onsdag den 2. december 2009

US gamers (vs EU gamers)

(yes, i am very proud of this little wordplay –thank you)

Reading Matts guest post on The pink pigtail inn’s blog, I couldn’t help but think –well, a lot of things. First: “So?”

Then “Really, was that it?” and then “I see! You are American.”

…And all of a sudden, the Death knight has ‘beef’ with the coolest Priest blogger out there (and he is even a Dwarf too!!).

So what am I saying? That I hated the post? That I think that American gamers are weird aliens that post boring stuff (unlike myself) and that Matt in particular live up to these prejudices?


First off, I’m fairly positive half my own posts are very boring to anyone other than me, secondly I think I would have noticed Matt being not European a lot earlier (seeing as I am a vivid reader), if he was indeed a weird American that was weird. And I think that I would probably not read his blog if I did find it boring.

I do not find his blog boring. I love it.

There, niceties over.

So why was I so stunned over the post at the pigtail inn? Because it was boring. Boring, dull and not interesting. And I didn’t get the pictures either. Sure pretty pictures help a blog post look nice, and if the mean something then they aren’t in the way.

They didn’t mean diddly. For example:

To illustrate that he has alts in other guilds.

Imma like gonna go wuuuh? Or in something resembling English: I am confused. What are we trying to communicate here?

But then again, maybe there is a point to the use of this picture, and the rest of the post.

We will get to that after my next rant about why I found his post boring.

I have “diverse” languageOh noes call the care-police, because we have a violation here. That is right, I couldn’t care less.

So you swear, and ill bet you kiss your mother with those lips too. I have a feeling I’m caught in mylifeisaverage.com (I kindda fell in love with that, though), I mean for me this is like saying: ‘I woke up this morning and was breathing’, its sort of nice to know, but not news-worthy stuff. (unless you where Sylvanas or Jimmy Hoffa).

And then we get to my 3rd ‘revelation’ “I see! You are American”

All the time I have been playing WoW, I’ve always had the sense of we all play video-games, we all LOVE playing video games, and we all love the same video game, so we must be sort of very similar Gevlon the greedy goblin, took that piece of my belief and ripped it to shreds. (until I saw through his disguise – that’s for another post) And now I realise that even geography matters when it comes to gamers.

Through the years I’ve made many friends in wow, people who lived all over Europe (even one lost Canadian), and bonded with em all. And now Matt has gone and ruined it. Ruined it all, I tell ya!!

Because I truly believe that posts that say: “Im a guild-leader and im just like you, I get scared doing this –and I USE CUSS WORDS” are only fun and interesting for the US audience. So I guess the big pond does add some barriers.

On the other hand, it did spark me to write this post about it… hmm

Hope I didn’t bore you all too much J

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  1. If nothing else it's a good thing it inspired you to a blog post!
    I thought it was fun and interesting, since Matticus is writing rather unpersonal these days on his ordinary blog, mostly healing guides, strategies etc, which don't interest me. He used to be more personal back in time. I enjoyed seeing another side of him. But it's a matter of taste and you apparently prefer something else.

    About cultural differences - Elnia is American. I don't know if you can see a great difference in our writing because of this? But yeah, often in my blogging I find that I have a bit different views to the US player base. For instance my views on Mr T....

    Finally: I agree about pictures. I don't share Matticus view on this. I have no probems with wall-of text blogs. Content > looks in my blog reading priorities.

    I still think it was fun to have a guest speak up like that and I would welcome other occasional guest posts in my inn in the future, although I will be the one speaking most of the time as usual ofc.

  2. I can actually tell that Elnia is from the states, but that would sort of ruin the whole point of this post (well muddle it up anyways).
    About the pictures, I think that a picture presented in the right way at the right time, adds a LOT to a blog post, that text simply cannot- Matts examples seems more to be pictures, for the sake of pictures tbh.
    I was not dissing you having a guest post btw. its a very welcome opportunity for both you and the guest to try different things - maybe I would have hoped that the stuff in the guest-post would reflect the type of blog they where written for.
    I do not think that happened here, sadly.

  3. Interesting post. I find Matt's posts difficult because although he's a very good and very accomplished writer, it isn't really the style I enjoy reading. I like blogs because they're sparky and personal and sometimes challenging, and they make me think. Writing like a self-help guide and not allowing the reader to get into your head is a barrier to my connecting with the writer.

    Maybe it is partly down to cultural differences, I do enjoy reading gaming blogs by european writers.

    Larisa: Elnia isn't bland or boring :)

  4. I very much agree, at least on account to this post from Matt. Some of his other stuff (the 'how to start a guild' series, comes to mind) where very interesting and had me hooked for a long time.

    And I hope that I didn't insinuate that I thought Elnia was bland or boring! Because I do not :)

  5. Is that picture Adam Lambert? Maybe that's "alternative," which links to "alts," which links to Matticus's point. Or maybe not.

    We "Americans" do enjoy your blog DDK. Just sayin.

  6. Uhh, that may be right. So what you are saying is that Matt outsmarted me there? Well, I can live with that :)

    Glad you like it Fitz, i like writing it, so everyone wins!

  7. You're never boring, DDK - if there isn't a thought provoking post there's Tom Waits. It's a win-win situation ;)

    Regarding Matt's post, I did kind of skim it when went up, I have to admit. I think the thing is that I see Matt very much as a "utility" blogger. I read when I want to know something - a healing strat, for example, but otherwise I don't read that closely at all. But then I read blogs for (at the risk of sounding like an American) 'dialogue' and entertainment.

    I guess it was nice, in a way, that he tried to write something a bit more personal but, as I say, since I'm an appreciative if not exactly devoted reader, it fell a bit flat for me as well.

  8. Maybe that was where I tourned sour on the post too.
    It was like hearing your information science teacher explain to you how he pulls girls - its sort of uncomfortable (but a part of you wants to hear more)

  9. But that ruins my little pun :(
    dammit. Hope you took the post for what it was, me not getting it. Like I tried to write, I really enjoy your blog :)