tirsdag den 29. december 2009

The love of fail-pugs (pt 2)

This post will disrupt my planned blog-theme setup, but to hell with that!!

These stories needs to be told (also at the end, more fail PuG stories)

There was the story of the imbahunter, who used MD on himself on mobs that I had not picked up, then adding "i will try and dps less on the next pack so you can get aggro". How about you just frikking shoot at the right adds? And a little extra tip from me to you: when you fight General Bjarngrim it really helps if you gun down the adds first... you know, like the tank tanking them told you to.
It was the same hunter who -or so he told- had a healing alt "so i know how to heal", so he didn't need a healer and a tank telling him when the healer needed mana, before he was allowed to pull the next mobs... or bosses. 15% mana is plenty for a Disc priest it seems.

Then there was the glorious paladin. I loved this guy. I really truly did. He was the 5th dps in our otherwise guild-dungeon run. He turned up in tanking trinkets, +spellpower shoulders and a magnificent weapon to boot: Cleaver of Diligence (I believe it was, it was green and no higher ilvl than 170). Now that was all fine and dandy. (well not really, he was clearly using his trinkets and shoulder items to boost his ilvl stat and get in a better group). The best part of this group was a number of little things that added up to great comedic heights.
- He was not very old, or not very good at english. Or both.
- our tank was played by an alt of our perfectionist raid leader (lets call that alt "britney")
- He was a horrible player.

First off, he never typed anything when we started the run. And we tried. We tried greeting, making some jabs at eachother to lighten the mood (imo running with 4 guys who clearly know eachother can be quite intimidating, so we tried to make him feel welcome), but he wasn't biting. He just spend 5 seconds looking at a fight, then running in and hitting some mobs as they where about to die. This happened for 3 pulls. Then I tried to get him to a) change aura to something other than the "pala-travel-fast" one. He did not.
Then I tried to get him to buff people. He did not, well, not until our forementioned raidleader tanking alt told him to buff, then *he* got might. Nothing for the rest of us.
At this time /g chat was filled with "look at this item" "now whats he doing". But we carried on. then he started pulling more mob-packs. At this time 'Britney' had had enough.
"why did you pull that pack mr ret?" He asked.
"why are you not buffing the rest" He asked again
"Hello, are you able to speak at all" At this time i was still lost in his gemming choices.
Then an answer came.

"Hello! gogog" Was all he said, as he went for the next pack.
I think something inside Britney broke then. A quick vote-to-kick was insued, and a deathknight guildie alt took his place, and the rest was history.

I still smile whenever I think of his response. Especcially considering the first of my link list to other fail-pug stories.

mandag den 28. december 2009

ideas for Cataclysm (Thanks Matt)

Not too long ago I did a little moaning and bitching about a certain blogger, well allow me to do my own little ying yang thing, and give props when props are due!
This little gem of a post, gave me a much needed happy-warm-fuzzy-feeling and about Cataclysm of all things. Sure its just a thought, sure Blizz will not make this so. But the idea is so refreshing and great that I just have to jump on the wagon and rant on about this!

Also this is a very nice setup for a little series of posts i've been working on for a little while.

"so what was the damned post about, you dwarf of a blogger?" you may cry. Well, it starts of with a gentle reminder to me about the greatest quest Blizz ever made. And it was a class only quest. It was a Priest only quest. It was called "The balance of light and shadow" And just like Matt says, it taught me how to heal. But more importantly, it taught me how to love (...wow).

This single little quest gave me a start and an end on how to heal. It made me understand my class in ways that I still use today -some odd 4 years later.
(god, right now im just repeating his post it seems, ill get to my part shortly, i need to set this up, dammit).
So here I am, bitching about people not being able to play *their* class, and the answer is right there in front of me. Make the little ignorant buggers learn!

Learning by playing.

Its all the rage for the mangement type of people I read, so why not use it in a place where you play all the frikking time. Make them little bugger love tanking, that would mean shorter queues for my hunter! Make em understand how to dps -that would relieve my Dwarf DK of a few grey hairs. Make em.. fuck it, FORCE them to try healing a mass group of headless chicken dps'ers with little to no health left. That will teach em... To play conservatively and smarter.
Larning by playing. Teaching players how other parts of the trinity (thats the healer, tank and dps trinity im talking bout) works, can only improve on the game alltogether. Heck, some might find that they really like this playstyle, and that will increase their enjoyment of the game aswell.

Everyone wins.

