mandag den 28. december 2009

Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Thats right beeatches!!

Due to the fantastic new dungeon finder group thing, the lure of the frost emblems and my need to everyday punish myself with tanking all walks of life. I've earned the achievement to end all achievements.
It was glorious. I had even forgotten that The Prophet Tharon'ja, had bugged out on me the last time that I was there.
So when I went to Drak'Tharon Keep to tank for some guildies to get the daily random dungeon. I was as supriced as the rest of (the alts that all had that achievements on both alts and mains... whatever, i earned it more :) them that I got a double ding in guildchat
and a brandspanking new title to boot.
It was glorious. Im a real champion!

Also, happy new years!

And running dungeons with strangers is still a solo experience. There is NO chatting whatsoever. No matter what i do, no matter how many puns i throw out there. And im giving it my all!!
The only thing pug instance people seems to care about is this: "merry christmas all" That usually gets me a "you too" or "yea m xms" and then they pull the next group and i run to taunt off the little morons that couldn't

3 kommentarer:

  1. *drunken chorus*

    Weeeeeee arrrrre the champions
    Weeeeeee arrrrre the champions
    No time for Looooooooosers
    Weeeee arrrrrre the champions
    Of ... the Frozen Wastes!

  2. Oh damned right, im going to sing that song this thursday!! Great idea :D

  3. Gratz you nab :P (I still lack Malygos to get that one)