tirsdag den 3. november 2009

The one that is not a dwarf

Meet Flimsy.

She is a pretty Draenei, who came on a spaceship and likes pretty pets to fight for her.
Also She is NOT a dwarf.

This may throw off some of my long time readers (Hi mom), since people who know me, know that I am all about teh dorfs.

Here is her story. Back when TBC launched I hated hunters. I hated playing chick toons, and I loathed guys who played females (well, no, I just didn't respect them) .
And I thought that the Draenei was a silly silly race.
Naturally the only way to combat ones aversions is to embrace them. So i rolled a combo of all that I hated (also once rolled a female gnome lock for the same reasons, that -however- did not turn out as well).
And i played her for a bit. She got a Ravager pet, and she called it 'Fluffykins', and she was... fun. I fell in love. Absolutly completely and wholeheartedly.

Now we fast forward to last week. Race changes came alive. And oh my. All of a sudden I could change her to a dwarf.
But I don't want to.
This is a whole new feeling for me. Both my shaman and my druid (where I dont have a choice) I would turn dwarf in a heartbeat. But not my flimsy. Not my little chef. I've fallen in love with a girl. A blue one at that. And one with a tail. Bronzebeard would be ashamed of me. What am I to do?

Speaking of race changes, Ensidia got back on the top of the raiding ladder this week with an amazing "noone dies when we raid" 25 man achievement. And immediatly got thrown in their face that the only way they could have done that, was to abuse the race change option to get dps benefits.
First off, who in their right mind would ever ever ever change race on something as silly as racial abilities (oh.. erhm, hai Calli... erhm, you aren't included in this ofc :p), and even if someonee would play a race they didn't like for this tiny benefit... so what? They still did something truly amazing. (yes not sucking for a whole raid is hard)
And doing so in 10 manned is almost just as bad-ass!! Oh, yes I did do that, and i'm very proud. It was a fun filled saturday morning getting that achievement.

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  1. About the pic, that is me beeing lazy. I had allready a picture of her from beta test, so I reused that instead of taking a new one