blogs, that is the most interesting one. And imo it has two sub-genres. There is the catagory I myself fall under (although fame would be nice... and did I mention Im married to a gurl in real life, who has boobies and used to model?), the sub-catagory of "cannot shut the fuck up". In my guilds website i am labeled as 'mini-troll' and I do believe I have the highest comment count in there. It's sad, in a way. But I have yet to find a subject that I do not have an opinion on.

Now he gets to the point
But that is just how I work. I like to comment on things, and I love to argue.
Now, the spark that started this little post was a sad story, and one that needs to be told. You see, the other sub-catagory of this type of blogger, is the ones who generelly feels that what they have to say, makes a difference. Their unique view on the world, will make the rest of us stop and listen and make *our* world, just a little bigger. -Some of theese types of bloggers are wholly misguided people. Some of them post stuff like "have you ever noticed how shadowpriests/warlocks have a lot of dots and druid-trees have a lot of hots? Well I have, so I called my blog 'plenty of hots n dots' isn't that unique? How come noone else saw that???" Or they will write crap like "notice how cool game WoW has a littly tiny mechanic that is similar to hot game Guitar hero? Isn't that weird how I am the only one who noticed that?" erhm...
Other of course *do* do that.
Take the little Gnome that could Larissa of the pink-pigtail inn. That is one great example. (although I heard she works in sweden for some hospital in Public relations, and is using her blog as a testing board for PR ideas...So I've heard).
But my story isn't about her, its about another blogger who falls into this catagory. The one and only Matt 'Matticus' Low, from world of Matticus. He is a great blogger, and a gifted writer. And from what I've had to do with him, he is also an all around good guy (and Canadian!!!). I once wrote an not so nice post about him, and instead of giving me, what I had a comming he nicely posted "im canadian" [if you follow the link, you will see that I stereotyped him with americans, and how they are somehow sometimes very different than us]. I thought that was the coolest way of telling me to f*ck off. I really do. I loved it.
Also, he read my blog!!
Anyway, a couple of days ago, he wrote a post about how he had gotten the chance to write for Blizz indirectly via their WoW-mag. But there is a twist to the story. He did not get any credit for it, which in itself sucks donkey balls, but to top it off he came out of the whole experience with the feeling that

Its just crushing when you find out that the gaming company who you’re most loyal and passionate about has heard of you and doesn’t really like you

(my emphasis'ses)
He vaguely explains that it is about politics, and doesn't really wants to go into details (God I wish you would Matt). Now, the thing that really gets to me, is his comments in said blog post, and that is the thing that earns Matt the spot in this setup. When commenters demands satisfaction and Blizz head on stakes and asks him to demand getting by-lines and a throphy in Blizz HQ, Matt says:

At least SOMEBODY out there is (hopefully) going to benefit from the articles I wrote. If I don’t get credit, I’m gonna be hurt, yeah, but I’ll live. As long as someone finds use out of it, I will live. Its also why I don’t go hard after RSS scrapers or whatever. 1: I’m too lazy 2: More people are receiving the message and can benefit from the experience I’m sharing.

isn't that sweet? That dear little gullible idiot. If only there where more of people like him in this world instead of Goblins telling you to screw over everyone else before they screw you over.
               I mean what sort of degenerate world are you trying to create here? Fu**ing kill your neighbor before he kills you? Do unto others before they get to you? I mean what the f**k is wrong with you? I've read both bibles (the Holy one and Satans bible) And I can clearly tell, which version you are trying to spew over the world, you selfish selfrighteous pretendcious little sad excuse for a human be......

[the rest of this blog post has been cut off, since even the grumpy side of The Dwarf Death Knight, could no longer stand this negativity. Please dear readers, do not read that goblin blog, it will only hurt the inside of your soul.]

mandag den 18. januar 2010

Playing Shadowpriest pt2 (and other raiding rants)

First off, Im very flattered that Tam over at Righteous Orbs linked my first part of this adventure in his, sort of titled: "other cool blog posts you should read". He and Chastity are in my top 5 of favorite people who blog. And on top of that, they always write such cool posts (and I think, THINK, they studied some sort of writing thing, so their word setting up with words next to eachother always make reading funsies!).
It makes for some sort of perverted pleasure to see other people linking to your posts - especcially a post you are proud of yourself. So thanks.
Well there I went again ranting bout stuff that wasn't even on the focus of this post. My focus was Playing a shadowpriest. Something I got to do once again this weekend. And something... erhm.

