onsdag den 9. december 2009

Responsible for [the creation of] Snottydin

Yes that is right. All your props are belong to me!

...since he was responsible for Snottydin in the first place

WOOP Woop!!

And other slangs.

"But DDK, now that you got this mad props, whatever will you do now?"

Im going to Kyoto!!
Thats right, tomorrow morning im going to Japan to visit my little brother, and make sure he is doing all his homework. So Don't count on me posting nothing new for a while.
And now the grumpy old man has a few words to add to all of this:

So what did Blizzard decide to do? Wait untill I was going away before they launched new content?
Frikking thats what they did. And also. a 4 week cycle before next part of the instance? Im sorry that is just shitty. So I'll miss the bosses when everything is new and exciting *and* we will get to have alts in the 3rd degree killing everything in IC before they release the next part of this saga. So in april, the Lich King will die for the first time ON NORMAL, and then people will get to try the hard modes. So the first Legendary will be out when? November? Fuck that. Seriously fuck that, right in the eye.

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