Here is how I think it could work out. Have 4 vehicle sorts of quests. You need to complete all 4 of them in order to gain access to any instances at level 85.
Quest one: heal stuff
Quest two: Tank stuff
Quest three: melee stuff
Quest four: Range pew stuff

You will take control over an Glyphmaster, strongman, armsman, and conjuror respectively, and through their trials and tribulations you will earn yourself a nice little title (maybe on all of your toons) called "plays well" and access to enter dungeons.
It will be glorious. Maybe a little elitist, but teaching the masses will have to be. Some may cry and whine: "why are you forcing me to heal stuf, im not a chick in a sissy robe" -but noone is forcing them. Just like noone is forcing you to grind battlegrounds for resilience gear, but if you want to arena you still do this. Same with instances.
I know, that I'll like it :)

Im sure that Blizz still has enough talent working for them to make these quests doable and workable and fun. if not...

Well, drop me a mail on nogetsjovt [at] googles email and give me an offer!! Im not very expensive.
(too much, right?)

Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Thats right beeatches!!

Due to the fantastic new dungeon finder group thing, the lure of the frost emblems and my need to everyday punish myself with tanking all walks of life. I've earned the achievement to end all achievements.
It was glorious. I had even forgotten that The Prophet Tharon'ja, had bugged out on me the last time that I was there.
So when I went to Drak'Tharon Keep to tank for some guildies to get the daily random dungeon. I was as supriced as the rest of (the alts that all had that achievements on both alts and mains... whatever, i earned it more :) them that I got a double ding in guildchat
and a brandspanking new title to boot.
It was glorious. Im a real champion!

Also, happy new years!

And running dungeons with strangers is still a solo experience. There is NO chatting whatsoever. No matter what i do, no matter how many puns i throw out there. And im giving it my all!!
The only thing pug instance people seems to care about is this: "merry christmas all" That usually gets me a "you too" or "yea m xms" and then they pull the next group and i run to taunt off the little morons that couldn't

tirsdag den 22. december 2009

The love of fail-pugs

"Lol, just had a lock pull 800 dps in halls of reflection, and the tank could only singletarget tank"
"that is nothing, my groups hunter bitched and moaned about the tanks gear and health (40k health is bad, mmmkay??) then proceeded to pull 832dps in the instance, and wipe us"
"how did he manage that?"
"he Md'ed on his pet and started throwing distracting shot at the untanked mobs -it was glorious"

It was glorious indeed. Both are my own stories from PuGs in the last couple of days. How I love fail-pugs.
I love everything about them. The grinding of teeth -when you are in them, the bonding of guildies over fail-pug players. and the fire-side tales in blogs and other places -when they are over with.
This morning, I even found myself browsing the mmo-champion forum, looking for fail-pug stories. (I think this equates reading the grey pages on a lonely sunday night while wearing nothing but a bottle of Jack Daniels and a phone - So no, this was not a highpoint in my life).

But there you have it, I am a fail-PuG-aholic. and I am not ashamed. The best ones however are the ones written by talented Blog-posters (two spring to mind: My very own guildie Mr pew pew and both tam and Chas over at the orbs) When it is well-written, and the fail is big in said pug... Well its like a drug to me. I think its the whole "oh my, at least I would never do that, so maybe im a great player".

Like one of my eastern european guildies said to me (.. there was an inside joke there, just skip that and read on unless you are Cloud) when discussing the lack of DK threat when tanking "I would just prefer to think of us as imba and the class as having a problem" - This was after me doubting myself and saying maybe I just sucked at tanking as a dk...
And he was right!! It does feel much better to think of yourself as being right, and there is no better way of doing just that than to look down on others!

Isn't that why people are so cheritable around x-mas? So they can feel better about themselves by taking pitty on the weak and poor?
"LOL at you mr homeless-toothless-drug-addict, here have a drumstick"

So in the spirit of x-mas: please link and share with me all your best fail-pug stories!!!

lørdag den 19. december 2009

Dungeon finder - I got tricked!

So imma back. And a little late to the party this time around.
Many more talented bloggers have allready posted what there is to say about 3.3's newest gimmick: the dungeon finder (im talking about mr pew pew and the orbs that are righteous)
But i felt compelled to post something that shocked me: The dungeon finder (however great it is) is the complete opposite of multiplayer and social gaming that I had hoped it to be.
There is hardly any interaction, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone willing to bond with someone cross-server who they will never ever meet again (let alone say "its a better item for you ill pass" -lemme tell ya, i got me some weird looks doing that).