Promise not to tell anyone?

Cross your heart?
Okay: Its something that im really loving. Thats right, im one of *those* people. You know the type, the "I play a healer, i really do. But secretly I am a closet Shadowlazorrrr pew pew."
Because, I will never ever admit to loving my shadow specc. Never. I am a healer, and i like it much more. It is only when Im forced -Forced I tell you!! - that I reluctantly turn on the shadow-powers.
Also, if I went all out dps-main, there would be expectations.
People would expect me to actually do dps. And that is something, I simply cannot do. Much.

Getting to the point
So we had our second week of ICC 10 manned fun. And by the numbers it was a huge success. We cleared the place. twice. Both on mains, and then on alts. So yea on our big hard glistening purple epee... epics.
But, alas, it was not all glitter, there was doom too.
First of (I know, this has been covered before, but i like to make new readers feel welcome. Don't you just hate blogs that start of with "so me and shadowflex still had the same issues, yet Tyrut explained that if we both just swtiched the 3 troublesome stats around Negirr would never ever end up in that situation. LOL, it was so easy!!" Argh)
Where was I? Oh yea, first off, I've stopped playing the big boy raid game somewhere around Coliseum. I did not have the time, nor the patience to clear a raid 5 times a week. So now I raid in 10 mans only. The problem, however, is that the rest of my 10 manned group, did not stop raiding 25s with me. They are fully decked in "look at what you are missing" equipment, and lemme tell ya, a Ret paladin with his t10 2 set bonus on trash decked in 25 manned raid gear, is not an easy guy to keep aggro off, least of all if you are in 10 manned gear, and a 232 aggro weapon (since drops have been shit).
But there is never a dull moment.
Now, what I mean with "problem", is the fact, that sometimes, I do feel like I am being carried by the rest of the groups gear. It does not help that the other tank has a full 10k health more than me (no, neither of us are druids). I am squishy. I know I am, because my raidleader told me so.
Was he mean? Did I not know it myself? Was I not aware of this? No he was not, yes I was aware. But having to go splat a couple of times, and wiping the group on weird stuff due to no heals, and *then* having a little chat with the brains of the operation about hints on how to gear - since I had made some -wrong- choices, did not do anything for my tanking-self-confidence.

Don't get me wrong, it was a good talk. And it was needed. I was about to spend my hard earned frost emblems on items that would not give me enough benefit in the long run, for their price. You see, some of us, are not running the raiding weekly every week, and are not running 25 icc and do not have the free time to run the daily heroic every day.
[Please please Blizzard, let us save up a weeks worth of daily quests, for those of us who work and have families. thank you]
So Emblems are a scarce commodity, for me. So spending them right, is very important. That was downer 1

Downer 2 came sunday, when the alts reached Festergut. I was on my priest -forced into- shadow, and had voulenteered to dispell and shield the people with blobs on them. Let me tell you, that did *WONDERS* for my allready lacking dps. So much so, that we decided to put me back into disc and just heal the ot and the dudes running in and out. And we oneshotted him after that. Yaaa raiding confidence! Let me tell you, I was through the roof. There may have been critters in some starting zone somewhere, that I may have felt I could take on. Sigh.

Luckly I did get to stay as pew on the big bad proffesor and we got him down. And THAT sure was a confidence booster. Especcially with the comments in guild-chat:
"Yea Grats"
"wait.. those names, they look like alt names to me"
"go sleep"


torsdag den 14. januar 2010

Playing shadowpriest (how playing guitar hero helps)

 And so it was, that one night (well morning) my alt-raid 10 manned group turned to my priest and asked: "What is you secondary specc?"
And I told them: "It is the specc of Holy"
Then they asked me: "But, pray tell, what is your primary specc?"
And I answered them: "It is the specc of Disc"

And then there was silence. And I saw that silence was not good.

