fredag den 27. november 2009

We interrupt the scheduled program to bring you...

I know this does not really fit into the theme of this blog -then again, maybe it does, i'll get into that in a bit- but there is a new album that came out a couple of days ago, that I want to recommend everyone to give a listen.

And it is just amazing. Anyone who knows a little about this guy won't be surprised at that statement. Anyone who doesn't:
Get this now!

So how do I still think this somehow fits into a blog about dwarf death knights? Well ehh. First off this is MY blog on Dwarf death knights, and this is amazing, so there.

Mostly this is an artist that captures all that I love about Dwarfs.
From the tunnels in the deepest mountains, the songs of the real dwarfs can be heard. There is not comical relief sayings down here. There is no "grab my beard and toss me -just don't tell my male companion elf about it" type of BS.
Down here, you dont see daylight for months, and the only company you have are your homebrewed liquor, your pickaxe, and the songs.

Songs of kingdoms gone, growls of love lost and days that never was. Through the dampness of the deep mines and the harsh alcohol, all apparent beauty of the voices chiming these songs have all withered and died. Only pure will forced any sounds past the scorched vocal cords. The growls that sometimes sounds more like dogs barking or old men dieing, are used as both instruments, choir and lead.
when they sing that there is no devil "only God when he is drunk", you know that they have seen all that life has to offer -and still go on.
This is the voice of Tom, this is the setting of the dwarfs.

These songs are not fragile little flowers that everyone can agree on are pretty. These songs are gravel churned with whiskey into a howl of sadness. These songs, like the dwarfs, are not for everyone. But once you get into their rhythmic chiming and past the smudge and apperant uglyness, you will find the gems. Just like the mountains they work in. And you will find that these gems holds more beauty and meaning than anything.

Now take a listen to "Lucinda" and tell me, that you cannot see hardworking dwarves hammering in the mines (of Moria?) and bemoaning the devil of a woman that has killed their hopes to ever love again.

Now her hair was as black as a bucket of tar
Skin was as white as a cuttlefish bone
I left Dun Morogh to follow Lucinda
Now I'll never see heaven or home

Think this is the best answer i can give to anyone who asks me why I play dwarf.

Editors note: This is a better version of the above link (although there is a mix of another song in it), but i'll leave the above since it has lyrics aswell.

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  1. And a very worthy interruption it is - Tom Waites is *fantastic*.

  2. taste does transend borders! Even if some countries spell waits with an added 'e'