lørdag den 19. december 2009

Dungeon finder - I got tricked!

So imma back. And a little late to the party this time around.
Many more talented bloggers have allready posted what there is to say about 3.3's newest gimmick: the dungeon finder (im talking about mr pew pew and the orbs that are righteous)
But i felt compelled to post something that shocked me: The dungeon finder (however great it is) is the complete opposite of multiplayer and social gaming that I had hoped it to be.
There is hardly any interaction, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone willing to bond with someone cross-server who they will never ever meet again (let alone say "its a better item for you ill pass" -lemme tell ya, i got me some weird looks doing that).

But hey, its a great way to run dungons (which i like the most about this game), and it is also a super way to gear alts (my priest is now more experienced than my main... the dwarf death knight), due to the new raid beeing so utterly uselessly boringly easy.
Either my raiding team has gone from great raiders to 1337 wurld bestsest players, or its just mindnumbingly easy.
On a 50% main 50% alt run (we split it up for more runs through) we managed to clear the whole place without any wipes (well there was one trash pull where our tank dc'ed). And, yes, the lore is great, the setting is stunning, and im sure we will struggle a bit more with me as the mt - but still they question nags me:

Why are we beeing forced to run through dull-easy street and wait for the hard modes? Why can't we chose to get challenged? Why? The hardmodes are going to be available, why not now? why do I have to spend my raids stealing candy from crippled raidbosses while I wait for a challenge? Why am i beeing forced to see all the content before I get to try it in a challenging way? why o' why?

Also Tam and Chastity, if you are out there: the "Authenticate this comment using OpenID. " option is really not working very well on your site. (and also the shrivelled heart DOES look like a Maraca!

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  1. I know, it's fucked - it's a problem with 34sp, which is going to require some awful diplomacy to sort out. You should be able to comment without it though...?

  2. Yes i figured it out (im slow that way) eventually, but so many insightful comments got lost on the way. Well, as insightful as they get.

  3. Meanwhile, my guild's B-team couldn't get Lord Marrowgar down. Le sigh. Happy to hear of the raiding success and hopefully more challenges in the near future though (our B-team really is bad).

    3.3 is still a wonderful patch, and I think it will become more social again once battle.net syncs up and lets us have cross-realm and cross-faction friends lists. Then you can chat or build relationships with someone cross-realm.

  4. Very true Fitz.
    I prob should mention that our "b-team" is very fully geared hardmode ToC ect - and also, im not doing 25 manned raids no more, only 10 manned.
    Also Im happy to report, that we did fine with me tanking aswell :D