And then it was, that the Paladin turned towards the group and said: "But i am only specced for the holy persuasion", and the tree said: "I have a kitty, but my gear is crappeth".
And the raid leader looked down upon his group, and saw that this was bad. Twis was the dps that was needed on the mighty foe named Rotface, and there where no other alts to choose from, since they where all fast asleep, and all the mains where locked on the groups first clear-eth.
But lo! In the horizon, it was the lunchbreak and and there was time for respeccing.

And so it was, on this Sunday morning, of rest, that the Priest took it upon himself to venture to the Forge of Iron, and unlearn his holy specc and take up the arts of shadow.

So it was written, so it was true.

Yep, its all true, I am now shadow. And I suck.
Well hopefully I won't suck as much next weekend, now that I have read a little up on it. And had some time to test and try. On that sunday morning, all i had time for was respecc, gem and get my glyphs in order. I have not played shadow for... well forever.
I have never been interested in looking at that side of the road.... Okay there was that one time in TBC, But everyone experiments a little when and expansion comes out and..... DONT JUDGE ME!!

Erhm. So yea I knew nothing about shadow. So i armoried our two coolest shadowpriests and copied their specc and glyphs. Luckily they where both on alts in the same raid as me, and one of them, wagga, I had known for a long time (and we are from the same country). so the 20 minutes lunchbreak was for me, spend on some frantic Danish /w about "is this basically it?" "yea pretty much" and me running around reglyphing.

And boy did I suck. 2.3 k dps. on my best pull.
Oh my. (and yes, I was hit-capped, I was just that bad.)
Now a lot of the problems stemmed from the fact that this was a relative new boss, and a totally new function for me, and a hellyva lot of my problems was due to me not knowing diddly about shadow. For the longest time i thought it was my crits that made my SW:p refresh. (cut me some slack here, I had 20 minutes to respec and 30 sec to read anything).

Things are about to change
Well I am ignorant no more! I've found out the secret of playing shadow priests. The secret is this: Close your eyes and think of England.. . ehh no, think of guitar hero!

This is a shadowpriest, this was not a aprils fool

Think I'm kidding? linked this vid as the best description on how to figure out your cast rotation


Does this not loot a bit like this????

 I rest my case

tirsdag den 12. januar 2010

Friends and family testing of Cataclysm right around the corner

So I work late shifts on Wedensdays. That usually sucks when you want a little bit out of WoW before you have to go to work.
Today was no different, although it did give me this screenie


torsdag den 7. januar 2010

The Porn Star and the PUG

Go read the post titled: The Porn Star and the PUG over at pink pigtail inn, you will not regret this.

Best. post. ever.

I will not post what i had planned for this week, this post needs whatever small attention i can give it. (yes, that means that the two readers i have that does not read ppi regularly, now will. But its still two people!!)

oh right, Link

Edit: might as well rant over why I think this is such a great post. For years and years I have been raiding with the same guild. My guild (im not an officer of GM, but its my guild, cuz im in it).
I have played with the same core of people for most of that time. Sure some come, and new people enter, but at the most basic level, these are good friends.
I love chatting, raiding, questing and everything in-between, with them. Lately, things have changed. Not so much of an Cataclysmic change, but a more subtle one. I do not think that this change is neither good or bad. Its just there. And I, for one, needs to be aware of it, in order to enjoy my game. The thing that has changed is the instance Tool.

Not such a huge change there, i mean, we all know about it, and most of us love it. I do too.
But the mentality of players, when in it, has changed. I think the best way to exemplify this, is with this example:
yesterday, I ran a couple of dungeons on my DK, 4 of us in the group where guildies. We did the daily and then moved on to do the first of the new instances.. ehh the Forge of souls.
I've known 2 of the 3 other guildies for a long time now. And especcially one of them. in whispers and in raids we talk a lot. But that day, things where different. (note, this is not a slur at my lovely guildie friend. She is great, this was not her being a bad friend, player or guildie DAMMIT. This just shows the big change IMO)
We all greeted the 5th player that none of us knew and i started pulling. At the 4th pull i stopped up to make a smart little banter at said guildie. With me stopping to type [for the love of god, if there is anyone who knows how to tank and talk at the same time, when not on TS, please please tell me], the group almost wiped because... well... the others just pulled themselves without seeing that I was behind a corner.
At the first boss, I asked if everyone was ready and got "dont ask" "just gogogo". And on it went. "stop typing, just tank" I got told, when I explained that I couldn't tank and type at the same time.

