tirsdag den 22. december 2009

The love of fail-pugs

"Lol, just had a lock pull 800 dps in halls of reflection, and the tank could only singletarget tank"
"that is nothing, my groups hunter bitched and moaned about the tanks gear and health (40k health is bad, mmmkay??) then proceeded to pull 832dps in the instance, and wipe us"
"how did he manage that?"
"he Md'ed on his pet and started throwing distracting shot at the untanked mobs -it was glorious"

It was glorious indeed. Both are my own stories from PuGs in the last couple of days. How I love fail-pugs.
I love everything about them. The grinding of teeth -when you are in them, the bonding of guildies over fail-pug players. and the fire-side tales in blogs and other places -when they are over with.
This morning, I even found myself browsing the mmo-champion forum, looking for fail-pug stories. (I think this equates reading the grey pages on a lonely sunday night while wearing nothing but a bottle of Jack Daniels and a phone - So no, this was not a highpoint in my life).

But there you have it, I am a fail-PuG-aholic. and I am not ashamed. The best ones however are the ones written by talented Blog-posters (two spring to mind: My very own guildie Mr pew pew and both tam and Chas over at the orbs) When it is well-written, and the fail is big in said pug... Well its like a drug to me. I think its the whole "oh my, at least I would never do that, so maybe im a great player".

Like one of my eastern european guildies said to me (.. there was an inside joke there, just skip that and read on unless you are Cloud) when discussing the lack of DK threat when tanking "I would just prefer to think of us as imba and the class as having a problem" - This was after me doubting myself and saying maybe I just sucked at tanking as a dk...
And he was right!! It does feel much better to think of yourself as being right, and there is no better way of doing just that than to look down on others!

Isn't that why people are so cheritable around x-mas? So they can feel better about themselves by taking pitty on the weak and poor?
"LOL at you mr homeless-toothless-drug-addict, here have a drumstick"

So in the spirit of x-mas: please link and share with me all your best fail-pug stories!!!

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  1. I love to read entertaining fail-pug stories too. Krizzlybear wrote one of the best ever about a horror event in BRD if I recall it correctly. However I must say that I rarely, if ever, get into fail pugs myself. The ones I've attended recently thanks to the new random dungeon system, have been quick, pretty smooth and efficient - but really boring from a blogging perspective. There isn't anything to say about them, really. WTB a fail pug for blogging material!

  2. Thank God im a librarian!! That one was a bit of a hard nut to crak. ^^
    For those of you who - like me- only know krizzlybear by his blogging site, what Lar meant was: gnomeaggedon!
    And i think its this little gem of a post: http://gnomeaggedon.net/2009/11/18/two-parts-fail-one-part-win/

    Oh, i do believe i've gotten my fix of the day! thanks :D

  3. Librarian or not, you fail!!!


    Here's the post I was thinking of. Made me laugh so much that my stomach hurt. Awesome.

  4. Oh my, that was a horrible fail. Let us never mention that again.
    There is a funny story behind it, I went to frost is the new black, read that gnomeraggedon was doing something there and thought "i know him, i thought he only had the one blog".... Ill go read krizzlys blog and enjoy!

  5. Hmm...I usually write up my worst fails for you blogging pleasure - but I will ponder and see if I can remember any more. No, damn that, I will throw myself into LFG and see if I can come up with any more :)

    Also I have secret, dirty love for failpugs as well - not when I'm in them, of course, but afterwards I always think: "oooh, I could blog about this!"

  6. Thats the spirit! Torture yourself for my (and others) reading pleasure!!