fredag den 13. november 2009

Google analytics (meta-blog post)

If you haven't allready set up google analytics for your blog, you are cheating yourself out of a lot of interesting funsies!

You can track amounts of visitors, and where they are from, you can see how they found your website, and you can track how much impact other blogs have on your blog. (for example i doubled my visitors when Righteous orbs used my snottydin post and linked my blog on the top of one of their posts - as compared to a "normal day" when i don't post anything myself. Likewise did my numbers soar after Larissa linked to me aswell.)
You can also see a little measure of how many visitors you have on a single day (hi mom!!).

But the mostests fun is the little function that tracks where people who visit your blog. For example I can see how many visitors I've had from, say, Uppsala in Sweden. I've learned so many new city names this way :D

But the upper mostests imba amazing fun with this, is the fact that one of the most frequent cities to visit my little blog (besides London) is Irvine, California!
So without getting too bigheaded: Dwarf designers, and Death knight designers, gimmie a PM and i'll take requests on topics you would like me to cover, seeing as you are such big fans :D

-Too much?

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