Stop talking, start tanking
This was a sentence that stayed with me. It wasn't something I thought anything about at the time. I think my reply was "hehe okay boss" and then i chainedpulled like there was no tomorrow. But I did have a sour taste in my mouth when I logged of.
Is this where the new dungeon tool has taken us? Talking is only allowed in your breaks after bosses and when you are off "work" as tanking?
Is this what I've whored myself out to be (btw a whore or a prostitute is really not the same as an adult movie actor Elnia -if you ever read this)?
Have I turned myself into a silent worker-drone who takes a beating for a few measly tokens? (that is a very very specialized type of prostitute, maybe tanks should get 'payed' more.... hmm...)
When did I sell out, talking to friends, for loot? When did WoW, for me, stop being about making online friends and having fun, to collecting loot? When did this happen to everyone?

Well no more. From now on, when i am tanking, it will take my time, and chat. At least when im with guildies. I should probably start the invites by saying that i am not like the other tanks. Maybe there should be an RP addon requirement to run dungeons. Or an extra box to tick "looking for friends" or "willing to chat". I know i am not going through the dungeons as fast as i could, when I have to stop to chat, but i am surely having a lot more fun, and I hope that the people i run with are too. At least if they know, that this is for teh funz and not for the bagdes... and gunz? I dunno, Im looking for a slogan here.
Maybe "running dungeons to chat, not to get badges and thats that"? -suggestions are more than welcome.

tirsdag den 5. januar 2010

Blessed are the ignorant, for they shall inherent the loot

I have 4 WoW toons at the glorious level of 80.
Two of them raid, do heroics and look hot (and are dwarfs).
One looks hot (and is a dwarf) and spends his days looking at all the greens i mail him to DE.
The 4th is also sort of hot. If you like looking at girls... With tails (she is not a dwarf, so there are limits to how hot she can be, even if she is blond).

Where am I getting with this? Well. The reason only two of my toons raid and do dungeons, is the story of this post.
A little history. I am almost sort of newish at tanking. For years and years i was a healer. I was a priest, and I healed when priests where the only choice for a healer. And I was a priest healing, when priests where the only healer you took with you, because you had real healers cancelled (remember those days? when shamans could raid heal, druids could hot and br and innervate and paladins could MH and priests could do a tiny bit of each?).
Where was I going with this? Oh yea, I can heal. I'm comfortable with healing. I even like healing (at least in wrath) so that is one toon down.
My other raiding and dungeon running toon is my Death knight. We where a lot of people rerolling DKs when wrath came out. Only two of us (in my guild) are left raiding. And only one is doing 25 manned (i, sadly, am not that person no more... Lord, give me more free time). Im pretty cool with the fact that many alt dk's are better geared than me, because they have time to run 25 on alt days. I am also pretty cool with the fact that I've proven myself as a tank by now. I've stood there as the MT in 25 content hard mode, looking at Vezax and taking my fair share of beating and lived through it.
There ain't no raid boss I've faced and not tanked well (okay, so there was that one time... 5 times... 15 times I've screwed up and wiped up. but hey, I've learned!!).
Point is, I am comfortable taking him out for a spin in dungeons.

Then there is the paladin. He is the disenchanter and prot paladin. Prot paladin is *fun*, its great. I love it. I really really do. But I do not raid or run dungeons with him. "But why?" you ask, "Is he not geared, is he not a dwarf, is he not hot?" Yes he is. He is def capped and in 50% purples. And a lot of ilvl 200 blues, and one green I think. He is perfectly capable of doing dungeons. So why don't I?
Because I think to much.
Same problem I have with my 4th toon. The nealry as hot hunter (with her pet 'raindog'). She has spend all of her career leveling up as BM, and cooking and herbing and fishing for me. I didn't roll her to be a girl and do girly stereotypical things and be a male chauvinistic pig, that just sort of happenede....
Ehh the cooking part, not me being... I'm not a chauvinist!!