But hey, its a great way to run dungons (which i like the most about this game), and it is also a super way to gear alts (my priest is now more experienced than my main... the dwarf death knight), due to the new raid beeing so utterly uselessly boringly easy.
Either my raiding team has gone from great raiders to 1337 wurld bestsest players, or its just mindnumbingly easy.
On a 50% main 50% alt run (we split it up for more runs through) we managed to clear the whole place without any wipes (well there was one trash pull where our tank dc'ed). And, yes, the lore is great, the setting is stunning, and im sure we will struggle a bit more with me as the mt - but still they question nags me:

Why are we beeing forced to run through dull-easy street and wait for the hard modes? Why can't we chose to get challenged? Why? The hardmodes are going to be available, why not now? why do I have to spend my raids stealing candy from crippled raidbosses while I wait for a challenge? Why am i beeing forced to see all the content before I get to try it in a challenging way? why o' why?

Also Tam and Chastity, if you are out there: the "Authenticate this comment using OpenID. " option is really not working very well on your site. (and also the shrivelled heart DOES look like a Maraca!

onsdag den 9. december 2009

Responsible for [the creation of] Snottydin

Yes that is right. All your props are belong to me!

...since he was responsible for Snottydin in the first place

WOOP Woop!!

And other slangs.

"But DDK, now that you got this mad props, whatever will you do now?"

Im going to Kyoto!!
Thats right, tomorrow morning im going to Japan to visit my little brother, and make sure he is doing all his homework. So Don't count on me posting nothing new for a while.
And now the grumpy old man has a few words to add to all of this:

So what did Blizzard decide to do? Wait untill I was going away before they launched new content?
Frikking thats what they did. And also. a 4 week cycle before next part of the instance? Im sorry that is just shitty. So I'll miss the bosses when everything is new and exciting *and* we will get to have alts in the 3rd degree killing everything in IC before they release the next part of this saga. So in april, the Lich King will die for the first time ON NORMAL, and then people will get to try the hard modes. So the first Legendary will be out when? November? Fuck that. Seriously fuck that, right in the eye.

mandag den 7. december 2009

Why healing in Cataclysm suddenly got very very interesting

I had this whole post set up about how healing was going to change dramatically in Cataclysm.
Then over the weekend tobold posts about it, much cleaner and better than I ever could
Go read it, i got time, come on back and ill tell you a story.

Welcome back. Doesn't that sound great?
in short: healing will not be a whack-a-mole game, but a slower more mana conservative thinking game (did I hear some vanilla people yell: "again"?).
That is something that might get me worked up about healing again. Remember I did use to love it once :)
So now bosses won't hit so hard, tanks will have more stam and will take more than 3-4 hits to die. So combat might... well not combat, the important part of combat (tank-healer part of combat) that might become a little slower and more of a thinking players game. A question of decisions rather than quick reactions and rotations-spamming. YES old people get to play too :D

Honestly, personally I very much welcome this. Healing imo has become way too much spam-dont-think, and that is not what I like about healing. Starring at meters waiting for one of them to drop an inch and then compete with the other healers to get it back up the fastest. That really is not me.
I'd much rather go OOM really fast, and have to think about what I cast and when.

Then again, I do have a grumpy old man part of me, and this is also what they promised at the launch of TBC *and* wrath, so it remains to be seen. But teh dorf priest is not going to be retired as I might initially have thought.

YES this also means that I am officially getting Cataclysm. I really thought I was out once the Lich king keeled over, but I guess im not :)

torsdag den 3. december 2009

The fall of the Greedy Goblin

"So now its a theme eh? you pick on other blogs?"

Well it wasn't planned. But then the Greedy Goblin did something completly shitty.

He sold out.

He fell for his greed and took into his arms a person he had once asociated with the scum of the earth (and rightly so). He wrote this post.
And what a douchebag.
For those of you who do not regularly read the greedy goblin. Here is some explaining.
Once upon a time There was a gamer who where probably the best moneymaker in wow. He decided to share his wisdom with the world. Very noble of him.
He even got my favorite inn-keeper to praise him.

Then he started getting a lot of readers ( and rightly so, he is the best at what he does).
But with a lot of readers comes a lot of slimeballs, and he explained to us all how "No means NO!!"
Then he did something even cooler, he said that moneymaking bored him now, so he would write about other things.
Then... Well then something happend. My guess is as good as yours, but the end result was the same.
He took that slimeball up on his offer, and started to direct all of his traffic to the horrible goldselling site.
Ofc he did not do it plainly, he just wrote the above post saying: Look at how this guy makes his gold, can you belive what he writes? (go look at his site where there is goldselling guides and there is even possibly some account phishing)

Isn't that nice of him? To make some real life cash on preying on his readers? Yea and scamming and exploiting them a little along the way too.

