mandag den 7. december 2009

Why healing in Cataclysm suddenly got very very interesting

I had this whole post set up about how healing was going to change dramatically in Cataclysm.
Then over the weekend tobold posts about it, much cleaner and better than I ever could
Go read it, i got time, come on back and ill tell you a story.

Welcome back. Doesn't that sound great?
in short: healing will not be a whack-a-mole game, but a slower more mana conservative thinking game (did I hear some vanilla people yell: "again"?).
That is something that might get me worked up about healing again. Remember I did use to love it once :)
So now bosses won't hit so hard, tanks will have more stam and will take more than 3-4 hits to die. So combat might... well not combat, the important part of combat (tank-healer part of combat) that might become a little slower and more of a thinking players game. A question of decisions rather than quick reactions and rotations-spamming. YES old people get to play too :D

Honestly, personally I very much welcome this. Healing imo has become way too much spam-dont-think, and that is not what I like about healing. Starring at meters waiting for one of them to drop an inch and then compete with the other healers to get it back up the fastest. That really is not me.
I'd much rather go OOM really fast, and have to think about what I cast and when.

Then again, I do have a grumpy old man part of me, and this is also what they promised at the launch of TBC *and* wrath, so it remains to be seen. But teh dorf priest is not going to be retired as I might initially have thought.

YES this also means that I am officially getting Cataclysm. I really thought I was out once the Lich king keeled over, but I guess im not :)

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