Dammit, I lost my point. Oh yea, apart from some Karazhan back in the day, she has done no raiding either. Because I think too much.

I think too much, and worry too much. I care that my paladin doesn't have 30k health yet. It matters to me that -without thinking- I cannot just flip on all of my cooldowns and use every trick in the book, yet, to survive if pooh hits fans.
I worry, that I cannot follow the best rotations on my hunter in my sleep, while keeping an eye out for loose mobs that needs to be MD or trapped. Because, I can do these type of things with my DK and with my priests, without thinking about it. I know when to pop trinkets, when to flash and when to penance. I know when its time for Icebound fortitude, and when its enough to use bone shield. And when I do not feel 100% comfortable about going in, i just won't.

I know its just a matter of sucking it up, going in and doing it. But I'm not having fun when 4 strangers ridicule my gear and ask if im sure im wearing all my tank gear, and I know that I cannot make up for the fact, that I have lousy gear, with my experience and my mad paladin tanking skills. It is a vicious circle.
I know it is wrong. I know I should just do it, but I can't.
Its a weakness of mine, and it becomes more apparent when i do not have time to invest. If I had 4-5 hours everyday of free time to play wow, I would end up going into dungeons with some other toons, simply out of boredom.
But as it is, I spend all the time I have in WoW with 2 dungeon runs, herbing and doing my cooldowns (alchemy, inscription, smelting ect) to make a little gold.
And when the choice stands between a fun succesfull run on priest or DK, or possibly a lot of time spend on a lot of hard work for possibly nothing more but ridicule, so far, I've taken the easy way out.

I am not proud of it.
But luckily things are about to change!
4 seperate things has happened that has pushed me to this change.
1. I've realised that I've been a coward and denied myself and opportunity to grow as a person (and as a player)
2. I've rekinddled my love for one of my all time favorite poems (this isn't really a good poem in any other way than its meaning - but its a great meaning And its the only frikking poem you know in english -yea, and that)
and finally 4. I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers

How does this all add up to change? Well. you see, the first two are about me not being afraid no more. The 3rd is more of an "if that ignorant can go in and get "the patient" title, I sure as fuck can". And the 4th is my excuse!
You see, what Klepsacovic is saying, is that if a system of stats should work, it should also make sense. So my excuse is Science. (or quasi-semi-science)
In the glorius name of science i will use my hunter offspecc of Survival (i think it is) that I've copied from Ensidias guide to hunters. I've read nothing else.
So based on my own knowledge of hunters in TBC (and that was not a lot) and logic and my old-skool D&D experience, i will try and deduce how to best to do dmg as a hunter. I will not use guides or any wisdom other people might bestow upon me.

Strength, can't be good, doesn't take much muscle to pull the trigger of a gun. Agility.. well hmm, I dunno maybe, it was the only stat you needed once. Armor piercing! Yes that ought to be good, get them armor piercing bullets, they ought to hurt ect ect ect that will be my thinking, as for abilities to use, ill try my luck and see what I'll end up with.
So far I know i won't be a burden. Raindog and me pulled 2k on dummies a while back, when i tried the specc out, and we have gotten better gear (and icecrown bullets) since.

It is going to be fun, its going to be scientific and best of all, it will (hopefully) get me to get my pally in gear once again!!
And lastly, we ALL know that the moronic idiot in the run, is always the one to get all the cool drops! So Blessed are the ignorant, for they shall inherent the loot!!

for the curious here is the armory

mandag den 4. januar 2010

The love of fail-pugs (pt 3) - the final chapter


Whoever said that I had high morals?

"Who is this guy?" You may wonder.

Go enjoy the many other aspects Calli did not mention. Like the fact that his professions are 1/enchanting and 428/tailoring.
I like that.
Anyways, stay tuned for serious topic about serious things. I swear. I have one planned and everything.

Almost pushed "publish" -then I got scared. I suddenly remembered how Matt (himself) gave me a not so subtle reminder, that sometimes words can be mean, and I can piss people off.

Well, plader, if you somehow miraculously is reading this. Post a comment here, and i will take you through your 50 (and counting) mistakes in playing a DK.