How pathetic is this? writing a post about how he would never directly or indirectly sell out to the scammers, and then 2 weeks later doing just that?

And if I read one commenter saying that he isn't getting payed for that link on that post? Let me ask you this: Do you think the greedy Goblin would link to this sort of site, if he didn't? Do you think he is a 'social' that would just link to this guy out of the goodness of his heart? I don't think so either.

(Ill just add in the end, that when he posted his link to the mans guide, i wrote a post on his blog saying pretty much the above so he could get a chance to prove me wrong. Look at how that post did not make it onto his blog. Sad)

So this is what happens when you rant, you go out of a train of thought thinking that everyone is on board. Ill try and make myself clearer. In the "No means NO!" post Gevlon shoved us, that all the Slimy goldspammer wanted Gevlon to do, what write a post saying "look how this guy makes gold" and then say his Gods honest opinion about it.
That would lead all of the goblins readers to follow said link, and The Goblin would profit from the traffic directed from his site.
Gevlon said "I will do none such thing" and then two weeks later wrote the post that pissed me of ever so much.
Because in that post he writes: Look how this goldspamming/account phissing/lowlife is making money, go on, go follow the link and go to his blog [my words, not entirely what he wrote]. So he was doing just what he so high and mightily and full of integrity claimed that he would never ever ever do - and he did so, just two weeks later.

Edit on edit:
Like the Goblin said before making a post that did just that:
PS: if anyone would think it's some kind of shady advertisement, notice, that I haven't mentioned the site. You only know which site sent me these letters because you know the WoW goldmaking blogs.
Then he went and did a direct link to the site, and even encouraged readers to go there and even admits that "Markco can make gold eternally" (but adds that you can do better following the goblins more tricky ways of doing things). So he basically posted to the lazyer amongst his readers: go there do that, its an easy way of making gold - for the more complex way to make a little more gold, stay here.

onsdag den 2. december 2009

US gamers (vs EU gamers)

(yes, i am very proud of this little wordplay –thank you)

Reading Matts guest post on The pink pigtail inn’s blog, I couldn’t help but think –well, a lot of things. First: “So?”

Then “Really, was that it?” and then “I see! You are American.”

…And all of a sudden, the Death knight has ‘beef’ with the coolest Priest blogger out there (and he is even a Dwarf too!!).

So what am I saying? That I hated the post? That I think that American gamers are weird aliens that post boring stuff (unlike myself) and that Matt in particular live up to these prejudices?


First off, I’m fairly positive half my own posts are very boring to anyone other than me, secondly I think I would have noticed Matt being not European a lot earlier (seeing as I am a vivid reader), if he was indeed a weird American that was weird. And I think that I would probably not read his blog if I did find it boring.

I do not find his blog boring. I love it.

There, niceties over.

So why was I so stunned over the post at the pigtail inn? Because it was boring. Boring, dull and not interesting. And I didn’t get the pictures either. Sure pretty pictures help a blog post look nice, and if the mean something then they aren’t in the way.

They didn’t mean diddly. For example:

To illustrate that he has alts in other guilds.

Imma like gonna go wuuuh? Or in something resembling English: I am confused. What are we trying to communicate here?

But then again, maybe there is a point to the use of this picture, and the rest of the post.

We will get to that after my next rant about why I found his post boring.

I have “diverse” languageOh noes call the care-police, because we have a violation here. That is right, I couldn’t care less.

So you swear, and ill bet you kiss your mother with those lips too. I have a feeling I’m caught in mylifeisaverage.com (I kindda fell in love with that, though), I mean for me this is like saying: ‘I woke up this morning and was breathing’, its sort of nice to know, but not news-worthy stuff. (unless you where Sylvanas or Jimmy Hoffa).

And then we get to my 3rd ‘revelation’ “I see! You are American”

All the time I have been playing WoW, I’ve always had the sense of we all play video-games, we all LOVE playing video games, and we all love the same video game, so we must be sort of very similar Gevlon the greedy goblin, took that piece of my belief and ripped it to shreds. (until I saw through his disguise – that’s for another post) And now I realise that even geography matters when it comes to gamers.

Through the years I’ve made many friends in wow, people who lived all over Europe (even one lost Canadian), and bonded with em all. And now Matt has gone and ruined it. Ruined it all, I tell ya!!

Because I truly believe that posts that say: “Im a guild-leader and im just like you, I get scared doing this –and I USE CUSS WORDS” are only fun and interesting for the US audience. So I guess the big pond does add some barriers.

On the other hand, it did spark me to write this post about it… hmm

Hope I didn’t bore you all too much J