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ideas for Cataclysm (Thanks Matt)

Not too long ago I did a little moaning and bitching about a certain blogger, well allow me to do my own little ying yang thing, and give props when props are due!
This little gem of a post, gave me a much needed happy-warm-fuzzy-feeling and about Cataclysm of all things. Sure its just a thought, sure Blizz will not make this so. But the idea is so refreshing and great that I just have to jump on the wagon and rant on about this!

Also this is a very nice setup for a little series of posts i've been working on for a little while.

"so what was the damned post about, you dwarf of a blogger?" you may cry. Well, it starts of with a gentle reminder to me about the greatest quest Blizz ever made. And it was a class only quest. It was a Priest only quest. It was called "The balance of light and shadow" And just like Matt says, it taught me how to heal. But more importantly, it taught me how to love (

This single little quest gave me a start and an end on how to heal. It made me understand my class in ways that I still use today -some odd 4 years later.
(god, right now im just repeating his post it seems, ill get to my part shortly, i need to set this up, dammit).
So here I am, bitching about people not being able to play *their* class, and the answer is right there in front of me. Make the little ignorant buggers learn!

Learning by playing.

Its all the rage for the mangement type of people I read, so why not use it in a place where you play all the frikking time. Make them little bugger love tanking, that would mean shorter queues for my hunter! Make em understand how to dps -that would relieve my Dwarf DK of a few grey hairs. Make em.. fuck it, FORCE them to try healing a mass group of headless chicken dps'ers with little to no health left. That will teach em... To play conservatively and smarter.
Larning by playing. Teaching players how other parts of the trinity (thats the healer, tank and dps trinity im talking bout) works, can only improve on the game alltogether. Heck, some might find that they really like this playstyle, and that will increase their enjoyment of the game aswell.

Everyone wins.

Here is how I think it could work out. Have 4 vehicle sorts of quests. You need to complete all 4 of them in order to gain access to any instances at level 85.
Quest one: heal stuff
Quest two: Tank stuff
Quest three: melee stuff
Quest four: Range pew stuff

You will take control over an Glyphmaster, strongman, armsman, and conjuror respectively, and through their trials and tribulations you will earn yourself a nice little title (maybe on all of your toons) called "plays well" and access to enter dungeons.
It will be glorious. Maybe a little elitist, but teaching the masses will have to be. Some may cry and whine: "why are you forcing me to heal stuf, im not a chick in a sissy robe" -but noone is forcing them. Just like noone is forcing you to grind battlegrounds for resilience gear, but if you want to arena you still do this. Same with instances.
I know, that I'll like it :)

Im sure that Blizz still has enough talent working for them to make these quests doable and workable and fun. if not...

Well, drop me a mail on nogetsjovt [at] googles email and give me an offer!! Im not very expensive.
(too much, right?)

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  1. Would be nice, but I don't think would really teach people. That can only be done from start, not when you're already 80. So the idea is good, but to be implemented at lower levels. In fact would be great to start as classless at level 1 and then you try several aspects like tanking or healing. Then at level 10 you can decide your path (as you start gaining skill points). Also you shouldn't be able to reach level 10 until you have completed all the quests. Once your path has been chosen and you have a class, Blizz must add quests that teaches you how to play your class, like single target healing, multiple target healing, melee dps without overaggroing, mobile tanking (avoiding fire, etc), incoming adds taunting, aoe aggro gain, etc
    Since people would know how to play their class from start would be better for anyone. Also it's great to perform actions belonging to another classes so you get a taste of what other people do, like mages tanking Krosh Firehand in Gruul's Lair.

  2. Well, the damage is done -so to speak. Yes it would be ideal to have taught people these things from the go. But that ship has long sailed. Personally I would still find it fun and edutaining to have these quests at level 85 before you start instancing.