tirsdag den 10. november 2009

Fighting the grumpy old man

So recently I had a bit of an eye-opener. As a matter of fact, I've had several. All of them leading to one disturbing fact.

I am becoming an grumpy old man (tm.)

Most of these tell tell signs comes in the great mmo called RL, where Mrs. Dw-redux is quick to point em out to me.
For example when I go to my favorite live sport events, of local Basketball, and even when my team wins a fantastic game against all odds, I'm still able to turn heads when yelling at the ref. (well that is not only me being a grumpy old man, that has a lot to do with me and sports, and a crappy crappy referee. God he was awful) Most recent of these, where my last post right here on this blog. Where I attacked Blizzard for not having the moral spine of an earthworm (are you calling me a spineless worm? Is that supposed to be an insult? We really don't have spines you know).
Since their moral compass seems to work like the "unusual compass" of their own game...
Then a nifty smart little wiseass commenter named *Urnakk pointed something brilliantly out to me. The issue of paying for a pet, isn't really much different than buying a t-shirt at a concert.
And he is right. Even if the so-called charity of it all, is just a frikking lame excuse to pretend you are doing something good, when all you do if try and get as much gold into your own pockets as possible, abusing charities as you go along. I mean how low can someone sink?? Frucking abusing peoples good-heartedness to get some money into your own pockets? How many souls did you give to Satan, to be able to pull that one off with a straight face?

Erhm, where did that come from?
Anyways. I've decided to ditch my inner grumpy old man Yea right and only post positive stories about things that are good. Because I don't want to end up like my grandpa, who hated and feared everything. He was bitter at life, because it kept moving on, and he didn't. I do not want to end up like this. Even if everything in this game was purer and better around the end of vanilla.

Who said that?
So what if the game is not how i'd want it to be, its still the best adventure game out there. So what if I feel that Blizzard has indeed sold out on the very core of their founding principles, all in order to own football teams and get rich quickly. The game is still fun, and the people playing it are still the same. Have you looked at your friend list lately? 40 names and 35 of those have not been online the last 3 months. have you looked at your realm forum? Dead dead dead. Its a dead game filled with dead memories. Crammed tightly with wow-addicts trying to relive their glory days. Like all addicts, searching for that initial rush yet again.

Whoa. Seems like I cannot get rid of that old grumpy man inside me after all. Hopefully I'll be able to keep him at bay for a while.

Remember that in 3 days from now, "Wrath Of The Lich King" will be one year old (No wonder them leeches called it "Lich king") and I was allready the first to review its first year in this old post. Go read it again, and comment on how great i am, err on how you thought the first year of wrath was.

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  1. Glad I could help ;)
    Anyway... games with such complexity that allow you a great freedom of action tend to cause the same ffect. First you're awed by the game, the looks, the skills, the chars, the gear... time passes and game needs new atractive, not only to get new players, but to retain old ones (same as a company, check the word "churn" referred to economics). As time passes and game develops new things (expansions, dungeons, gear, etc) not everybody will be satisfied on how things go, so here's where people starts turning away from the game. Doesn't matter if it's about new content or how old spells are redesigned, you always wish to get something (like customisable crafted gear, why do I have to forge Green Iron Bracers? Why no Red Iron Bracers?) and when it doesn't come you feel disappointed. You then start accumulating "fail points" until you leave the game or you just log from time to time to say hi to old friends.
    Anyway, I feel more grumpy about other aspects of life (everyday it passes I feel 90% of teenagers deserve a good slap) than the game, since it helps me relax and forget about that expansionless MMO called "Life" (I hear rumours about an expansion called "Afterlife", but I'd like some videos and screenshoots as proof of existence before jumping in)

  2. But you've always been a grumpy old man - it's what we love about you ;)

    Seriously though - yes, I think it's very easy to bitch about WoW but we rarely remember and comment upon the awesome times it has given us.

    And the other hand, your grumpy old man grumbling never fails to be insightful and entertaining :)

  3. lol thank you both. Yea like I ended up concluding, the grumpy old man is a part of me, and one that I cannot get rid of, for better and for worse.
    Hopefully, being aware of it, will help me to.. eh even it out a bit, so I also remember to stay happy about the things i like.
    Like now, when Im really loving my paladin again :)