torsdag den 3. december 2009

The fall of the Greedy Goblin

"So now its a theme eh? you pick on other blogs?"

Well it wasn't planned. But then the Greedy Goblin did something completly shitty.

He sold out.

He fell for his greed and took into his arms a person he had once asociated with the scum of the earth (and rightly so). He wrote this post.
And what a douchebag.
For those of you who do not regularly read the greedy goblin. Here is some explaining.
Once upon a time There was a gamer who where probably the best moneymaker in wow. He decided to share his wisdom with the world. Very noble of him.
He even got my favorite inn-keeper to praise him.

Then he started getting a lot of readers ( and rightly so, he is the best at what he does).
But with a lot of readers comes a lot of slimeballs, and he explained to us all how "No means NO!!"
Then he did something even cooler, he said that moneymaking bored him now, so he would write about other things.
Then... Well then something happend. My guess is as good as yours, but the end result was the same.
He took that slimeball up on his offer, and started to direct all of his traffic to the horrible goldselling site.
Ofc he did not do it plainly, he just wrote the above post saying: Look at how this guy makes his gold, can you belive what he writes? (go look at his site where there is goldselling guides and there is even possibly some account phishing)

Isn't that nice of him? To make some real life cash on preying on his readers? Yea and scamming and exploiting them a little along the way too.

How pathetic is this? writing a post about how he would never directly or indirectly sell out to the scammers, and then 2 weeks later doing just that?

And if I read one commenter saying that he isn't getting payed for that link on that post? Let me ask you this: Do you think the greedy Goblin would link to this sort of site, if he didn't? Do you think he is a 'social' that would just link to this guy out of the goodness of his heart? I don't think so either.

(Ill just add in the end, that when he posted his link to the mans guide, i wrote a post on his blog saying pretty much the above so he could get a chance to prove me wrong. Look at how that post did not make it onto his blog. Sad)

So this is what happens when you rant, you go out of a train of thought thinking that everyone is on board. Ill try and make myself clearer. In the "No means NO!" post Gevlon shoved us, that all the Slimy goldspammer wanted Gevlon to do, what write a post saying "look how this guy makes gold" and then say his Gods honest opinion about it.
That would lead all of the goblins readers to follow said link, and The Goblin would profit from the traffic directed from his site.
Gevlon said "I will do none such thing" and then two weeks later wrote the post that pissed me of ever so much.
Because in that post he writes: Look how this goldspamming/account phissing/lowlife is making money, go on, go follow the link and go to his blog [my words, not entirely what he wrote]. So he was doing just what he so high and mightily and full of integrity claimed that he would never ever ever do - and he did so, just two weeks later.

Edit on edit:
Like the Goblin said before making a post that did just that:
PS: if anyone would think it's some kind of shady advertisement, notice, that I haven't mentioned the site. You only know which site sent me these letters because you know the WoW goldmaking blogs.
Then he went and did a direct link to the site, and even encouraged readers to go there and even admits that "Markco can make gold eternally" (but adds that you can do better following the goblins more tricky ways of doing things). So he basically posted to the lazyer amongst his readers: go there do that, its an easy way of making gold - for the more complex way to make a little more gold, stay here.

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  1. I'm afraid I don't quite follow. I thought that Gevlon wrote a blog post about that he disagreed on the slimy guide seller's advice? That's kind of normal practice. You link to other people's posts if you're making a follow-up post about it, helping the readers to understand what you're talking about.

    Maybe I'm just too stupid not to understand the problem here. Anyway I'm honestly completely uninterested in gold farming so to me it's just a big /shrug. I hope Gevlon starts writing about other stuff as he has promised to do. More about that in the "Tickled pink" post incoming tonight!

  2. maybe I wasnt clear enough. It makes sense to me, then again i spend way too much time reading comments. Ill edit and elaborate

  3. Honestly, I'd never know about anything that was going on if I didn't read your blog =P

  4. Maybe im just a big conspirist (or conspiriator or w/e) But it just seems so phony to me. Some huge part of me is dead certain that if the greedy Goblin even did read my blog, he would comment something along the lines of "this is why you are completly wrong, MS moron" and I would have to post an apology... I just can't see what that would be